Young riders interested in the world of dirt biking need to have a start-up bike that they can use to learn the ropes. Fortunately, KTM has an answer in the 85 SX 17-14.

The 85 SX 17-14 is the kind of start-up dirt bike that can train future champions as they fight for a place on the podium. You only need to look at one Henry Jacobi and his championship winning performance in the 2010 season as evidence of the bike’s overall capabilities. The 85 SX masters the toughest MX tracks with unperturbed ease. The grown-up KTM mini-crosser combines fully-fledged MX technology with perfect controllability, providing for a versatile bike that can challenge the competition with relative ease.

It’s a unique motorcycle built to last. Its 85cc engine comes packed with a six-speed transmission that always seem to have the right gear ratio available. Likewise, the frame, brakes, and suspension have all been integrated with the machine and makes that performance incredible and powerful.

The 85 SX’s lightweight and sturdy chassis is made up of a chrome-molybdenum steel frame with a bolted-on aluminum subframe. A 43 mm (1.69 in) fully-adjustable, upside-down fork from WP has been optimized and the WP PDS shock absorber has adjustable rebound and compression damping, making the bike capable of mastering even the toughest of MX courses without demanding too much of the rider.

For a bike that has proven to be championship-caliber, the KTM 85 SX 17-14 is the right choice for riders looking to break into the mini-motocross scene.

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Anybody that has ever ridden a motocross bike understands the thrill of it all. Those that have taken it a step further and competed in motocross understand that there’s nothing like it.

That’s why, if you’re part of the latter and you want to race in the Junior World Championship, you need not look further than the KTM 125 SX . Designed with slim bodywork emphasized by a slim seat and spoiler lines, the 125 SX is the kind of bike that young riders can go to battle with.

What’s better, the free-revving and lively 125cc two-stroke engine has gained even more performance for the current season, something that seems highly improbable given the impressive credentials of its predecessor.

But the thing that makes the 150 SX such a special motocross bike is that KTM has built a completely new frame and a new, progressive linkage rear suspension. Apart from the new linkage rear suspension, there is the new cast aluminum swingarm, which has been designed for minimum weight and supplies optimum lateral stiffness and defined longitudinal flexibility. This is a major contribution to the 150 SX’s excellent tracking stability, playful handling, and extreme traction.

The further improved upside-down telescopic fork incorporating closed-cartridge technology now ensures even greater punch with a somewhat tauter setting. At the same time, the WP fork with 48 mm (1.89 in) outer tube diameter bolsters the playful handling of the 150 SX to levels that are championship worthy.

If somebody asked you what junior motocross bike you’d like to have on your side in the strongest of competitions, you won’t find anything better than the 150 SX.

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Looking at the models that are included in the line-up of motocross bikes from KTM , you’d be remiss to wonder whether these guys are building one too many iterations.

That, of course, is the wrong way to look at things because if you’re a glass-half-full kind of guy, you know that more means, well, more choices. And that’s exactly what KTM has to offer.

One of the purest two-stroke bikes in the company’s line-up is the 250 SX . It offers a completely revamped frame made from high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel that’s both light and tough all at the same time. It is also characterized by a particularly balanced geometry that combines playful handling with razor-sharp precision. Just like the entire range of KTM bikes, the 250 SX is also now equipped with an elaborate linkage rear suspension system that raises the bar even higher for 250cc machines.

Apart from the new linkage rear suspension, the 250 SX also comes with a new cast aluminum swingarm, designed for minimum weight distribution while supplying optimum lateral stiffness and defined longitudinal flexibility. The results of all this is a bike that provides excellent tracking stability, playful handling, and extreme traction.

Moreover, the technology of a two-stroke engine that has been fitted into the 250 SX comes with indisputable advantages, including a high power/displacement and low weight that’s unrivaled in its class. The 250 SX’s flow-optimized intake flange between the airbox and carburetor now ensures even better charging with fresh gas, making for a bike that performs and handles like the best of them.

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We dare anyone to find us a bike that has a better resume than the KTM 250 SX-F . Really, when you look at three consecutive MX2 world championship titles, it’s very difficult to top that, especially when the aforementioned 250 SX-F has been improved compared to its predecessor.

