MV-Agusta Brutale

MV-Agusta Brutale

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The top of the range MV Agusta Brutale 1078 RR was starting to show its age so the company decided to upgrade it.

The new 2013 model features a boost of power, a new engine and a series of other technical modifications made to improve performances. Transition from the 910R to the 1078RR involved the introduction of some new components that have given the Brutale RR 15 more HP and 2 kilos more of torque. The updates included new decals and color schemes, fresh instrument panel graphics, revised suspension calibration, a stronger 1078 cc engine, a Slipper clutch, Resized catalysers and Brembo monoblock brakes.

The bike retains the same chrome-molybdenum trellis frame as the previous model. The frame is perfectly capable to handle the reconfigured engine power output as it was initially designed to resist to huge torsion and flexing parameters. Due to the power increase and the stronger brakes, the forks have been also modified.

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The MV Augusta Brutale received a series of upgrades for 2013. The new bike features a few small tweaks designed to help it remain ahead of the pack when it comes to design and performance.

As far as styling goes, the 2013 MV Agusta Brutale 989R comes with a new headlight which incorporates a system of 8 LEDs that create a "light strip" effect, while the direction indicators are now incorporated into the rear mirror assembly.

Moreover, the bike has also received a new instrument cluster which features indicators that show which gear is engaged, fuel level, speed, hazard button, water temperature, chronometer function and traction control settings. More upgrades were made to the radiator protectors as well, which are no longer made of metal or integrated with the mechanical components, but are part of the bodywork. Other modifications were made to the tail, exhaust pipes and the taillights.

Fortunately the bike has also received a few technical upgrades. The most important modification is the increase engine size which is now rated at 998 cc.

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MV Agusta has taken the wraps off its all-new Brutale 800 and made public the first details. The new motorcycle is based on the Brutale 675 model, but features a stronger engine and some key modifications for improved performance.

The bike’s 12 valve three cylinder 798cc Inline Triple unit is based on the same engine that powers the F3 super sport. Compared to the 675 Brutale, the 800’s engine features a higher compression ratio at 13.3:1. The engine develops a maximum power of 125 hp at 11.600 rpm and 60 lb-ft torque at 8600 rpm. As far as electronics goes, the new Brutale 800 comes with a switchable engine mapping and eight-way switchable traction control.

The bike’s forks and shock are adjustable for rebound, compression and preload, while the stopping power is assured by Brembo radial brakes.

Another interesting fact is that the 800 and 675 share the same dry weight of 368 pounds (167 kg) with identical fuel loads at 4.39 gallons.

The bike is priced at 9900 Euros which is only 1000 Euro more than the entry-level Brutale 675 and 3000 Euro less than the stronger 1090 Brutale.

The new bike will go head to head with the likes of Triumph 675 Speed Triple, Kawasaki Z800 and Ducati 800 Monster.

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Italian motorcycle company,MV Agusta , is celebrating Italy’s 150th anniversary with the unveiling of a special edition Brutale 990R. The new model will be limited to only 150 units, one for every year of the country’s history. The company has said that the bike is the perfect union of technology and style.

MV Agusta’s latest special edition will be distinguished by exclusive livery highlighted by the dashboard cover which matches the color of the bodywork. The tail end has been turned into a single seater just for this version of the bike and the spoiler sports the Italian flag with the number 150. There is also an inscribed plate on the upper steering brace.

The 150 units of the MV Agusta Brutale 990R Italy Special Edition will be offered in three color schemes: white, red, and black. So if you are from Italy, this is the perfect occasion to buy an MV Agusta bike.

Mv Agusta has added a new model to their line-up with the introduction of the newBrutale 920. For 2011, the new Brutale 920 gets a suspension that is now softer and more comfortable, anodized handlebars with pivoting clamps, unique wheels and two available color schemes: black and white.

The new bike is powered by a new 921cc 4 cylinder engine that now gets a new bore and stroke ratio. The new four cylinder MV Agusta matches 129 horsepower with a broad torque curve, incredible levels of power have never been this easy to control. The crankshaft of the Brutale is shared with the 55mm stroke unit in the 1090RR as well as the second order engine balance shaft, the optimized oiling system, and the oil cooled generator.

The new Brutale 920 is currently on sale at a price of $15,764.

Full details in the press release after the jump.

MV Agusta announced today a new "track only" Cannonball Kit for the Brutale 1090RR . With the new package, MV Agusta wants increasing the performance, making the bike even lighter and fully exploiting its technology.

The new Cannonball Kit includes a modified Engine Control Unit, cylinder head, camshafts, valves and exhaust system, which is manufactured completely from titanium and is completed by a low and spirited exhaust pipe. The result is an increase of 21 HP to a total of 165 HP. At 9.000 revs/min the power is 140 hp, at 10.000 it is 160 hp, a little later the maximum is reached, an absolute record for Brutale.

The new technical components enables the Brutale Cannonball to excel on the track: the exciting performance are restrained by the pure chassis and by high quality suspension components which enable the rider to enjoy easy handling and the typical pleasure of riding an MV Agusta bike.

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The MV Agusta Brutale was Italy’s best naked motorcycle so far, but it now has to make room for an improved version of itself, the Tamborini Corse T1. The custom bike wears the Massimo Tamburini fingerprint as his son Andrea is the man behind this project. That being mentioned, we can already start thinking at an infinite number of features making this motorcycle exquisite, but apart from the obvious carbon fiber and aluminum parts, there haven’t yet been mentioned the upgrades that make the Italian bike so great.

Bikers can either buy the custom Tamborini Corse T1 (the price hasn’t yet been mentioned) as a ready-to-ride motorcycle or transform the Brutale and F4 from MV Agusta as well as the Ducati 1198 superbike and naked Monster into what they see in the pictures using restyling kits and hop-up parts offered by Tamborini Corse. Click past the break for more pics.

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We’ve already covered the 2010 MV Agusta Brutale 990R and 1090RR , but can’t pass over this barely released technical video showing the most important details of the four-cylinder, four-stroke, 16-valve engine that achieved MV’s main goal for the 2010 Brutales – to meet Euro 4 regulations even if it meant sacrificing some of the previous generation’s horsepower and torque.

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Ahead of Brutale’s 10-year anniversary, MV Agusta introduces the new 990R and 1090RR models, which are claimed to be 85 percent new. Although the bikes don’t look different at all compared to the previous generation, they actually feature the same redesigned headlight, instrument cluster and instrumentation, handlebar, rear view mirrors, key block as well as bodywork and technical fittings.

But things go “from bad to worse” when trying to spot performance gains and weight losses because there are no such achievements on the new MV Agusta Brutale motorcycles. Despite the fact that the 990R model’s engine has grown from 982.3cc to 998cc, it lost 3bhp, won 2lb/ft of torque and needs to move around with 5kg more. The 1090RR lost 9.8bhp and 1 lb/ft of torque and it is also 5kg heavier than before. Still, both models meet Euro 4 emissions regulations, which is most likely what generated the fairly ugly turn.

We hope that MV Agusta models aren’t borrowing from Harley-Davidson’s DNA now that the Italian company was bought by the American one, but considering the $3k higher price, we’re in for a dilemma. Press release and specifications follow after the jump.

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