Tsubaki: Chain for champions

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Racing is the ultimate test for man and machine; there is no room for compromise. That is why the biggest names in motorcycle racing, in the fastest classes on and off the road rely on the engineering experience and excellence of Tsubaki chain. Applying knowledge gained from racing, Tsubaki has developed advanced engineering and production methods to assure superior chain performance and value.

Minimum chain elongation
Tsubaki chain has perfectly cylindrical bushings and is pre-stretched for decreased initial elongation and increased wear life.

Superior push out force resistance
Quality quad-staked riveting of the pin heads ensures maximum resistance to push out force.

Tsubaki O-Ring series sealed roller chain (Alpha - Sigma - Omega)

  • High viscosity grease is vacuum injected internally to dissipate heat and shock load
  • Super Seal O-rings surround shouldered and projected bushings to eliminate power robbing friction and seal dirt out
  • Omega, Alpha and Sigma all feature superior durability and strength that has been tested and proven on race tracks all over the world
  • Sigma’s heavy duty construction gives it exceptional strength and wear resistance, making it the chain of choice for endurance road racing champions
  • Alpha Gold is also available

Tsubaki QR series high-performance roller chain

  • An economical, high quality, solid roller chain
  • Critical components are heat-treated and shot-peened for greater durability
  • Heavy duty press fit pins with quad-stake riveting for added strength
  • Each chain is pre-stretched at the factory to reduce initial elongation

Tsubaki QR pro-gold series

  • All the benefits of standard QR Series chains +
  • Solid bushings and specially hardened pins provide longer wear life
  • Attractive appearance (Gold colored plating on outer link)

Tsubaki HQR series ultra high-performance roller chain

  • A rugged, solid roller chain for sport and racing applications
  • Wide link plates and extra heavy through hardened pins provide the ultimate in strength and shock resistance
  • Precision engineering and advances metallurgy give the 530 HQR an average tensile strength of 10,600 lbs. (4,820 kg)
  • Proven on the track…this chain was used to win the AMA Superbike Championship and the NHRA & IDBA Pro-stock Drag Racing Championships in America

Tsubaki XQR series super cross roller chain

  • All the benefits of standard QR Series chains +
  • The XQR Series has specially hardened pins and projected and shouldered bushings to eliminate kinking and seizure
  • XQR Chain may be used in abrasive and muddy conditions with little effect on chain life

Tsubaki HSL series

  • This chain has specially formulated oil impregnated into the bushings to lubricate the chain. As the chain articulates, the oil is released to minimize friction, elongation and wear.

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