police bikes

police bikes

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Wondering what that “P” in the model name is all about? Well, law enforcement officers certainly don’t as these bikes address specifically to them.

For 2009 Honda also produces Police models of the notorious ST1300/ABS. Easy to handle, a top performer and very reliable, the ST may not feature any upgrades, but it surely won’t pass unnoticed when the lights and sirens are turned on. Ouch, that never sounds good!

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A cold rear tire apparently ruined this motorcycle policeman’s run as it lost grip under powerful acceleration showing that not all police parades stand for perfection itself.

In another interpretation, you can simply say the guy missed the hashes and now, infantile, tried to show off a little bit on that high revving Suzuki motorcycle. Definitely a big NO NO!

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Having created a two-wheeled Department of Protective Security and Emergency, the authorities in Dubai thought that their six highly trained and specially chosen women officers must rely on some serious horsepower in order to follow up the Gulf region’s exotic cars often driven insanely crazy by rich guys. The response came in the form of black painted Suzuki GSX-R1000 patrol bikes and the fairly-slower Yamaha 1200.

Now, I don’t know how some people get that lucky, but considering my heavy hand/foot and by the looks on their faces, I reckon I don’t want to find out.

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Usually, we come across videos showing police officers in full manifestation their skills on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, but that happens mostly in the United States. When you are in Rome, you act like the Romans do so here is a video in which the Japanese motorcycle patrol is going through their amazing routine.

The show takes place on public roads and they use Honda motorcycles in order to give an example of both perfect timing and slow-speed maneuvering. And, by the way, it isn’t as short as the other videos you’ve seen.

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Ever wanted one of the motorcycle used by the Police force? Now is your chance. The United Kingdom Police is getting rid of their Honda ST1300 motorcycles.

There have been problems with these motorcycle in the past, due mostly to the heavy load carried by the cops. Communication gear, emergency gear, you name it added to much weight and made the Pan wobble at high speeds. After the death of one Police Officer, it was decided to take the Pan-European motorcycles off the Force, and sell them.

There are no problems for “normal” people riding them (honest). The center of gravity problem that made them unstable does not affect these bikes under normal circumstances.

Some of the motorcycles being sold are close to new, and have a low price, often 25% below list price.

The motorcycles are full Police spec: ABS, heated grips, electric screens, panniers and rear rack. The Police Service History is available for each bike.

They don’t mention if the coloring scheme has changed, but I think they will have. One thing is for sure, they will have removed the Police lights and sirens.

Interested? Access their sales site: http://www.forcemotorcycles.com/products.asp?show=0

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This Saturday, 70 officers from more than 18 law enforcement agencies are scheduled to participate at the Western States Motorcycle Officers Association’s training and skills competition from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The event will take place at the Elk Grove Regional Park, 9950 Elk Grove Florin Road and it is suppose to show us how trained and full of ability the arm of the law is, something that is fair and full of consistency. But I’m beginning to think that they’d better do their job and absolve us from invitations at their showcases.

Frankly, I would have a much better opinion about policeman on motorcycles if they’d actually apply their skills every day on field and not compete ones against the others with every chance they get.

Oh, you can also participate if you have a license and your own bike. If you still pay them for this, at least have fun with them…maybe they’ll get you in the force.

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First, you have to be born with it and second, you would have to train most of the time. But more important and difficult is the third part. This is where you meat your pair with which you will train for the Motorcycle Pairs Competition.

And if you and your partner are the best, there is no better way to show it than at the Great Lakes Motorcycle Training Seminar in Toronto, Canada. I guess these guys did so.

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Now traffic participants can’t say that they didn’t see him coming. If this excuse keeps showing up on police statements, this is how motorcycle helmets will end up looking.

The giant helmet brings a whole bunch of benefits and it is also very amusing due to the domain it is being used. A big head motorcycle police officer won’t pass easily unnoticed.

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Here’s an interesting video about the Detroit Police Department which celebrates 100 years of motorcycle patrol. Back in 1908 this was the first law enforcement agency to use motorcycles for police patrol.

Of course, Harley-Davidson motorcycles were used from the very first day and the same maker provides all U.S. police departments with bikes today. To be honest, you didn’t had any other choice back in those days, but with time Harleys proved to be the best for the job.

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