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Dual purpose motorcycles have never been quite the same ever since the Kawasaki KLX250S was presented. They are now even better! Combining awesome engine performance with light enduro handling, the KLX250S is a never ending source of fun both on and off the asphalt and a very possible leader of the quarter-liter dual-sport class. Let’s just see how.

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BMW never designed the F800R to be a scrambler, but that didn’t stop Touratech, the touring and parts specialists, to build what they call The Streetline F800 ScrambleR by only making use of a few styling tweaks.

By using clip-ons, a round headlight, bash guard, scrambler-style tyres and a numberboard among others, Touratech achieved what BMW never thought at and they even plan on selling a kit with all the parts, enabling BMW F800R owners to build their own scrambler.

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Two sophisticated Aprilias that are built for lots of fun, practicability, and teaching beginners how to ride: the 2009 RX 50 and SX 50 meet their purposes with excellence and situate themselves in a class of their own.

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Zero Motorcycles offers to everyone owning an electric motorcycle, ATV or quad the change to put their name in the record books on 4th of April. They are the organizers of world’s first 24 hour off-road endurance event destined to electric bikes and all riders are invited to a racing incursion in the world of battery-powered vehicles.

The event will take place in San Jose at the 408MX Motocross Track and it is all covered By Zero Motorcycle, including free food and drinks for everyone. All that you have to do is register until March 20th and be there on the event’s date.

All competitors will win a prize, but only those who make it to the podium will take home a trophy. Even those who don’t own an electric bike should be prepared for a surprise from Zero Motorcycles. Ok, that’s all I’m saying apart from the fact that buying a Zero X motorcycle can get you approximately $745 back in sales tax deduction.

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Yamaha goes on producing the WR250F model with more talent and dedication as ever before. Featuring the popular DOHC, four-stroke; five titanium valves quarter-liter engine mounted on a light and nimble aluminum frame, it stands as an awesome off-road machinery, but as you’ll further see, it also features goodies that can’t be passed unnoticed.

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Honda’s small in displacement, but large in size 2009 CRF230L stands as an incredible do-it-all motorcycle. First off, it is an economic and fast commuting mean, one that does a very good job exploring the trails and secondly, it is user-friendly and brings full benefits of an e-start and a low seat height. Did I even mention how great it looks? Well…it sure does!

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The Honda XR650L is a benchmark for the dual-sport class as it eats Baja races for breakfast and yet chooses to take its act on the streets, dirt roads, remote trails and forgotten byways. For 2009, Honda continues production relying on a powerful, electrically started motor and on a rigid, but versatile chassis, ending into the most notorious do-it-all motorcycle out there.

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Take motocross performance to the trails with the 2009 Honda CRF250X. This machine has been tuned for off-road riding and it features electric starting, but the race-bred engine and chassis cannot pass unnoticed out where the going gets tough.

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The know-how and training of the French gendarmerie in the matter of motorcycles is among the highest in the entire world. That is the result of an intensive training session which, depending on the workplace that the attendant is aiming at can vary from 5 to 8 months. Furthermore, they have to go through this procedure every five years.

Every French gendarme in the motorcycle patrol has excellent both on- and off-road riding abilities, most of them being passionate about what they are doing. And by the way they are trained no wonder a few teams even race in competitions such as Dakar.

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Apart from the renewed motocross lineup, Honda also presents 2009’s trail motorcycles, the so called “X” models from which the CRF450X is the biggest and most notorious model. I don’t wonder why as it won every Baja 500 and Baja 1000 competition it entered and there are no indications of Honda wanting to stop here. No reason, also, so here you have it!

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