MV-Agusta Brutale

MV-Agusta Brutale

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The MV Agusta Brutale 1090 RR has received a set of upgrades for 2013. The improvements include both style and technical modifications. The 2013 model is available in three variants, namely the Brutale 1090, Brutale 1090 R and Brutale 1090 RR.

The latter is the most capable version, featuring a range of features designed to make it the ultimate naked bike.

The motorcycle continues to be the benchmark for handling thanks to the continually refined and improved suspension. The 50 mm diameter front forks are fully adjustable by means of special external adjusters: compression on one leg, rebound on the other and spring preload on both legs.

The shock absorber is similarly capable, as is completely tunable featuring spring preload, rebound damping and also offering the possibility to vary the low and high speed hydraulic compression damping.

At the heart of the motorcycle lies the strong 1078 cc, four cylinder engine which is paired with a six speed transmission.

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MV Agusta’s Brutale range is considered a bench mark in the naked category as all models are packed with state of the art technologies, come with a modern design language and reward you with first class performances.

In 2013 the Brutale family has become even bigger, as the company launched a fresh model, namely the Brutale 675.

The bike features a refined mechanical design that has been matched with an ultra-technological chassis to deliver top notch performances.

The 2013 MV Agusta Brutale 675 is fitted with a light, agile and powerful engine that is currently the most advanced in the middle-weight segment. The new in-line three cylinder is based on the F3 unit and features a long list of advanced technologies. The engine’s output is rated at 108,5 hp at 12.500 rpm and 65 Nm of torque.

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The MV Agusta Brutale is the strongest motorcycle in Agusta’s lineup. The motorcycle is not only the strongest as it’s also one of the best looking models designed by the Italian manufacturer.

Among the most attractive visual details you’ll find the modern lighting elements which include day running lights arranged symmetrically on either side of the dashboard cover. We also like the aggressive frame, the sculpted fuel tank and the dynamic tail. Compared to the previous generation, the 2012 model comes with a new pair of wheels which are about 1.500 grams lighter than the old ones.

The two new double exhaust silencers, now come with tapered ends, featuring a tasty diagonal cut reminiscent of American dragsters.

In terms of power, the motorcycle is equipped with a strong 1,078 cc, four cylinder engine paired with a six speed transmission.

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The 2013usta Brutale 800 is equipped with a new 800 engine which offers increased power, torque and riding dynamics. The unit delivers a maximum output of 92kw and 81 Nm of torque which is more than enough o propel the motorcycle to a maximum speed of 153,1 mph.

But power without handling is useless, thereby the motorcycle is fitted with a new adjustable suspension and a new advanced electronics package which makes the Brutale 800 leader in its segment.

The integrated management system of the motorcycle includes the first Full Ride by Wire with multi-map and integrated traction control. This system offers optimized delivery at all engine speeds, maximum engine efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, and the opportunity to select different engine characteristics, choosing from the four available maps.

You also get the traction control system which helps the bike stay stable on any road or track surface.

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The 2013 MV Agusta Brutale 1090R has evolved in many details. As far as style goes, the 2013 model comes with new day running lights, a silver colored four-cylinder engine, multiple spokes lightweight wheels and two new double exhaust silencers which feature a decisive diagonal cut reminiscent of American dragsters.

Other modifications were made to the tail lights, front fender and the rear view mirrors. The license plate holder is now metal, while the new single piece seat benefits from new curves and improved ergonomics.

The motorcycle is powered by the inline four-cylinder engine which has a displacement of 1078 cc. Unique to the motorcycle industry is the double overhead camshaft with four valves per cylinder which are arranged in a radial pattern. Two engine configurations are offered, they are characterized by different values of maximum power and torque: Brutale 1090 and Brutale 1090 R reach 144 hp (106 kW) at 10,300 rev / min and 112 Nm (11.4 kgm) of torque, while the Brutale 1090 RR delivers a maximum output of 158 hp (116.5 kW) at 11,900 rev / min and 100 Nm (10.2 kgm) of torque at 10,100 rev / min.

