MV Agusta F3

MV Agusta F3

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MV Agusta reelased the official details of its new special-edition F3 800 AGO. The bike was created in the honor of 15-time world champion Giacomo Agostini.

The new model comes with a set o special features which give it a pretty uique character. Among them you’ll find machined aluminium pegs, carbon fiber racing-grade parts, ultra-light forged rims, Giacomo Agostini’s signature on the tank and a special plate holder.

The special edition will be built in only 300 units and each model, comes with a unique numbered plate mounted on the yoke.

Power comes from a four cylinder, 4 stroke, 16 valve timing system “D.O.H.C”, radial valve engine with a displacement of 798 cm3. The engine delivers a maximum power of 148 hp at 13000 rpm and 88 Nm of torque at 10600 rpm.

The MV Agusta F3 800 AGO is priced at €23,990 and will b available on the market at the beginning of May 2014.

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Featuring a catchy style, a high tech chassis, and a comprehensive list of electronics ready to jump in to improve performances and safety, the MV Agusta F3 675 promises to rewards you with a thrilling experience every time you jump on its saddle.

It is equipped with a ultra-compact in-line three cylinder 675 Cm3 engine which generates a maximum power of 94.2 Kw (128 Hp) at 14400 rpm and 71 Nm (7.24 Kgm) of torque at 10900 rpm. Moreover, the F3 675 is the first middle weight motorcycle that features full Ride By Wire engine controls including 4 pre-set maps and one personally tunable map including traction control that can be selected between 8 different levels.

The engine is housed by a modern frame made of steel tubes and aluminum side plates. The frame is paired with a long single sided swingarm.

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Agusta has launched its Agusta F3 Serie Oro on the Canadian market with a starting price of $28,995.00. This special version is available in only 200 units and comes with a series of unique features that give it a pretty distinctive character.

Among the unique features of the MV Agusta F3 Serie Oro yu’ll find the gold frame plates and single-sided swing arm and forged aluminum wheels.

The MV Agusta F3 Serie Oro is built around a 675 cc, four-stroke engine that delivers a maximum power of 126 hp at 14,400 rpm and 52 lb•ft of torque at 10,600 rpm (71 Nm). The engine’s power is kept under control by a six speed manual transmission.

The stopping power is handled by a Brembo brake system, with radially-mounted Monobloc calipers gripping Racing discs.

Other features worthy of being mentioned include fully adjustable Öhlins upside down forks, TTX shocks and a space-frame chassis.

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Last year, the new MV Agusta F3 675 was elected the “Most beautiful 600 in the world”. And there is no wonder why, as the motorcycle is indeed among the most attractive models in its class. But there is more to it than just looks. The MV Agusta F3 675 is packed with a series of high tech features which help it deliver first class performance on the road but also on the race track.

Its three cylinder engine utilizes a revolutionary counter-rotating crankshaft, a solution that has only been previously seen on MotoGP motorcycles, together with the most compact and light weight layout ever seen on a Supersport bike.

The MV Agusta F3 675 is the first motorcycle in its class with Full Ride By Wire engine controls including 4 pre-set maps and one personally tunable map including traction control that can be selected between 8 different levels.

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In keeping with the traditions of the brand, the volume production of the new F3 ORO will be preceded by the small “Serie Oro” versions. These exclusive models will be available in approximately 200 examples and only on special orders.

The F3 ORO Serie Limited Edition is easily recognized by the elegant design and single-sided swingarm, as well as the forged aluminum wheels painted in gold color. The unique character of the bike is also enhanced by the minimalist graphics and the gold plate mounted on the upper tripleclamp to identify each individually numbered bike.

On the technical side of things, the bike is equipped with Brembo breaks, fully adjustable Öhlins upside down forks, a TTX shock and steering damper. At the heart of the MV Agusta F3 675 Serie ORO Limited Edition lies a three cylinder, 4 stroke, 12 valve DOHC engine with a total displacement of 675 cc.

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Since MV Agusta is synonymous with excellence, style, and technology, the new F3 will apply these principles to the middle weight super sport category.

The new F3 has exceeded previous expectations of what a supersport motorcycle should be, so much so that it’s redefining an entirely new category. Its light weight frame, unmatched power, and state-of-the-art electronics all work together on this bike to push the concept of supersport to the extreme and provide a powerful, hyper-light, and more compact motorcycle than any other in existence.

This bike is a true MV Agusta that boasts an ultra-advance chassis, vehicle dynamics control, and the new MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System).

When judged and compared to the rest of its competitors, the F3 is setting the new standard by which all other supersport motorcycles will be measured against. True to its looks and capabilities, this sports bike is truly in a class of its own.

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The F3 superbike is the latest addition to MV Agusta line-up. If the F4, considered the most beautiful motorcycle in the world, set the styling and performance standards by which all others are judged, the new F3 has completely exceeded all previous conceptions of what a supersport motorcycle should be, redefining an entirely new category.

The MV Agust F3 is powered by a an inline 675cc three cylinder, described by MV Agusta as the most compact, incredible short and narrow engine ever seen in this category. For the first time on an MV and on any middleweight bike, there is Ride By Wire, with multi-maps controlling the fuel injection to optimize power output in all conditions.

The styling, as with its bigger brother the F4, is pure MV Agusta genius, but the F3 is even more unique, with incredible attention to detail. For example, the exhaust system has a fabulously distinctive triple pipe, side exit muffler – just one example of design and function in perfect motorcycle harmony.

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Take a look at these pictures taken at the Almeria circuit in Spain to see what appears to be the all-new MV Agusta F3, which the Italian manufacturer derived from the 2010 MV Agusta F4 . The middleweight supersport model does look kind of strange and unrefined, but this isn’t by far the bike’s final state, so we guess MV Agusta has just taken the time to test the 675cc three-cylinder engine out on the track and, quite frankly, didn’t give a damn about the bike’s appearance. At least that’s what we hope.

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The first rumors regarding the introduction of a new MV Agusta supersport model appeared in the summer of 2008, when the Italian manufacturer wasn’t yet owned by Harley-Davidson. Even so, the new model was spied for the first time just yesterday, close to the factory in Varese, Italy. It looks more compact than its bigger brother, but the design (very similar to that of the F4 model) makes us think that this precise test bike was disguised so that it would pass unnoticed. Well, it didn’t and these photos reveal some details indicating the fact that underneath the fairing is something else: the single-sided swingarm was replaced with a classic one shaped like those found on supersport models, the clutch is mounted higher, the fork arms have a smaller diameter and the original undertail silencers have been replaced by a single lateral one.

According to Italian sources, the future MV Agusta supersport model will weigh in at 353 lbs (dry) and will be powered by a 3-cylinder engine displacing 675cc and developing an impressive 140hp at 14.000rpm. If this bike ends up on the showroom floors with these characteristics, we can only say it will be a very competitive model, if not the best in its class.

This project, which began while MV Agusta was still managed by Claudio Castiglioni, represents an important piece in the plans to revamp the Italian company and the proof is that developing of the F3 was continued even after Harley-Davidson bought MV Agusta.

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