The new 250 SX-F is now available with a revamped chassis and an electric starter that proves its worth in many situations, turning the bike with the smallest four-stroke in the KTM MX range into a certified, world-class, championship-caliber moto cross bike.

The 250 SX-F’s compact, state-of-the-art DOHC four-stroke engine has been derived directly from the Marvin Musquin’s world championship bike, which means that it’s bigger and better than ever before. The 2012 model year of the 250 SX-F also comes with a new electric starter that excels with an extremely wide usable rev range and powerful performance from the bottom end up to beyond the nominal engine speed.

The 250 SX-F also has a new technology in the form of a Keihin engine management system with electronic fuel injection and electronic throttle valve control, ensuring spontaneous responsiveness and maximum performance from the engine.

As far as handling is concerned, the 250 SX-F’s state-of-the-art frame is made from high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel, a material that’s both lightweight and extremely durable, providing balanced geometry that combines playful handling with razor-sharp precision. The 250 SX-F’s linkage rear suspension bolsters playful handling and extreme traction while a lightweight aluminum swing arm has been designed for optimum lateral stiffness while the linkage of the now more tautly-set WP shock absorber via a lever system provides high progressiveness and wide adjustment ranges.

There’s plenty to love about the KTM 250 SX-F. The fact that it has a history of championship success only makes this bike that much more attractive to young and up-and-coming riders.

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Once upon a time, we had dreams of being world-class motocross riders and if fate hadn’t lead us in another direction, we’d be achieving those dreams with a high-caliber motocross bike that has earned the distinction of the best in the market today, the KTM 350 SX-F .

The initial idea behind this bike was to line up at the MX1 World Championship with something that features reduced displacement, but also comes with all the advantages of a lighter bike. The final result was the birth of the 350 SX-F and foundations of a world title run in its first season. For the 2012 model, the 350 SX-F comes back bigger, better, and a whole lot meaner than ever before.

The 350 SX-F’s title-winning, state-of-the-art DOHC four-stroke engine features an electronic fuel injection and a balancer shaft that excels with an extremely wide usable rev range, highly efficient rideability, and performance capabilities that practically match that of its big brother, the 450.

Adding to its already impressive engine credentials, the 350 also features a cylinder head with two overhead camshafts, four titanium valves that are actuated by extremely lightweight, and carbon-coated cam levers. The 350 SX-F’s state-of-the-art frame is made from high-quality chrome-molybdenum stew, a material that’s not only extremely light but is also torsion-resistant, a critical combination that makes for excellent ride ability and world-class performance.

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When it comes to motocross bikes, KTM offers a full breadth of some of the most powerful bikes on the market, including the spectacular KTM 450 SX-F .

The 450 SX-F’s high-quality chassis allows advanced riders to convert the brutal power of the brand’s innovative DOHC four-stroke engine into controllable traction, even on the toughest MX tracks. Add that to a newly-developed clutch and a robust steel cage, and you have a motocross bike that’s truly the class of the field. Especially when you throw in the transmission-friendly back-damping that makes use of a spring washer for the first time instead of the customary conical springs, substantially reducing the operating force.

Adding to the bike’s unbridled versatility and all-around functionality is a new technology for the exhaust. In conjunction with the innovative HPRS (Header Pipe Resonator System) and large-diameter silencer, the 450 SX-F’s super-light titanium exhaust manifold ensures plenty of power at low noise levels.

In terms of its design, the 450 SX-F was built to compete, featuring a state-of-the-art frame that’s made from high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel. The bike’s bodywork is extremely slim, making for a dynamic ride that’s characterized by a particularly balanced geometry that combines easy handling with razor-sharp precision.

Handling and ride ability are always chief requirements for world-class motocross riders. On both those fronts, the KTM 450 SX-F is in a true class of its own, making it an ideal choice for riders looking to make a name for themselves in the motocross world.

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Enduro bikes are incredibly versatile, offering an impressive mix of ultra-easy handling, minimal weight, and low costs. That’s why when you’re looking for an ideal enduro to compete in E1 class racing, the KTM 125 EXC is a certainl fit for your budget.

The 125 EXC boasts many qualities that enduro riders want on their bikes. The 125 EXC’s new bodywork comes with a slim seat and spoiler lines, plus excellent contact points, making for an ideal ergonomic set-up and allowing for better overall handling. Meanwhile, the longer rear fender protects the rider and the redesigned kickstarter makes it easier to start the engine. A completely revamped frame made from high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel is characterized by even greater lateral stiffness.