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The MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR is an extreme motorcycle built using racing components. The bike is the sportiest model in the Brutale family and is powered by a four cylinder, 4 stroke, 16 valve, D.O.H.C, engine with a total displacement of 1078 cc.

The 2013 model is built on the same frame as the 990R, therefore you get a new chromium molybdenum steel TIG welded trellis frame. Compared to the previous model, the extension of the rear swingarm has been entirely redesigned and is now 2.2 lb lighter, improving the ride, increasing the torsional rigidity and keeping the weight to a low level.

As far as ride quality goes, the bike is fitted with a new front fork that has a more rigid setting, while the rear shock absorber has a double compression adjustment for high and low speeds, and a separate expansion reservoir. The stopping power is assured by 320 mm Brembo disks, with aluminum monoblock radial racing brake calipers, with 34 mm pistons.

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The MV Agusta Brutale R1090 has been at the top of the pack even since its inception. There is no wonder why, as the bike features a super-sport DNA combined with an aggressive design language and the newest technologies.

At the heart of the bike lies a four cylinder 1078cc high performance engine with radial intake and exhaust valves. This is the largest displacement engine ever built by MV Agusta and delivers a maximum power of 106 kW (144 hp) at 10.300 rpm. The 1078 cc unit is combined with an Electronic Engine Control Unit which has been programmed with a mapping and offers 8 levels of traction control that can be selected by the rider.

To offer a proper grip regardless of the road conditions, the Brutale R 1090 is equipped with front 120/70 - ZR 17 and rear 190/55 - ZR 17 tires.

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MV Agusta has fully revealed its 2012 Brutale 675 naked bike. The new bike features a sporty character which is now a common trait among all members of the Brutale family. Power comes from a 4 stroke, three cylinder, DOHC engine with a displacement of 675 cm3. The engine cranks out 115 hp at 12.500 rom and 71 Nm of torque at 10.600 rpm. The ride is kept in check by front upside-down telescopic hydraulic fork and a rear shock absorber with rebound damping and spring preload adjustment.

The bike was designed by the Bitish designer, Adrian Morton, who is also the creator of the new Brutale F4 and Benelli Tornado TNT.

The MV Agusta Brutale 675 was revealed at the EICMA 2011 and was launched on the market on March, 2012. The bike is available in three color options and gas a starting price of 8.990 euro.

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The MV Agusta Brutale family has a new member which is powered by a fresh 920 engine. Each member of the Brutale family was received with enthusiasm by the riders as all of them offer top notch build quality, reliability and performance.

The new engine is a technologically advanced 4 cylinder unit with radial intake and exhaust valves coupled with the same advanced engine control unit as the 1090RR. The new displacement of the 4 cylinder engine is obtained with a new bore and stroke ratio with a focus on optimizing the power curve. The new four cylinder engine delivers a maximum output of 129 horsepower and a broad torque curve.

The BRUTALE 920 shares its chassis configuration and geometry with the 990R and 1090RR as well as most of the chassis components. The frame is a mixture of a steel trellis structure and lateral aluminum, while the chassis dimensions are the same as on the other Brutale models.

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The MV Agusta Brutale 990R has been completely redesigned and the company says that it’s 85% new compared to the previous generation. Perhaps it goes without saying that the bike features both styling and technical modifications.

For the starters the 2013 MV Agusta Brutale 990R features a new headlight which apart from looking way better than the old one is also fitted with 8 LEDs that create a "light strip" effect. The radiator protectors are now part of the bodywork, while the two exhausts, have been modified as well. Another modification is the longer rear swingarm which lengthens the wheelbase improving the bike’s riding dynamics.

Moreover, the engine size was increase up to 998 cc and the cylinder bore and stroke have gone from 79 x 50.1 mm to 76 x 55 mm improving the power delivery and acceleration.

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