Norton Commando

Norton Commando

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Meet the 2013 Norton Commando 961 SF (Sport Factory) – a new motorcycle that was presented at the NEC Motorcycle Live show.

The bike is technically a modified version of the standard Commando Sport and comes with a set of unique features that give a pretty distinctive character.

Among them you’ll find a new exhaust system, an optional seat, a carbon fibre fly screen, special chrome finished black race pipes, Ohlins forks and black chrome header pipes.

In terms of power the Commando 961 SF comes with the same engine as the standard Commando namely the 961 cc, parallel twin unit with hydraulic push-rod valve actuation, dry sump, 3 bearing crank, balancer shaft and cassette gear box.

The engine cranks out a maximum power of 80 PS at 6500 rpm and 90 Nm of torque at 5200 rpm.

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After Stuart Garner has acquired the rights to move on the Norton name further, he started the revival of the brand with three old prototypes that were put on the paper almost 10 years ago.

However, to make its motorcycles more appealing to the public, Stuart Garner decided to make a few key upgrades to its old models. So, as far as technology is concerned the Norton Comando 961 Café Racer comes with fuel injection, a catalyst exhaust and secondary air injection which help it achieve Euro3 compliance. And the list doesn’t stop here as there were made a lot of other small and big improvements and modifications to bring the 10 year old motorcycle into the present.

Though, despite the comprehensive list of upgrades made to the Norton Commando 961 Cafe Racer, one department remained mostly unchanged. We are talking about the motorcycle’s classy design language which is fairly good looking.

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When the curvy lines of the classic design are mixed with a few modern lines and contemporary technologies the final result is usually quite impressive. The same thing is true for the Norton Commando 961 Sport - a modern bike, wrapped in a classy skin.

When designing its Commando 961 Sport, the British manufacturer wanted to create a comfortable old-school styled cruiser that feels similarly comfortable both in the city and on the highway.

The motorcycle is built around a four-stroke, parallel twin engine with push-rod valve actuation, 3 bearing crank and balancer shaft. The unit cranks out a maximum output of 80.00 HP at 7700 rpm and 80.00 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm.

The stopping power is assured by Brembo front and rear disc brakes.

The Norton Commando 961 Sport is offered with a starting price of $16,995.

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We rarely get to see a Norton Commando Transformer and the one in this short film is actually very funny. It is the work of Steve Twist, a student from Bournemouth University, who contacted MCN to help him for this project that he had for his Undergraduate Degree course in Computer Visualisation And Animation. The idea was to use a classic motorcycle and the old Commando turned out to be the ideal solution.

Check out the video after the break and see the final result.

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After Stuart Garner – a UK based businessman and present owner of Norton Racing Ltd, bought all the trademarks back from the US-based Norton owner of the past fifteen years – we can now finally look, talk about, and walk around what is nowadays the pride and joy of Norton Motorcycles, the all-new Commando 961 SE.

Relying on features of the original bike, the new Commando is all about unique style and modern performance and it is ready to cheer all nostalgic hearts out there.

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The British motorcycle journalists from MCN have recently tested the new Norton Commando and apart from their best impressions on the bike, they’ve also provided the internet world with a more than decent photo gallery that reflects the best of this revamped bike.

Featuring brembo brakes, ohlins suspension as well as light-weight carbon fiber wheels, the new Commando is not only Norton’s alternative for the Triumph Thruxton , but a machine capable of becoming a benchmark for the class.

The bike is still in pre-production stages, but chief designer Simon Skinner says: “We want to retain the sihouette of this prototype because it’s a very pretty little bike - butch but pretty." so chances are that not much will differ on the final version.

Inspired by the new Norton Commando, the MCN crew offer people the possibility to vote if British bike brands such as Norton, Hesketh and Brough should be revived or not. So what do you thing?

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