The 125 EXC also boasts of a free-revving and lively 125cc two-stroke engine, considered the most powerful of its type in the market today. On top of that, the 125 EXC’s completely revamped chassis comes with a new frame, ensuring that the lightest and most flexible enduro on the market retains the kind of characteristics that have made it into a true favorite.

The redesigned airbox on the 125 EXC and the flow-optimized intake flange between the airbox and the carburetor ensure better charging with fresh gas, resulting in even freer revving and more power in all rev ranges for the liquid-cooled, two-stroke machine. Likewise, the 125 EXC is equipped with the latest WP upside-down fork with wider adjustment ranges and a new setting. The sensitive responsiveness and outstanding damping of the open-cartridge fork with 48 mm (1.89 in) outer tubes are a perfect complement for the 125 EXC’s playful handling and precision.

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Just like its twin brother, the Off-Road TT-R230 , the 2012 TT-R230 is a serious trail bike that is accessible to a wide range of riders, especially beginners. It’s got a Yamaha YZ-inspired design that features a low seat height, and a simple and easy-to-read instrumentation panel.

The bike also has a simple engine set-up that features a stout 223cc air-cooled, SOHC four-stroke engine that produces predictable, broadband power, making it the perfect choice for both beginner and intermediate riders.

As far as the chassis and suspension of the bike are concerned, the TT-R230 has a steel frame with a compact wheelbase and low seat height that combines accessibility to new or smaller riders while also being set up as having superb maneuverability and super-responsive handling. A 36mm front fork with 9.5" of wheel travel provides plush, confidence-inspiring control over rough terrain while the 11.6" of ground clearance should be enough to deal with almost any trail. Rounding out the set-up for the bike are 21" front aluminum wheels and 18" aluminum wheels with 220mm front disc brakes and 130mm rear drum brakes for powerful, confident stops.

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BMW Motorrad has just revealed the new G 650 GS, a new single-cylinder enduro that adds a cheeky, light, and adventurous figure. The G650 GS is powered by a 652 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with a double overhead camshafts engine that develops 48 HP at 6500 rpm and 60 Nm at 5000 rpm. BMW is also offering a detuned version that develops only 34 HP at 6500 rpm and 47 Nm at 4500 rpm.

The body of the new G 650 GS was completely redesigned. The front section, in particular, makes the single-cylinder enduro light, sporty, and dynamic. The asymmetrical headlamp and the self steering front wheel cover give the G 650 GS its look of absolute independence.

A clear design of lines, the targeted use of colored areas and all black plastic parts uphold the visual impression of a robust enduro outfit. The overall impression of sportiness is boosted further by the engine, exhaust covers, frame, swinging arm, and slide tubes, which are all black, contrasting with the plain colors of aura white and orange-red as well as the matching two-tone seats.

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KTM is set to unveil at this year’s EICMA Show a new motorcycle that will confirm the German maker’s domination at "The Dakar rally". Called 990 Adventure Dakar the new motorcycle is not however a replacement for the current KTM 450 Rally and will not be raced in Argentina and Chile, but it does show that KTM is indeed a maker that can do amazing things.

The 990 Adventure Dakar will feature a blue and orange paint, Dakar graphics, standard engine protection bars and much more. We do not have any details on the bike’s specifications yet, but considering the new Dakar rally regulation require a 450cc engine, expect nothing else from KTM.

Stay with us, we’ll have full details for you next week when EICMA Show begins. KTM announced a few other goodies for this year show, including the 450 Rally that will indeed compete in both Argentina and Chile rally.

Updated 11/03/2010: KTM has revealed today the official images on the new 990 Adventure Dakar. The 2011 limited edition Adventure “Dakar” breathes the spirit of the greatest raids of all times. Authentic, “cigarette blue” plastic parts with the Bedouine graphics of KTM’s factory racers cover the orange frame. A high-quality suedelook seat cover looks good and prevents slippage even on extreme tracks. At the same time, the “Dakar” combines popular features of both the other models – while the Adventure donates the suspension with 210 mm of travel as well as the sensitive Bosch ABS, the engine is that of the Adventure R with 115 bhp.

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