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parts accesories

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Take a look at what started life as a 2009 Triumph Thruxton and you, as us, will most likely come to the conclusion that almost all British bikes can be transformed into café racers as long as someone is willing to pay the buck. This unique bike right here was built by Pure Triumph and it features all the possible changes and aftermarket parts that a demanding rider could wish for. To begin with, we’re talking about upside down 50mm Showa forks and competition spec Bitabo multi adjustable shocks, which together with the 17-inch wheels (please note the 180 section of the rear tire) make sure the bike is able to go very fast around corners, just like a café racer should. Also, twin four-pot Tokico calipers and radial master cylinder won’t make a rider hope for the best during emergency braking.

As you may have noticed, the frame remains the same and it is the other chassis parts that upgrade the overall product. Same thing with the engine: the internals remain unchanged, while the thing now gets an independent fuel-injection system.

Stylistically, an alloy T140 tank, an Alcantara leather seat and a ‘68 style rear section make every café racer fan crave for such a therapist, but we’re sad to announce that this precise one recently sold out. Yet, the Triumph dealer doesn’t stop here and plans an even better version.

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US WW2 fighter, the P51 Mustang, has inspired German tuner LSL to create the Triumph Street Triple T-L675 Warbird. While we have to admit that this is what first started our interest regarding this bike, the 20 extra horsepower (a total of 115bhp), adjustable levers, GSX-R forks, Öhlins shock and Nissin brakes stand out as the proper means to back up the aggressive look, which in this case is enhanced by the new nose fairing.

This British motorcycle built by a bunch of Germans to look like an American war machine on two wheels has a paintjob that is reminiscent of the Mustang and even Bridgestone tires with a tread design based on tires of the P51’s landing gear. Overall weight is 190kg.

LSL plans to come up with a limited-edition run, which will have the 41mm Kayaba fork of the Street Triple R and cost $23,526. I wonder what the veterans think about this.

Source: MCN
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Suzuki Italia has teamed up with “GP Design” to create a limited edition version of the B-King. Called Hyaku B-King, the bike arrives to celebrate 100 years of existence and the name itself is suggestive as Hyaku stands for “hundred” in Japanese.

The idea was to actually create a special kit for the Hamamatsu model, composed from: silencer, matte black fairings, redesigned headlight and taillight. This means that current owners of the specified model can buy the Hyaku kit separately and enhance the already aggressive look of their bikes.

The Hamamatsu Hyaku B-King costs €14,500 ($21,882), but the manufacturer says it’s worth every cent. And who are we to disagree?

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With all the ‘Black Friday’ frenzy coming down on us, we offer you a way to profit of the busiest retail shopping day of the year without being brought in the state of killing the guy ‘shopping’ next to you. Remember our post about Ducatigifts.com, the new website that Pro Italia and Ducati have recently launched? Well, they were kind enough to offer a special 10% off coupon code to Top Speed readers. The code – topspeed – is good from Nov 27-Nov 30. Happy shopping you all and don’t forget to mention us when making your order.

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Say you have a Ducatisti in the house and don’t really know what to buy him/her for Christmas. Things are now made much easier for you with this new website that Pro Italia and Ducati have launched – Ducatigifts.com. Offering performance parts and accessories, protective gear and casual Ducati clothing, the site is like Santa’s bag of goodies for each and every fan of the Italian brand.

Press release is attached after the jump.

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We’re all familiar with the Honda CBR1000RR by AD Koncept and the French tuners are now widening our motorcycles & bunnies universe with the introduction of a new Playboy version, this time of the Honda CB1000R.

The first thing that stands out at this attractive streetfighter is the white paintjob (rims included) “spiced” with attractive graphics, including the famous Playboy logo. Also, we shouldn’t forget about the aftermarket accessories such as the engine spoiler, solo seat, rear fender and Rizoma kit composed from footpegs, crash pads, handles and many more.

By replacing the stock silencer with a SC Project GP Evo one and removing the catalizer, the overall weight was reduced with 20 lbs and the engine’s power was increased with 5hp.

We like both the CBR1000RR and CB1000R AD Koncept creations, but simply can’t understand why there aren’t any bunnies around.

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BMW’s tuner, AC Schnitzer, presents their latest intervention on a motorcycle. The BMW F 800 Reloaded, as it is called, has suffered multiple changes and upgrades, the sportier look being valued through the infinity of accessories. The mid-sized naked known as the F 800 R now drifts away from its origins and actually looks very similar to its bigger sibling, the K 1300 R, which was also tuned by AC Schnitzer.

Thus, in the list of replaced parts and accessories we find: new front spoiler, which covers the engine almost entirely, Stealth silencer with EC approval and removable DB-Killer, WP central shock, WP fork, crash pads, high performance air filter, wider handlebar and adjustable brake and clutch levers. Also, the F 800 Reloaded was fitted with a new headlight fairing and is covered in a color called Titanium.

So this is how you turn an average F 800 R into a much more aggressive two-wheeler if you’re an experienced German tuner working with both cars and motorcycles.

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This Ducati 1198S got in the hands of the guys at Red Fenix, who have made it worth 100,000 euros (US$144,000). It is now called the Ducati 1198RF and comes with a host of upgrades and modifications that only the most ostentatious or incredibly skilled of you out there could possibly demand for: 17-inch magnesium alloy wheels from Marvic, which are wrapped up in a pair of Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires, 47mm K-Service fork, slightly reduced wheelbase, repositioned Brembo front brake disc (for better cooling) and an engine retuned by the Milan-based Desmolupo.

In the end, you get pretty much a race bike that has an additional 10-11 horsepower, goes faster around bends and only requires one finger on the lever to stop from racing speeds. Is that worth the extra $122,205, given the fact that a factory-equipped 2009 Ducati 1198S starts at $21,795?

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Roaring Toyz has just finished customizing this Suzuki GSX-R 1000 for Mat Mladin! Does the name sound familiar to you? Mat Mladin is the winner of six titles in the AMA Superbike Championship and the recent founder of Bike Gear Warehouse Company, which is also the reason why he ordered this custom made motorcycle.

The Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 by Roaring Toyz will be officially unveiled in two days at Laguna Seca and it will then start a promoting tour for the newly born company on all the tracks where AMA Superbike rounds are planned. The bike will then be taken to Australia (Mladin’s home country), where it will be used to promote Bike Gear Warehouse in their job of distributing Roaring Toyz custom sportbike parts.

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Heavily modified scooters have always drifted away from their original purpose, but none look more pointless than these ones. Seriously lengthened, widened and fitted with big and loud aftermarket pipes, they give a whole new meaning to the word extravagant and they belong to Japanese teenagers.

Japan has done a lot both for the auto and moto industry, but I have a hunch that this isn’t going to bring any contribution whatsoever as the 250cc scooters look impossible to be actually ridden. Imagine passing over a speed bump with a $37,000 scooter…and then the repair bill.

They do look nice, but belong in the photo studios.

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