police bikes

police bikes

If you want to talk about a true one-of-a-kind classic Ducati, it doesn’t get any better than the Ducati 860 GT Polizia. On the same vein that the American police rode Harley-Davidsons for years, its European counterpart used Ducatis.

This particular 860 GT Polizia, which was put on auction at the 2012 RM Auctions in Monaco, was built on a 750GT frame, with 750 tanks and side covers. In addition, it carried a powerful 864 cc SOHC V-twin engine that was mated to a five-speed transmission.

As a 1981 model, this 860 GT Polizia - CN: DM750S/755495 - was used by the Bologna Police Department and came with a windshield, leg shields, and side panniers, as well as a black paint and chrome finish.

Its condition is still impeccable even after all these years, and is highlighted by a relatively low mileage considering its age and the purpose it was used for (patrolling the mean streets of Bologna, Italy back in the 80’s).

Expected bid price for this 1981 Ducati 860 GT Polizia was pegged at around €4,000 - €6,000, which is about $5,200 - $7,800 based on current exchange rates. Actual selling price was $10,606.

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There’s nothing quite like combining work with relaxation and during our short trip to Constanta, Romania we happen to come across a Kawasaki VN900 Police Bike, which simply couldn’t miss from our vacation picture album. I started sharing impressions about the bike with the policeman and then asked him if he was kind enough to let us get a few pics of the bike that he was so proudly riding and he was ok with it.

Apart from Harley-Davidson, we didn’t happen to see any cruiser type police bikes so this Kawi got our complete attention before another police officer radioed in a hazardous situation and our point of admiration hit the road with the sirens on.

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As you can see, this motorcycle police officer has found a new, interesting, unique, but extremely efficient method to stop those who break the law. It all consists in attracting the outlaws like a magnet rather than chasing them all over the highway.

I can imagine drivers waiting in line to beg for a biiig ticket. I’m not sure what they’re going to receive although I could make a few remarks regarding to what could there be in that spacious trunk that she rests her elbow on.

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If there’s one thing any law enforcement officer needs to know, abusing your power can sometimes lead to your victims fighting back.

That’s the predicament highway patrol officers in Upstate New York now find themselves in after a motorcyclist named Mitchell Proner – who also happens to be a personal injury attorney – sued the New York State Police and the New York State and county authorities over what he claims to be the "misuse of safety inspections to delay and harass motorcyclists without any reasonable belief that any laws are being broken."

We don’t exactly know how many times Proner himself has been pulled by the fuzz, but it must have been enough to light a hot enough fire under him to go after these guys.

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The 13th Annual Southwest Police Motorcycle Training and Competition Event Held in Phoenix, Arizona showed once again how skilful the guys in uniforms are in maneuvering those big Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Even if spending the full working schedule on the seats of their bikes, the policeman participating sure did their homework before signing in for the competition. Just take a look at this perfect run.

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Michael Jackson will sell his police spec Harley-Davidson Road King together with more than 2000 items from his Neverland ranch during a five-day auction in Beverly Hills, California. Julien’s Auctions organizez the event which will take place between April 22 and 25.

As reported, part of the money will go to charity, but most will end up in the pop star’s continuously shrinking pocket.

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A couple on a motorcycle in Europe (most likely in the Czech Republic, by the “policie” trim on the policeman’s jacket) gets pulled over by a motorcycle police officer for public unbecoming. Apparently, the policeman was coming from behind, got a close look of the “issue” and decided to pull these guys over.

I can imagine their conversation:

Policeman: “License and registration please!”

Rider: “What’s wrong officer, you didn’t liked the view?”

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Motorcycle police participate in a rehearsal of the upcoming parade to celebrate the inauguration of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama in Washington, January 11, 2009. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES)

That’s the official part, but do you know what would have been great? In my opinion, if they would have had 44 motorcycles in the parade ;)

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Apparently, Harley-Davidson goes for the Chinese market. No, not the public one as I’m sure they’ve conquered it for a long time now, but the police departments market (if we can even call it that way).

AP News

Two Beijing traffic police officers ride motorcycles donated by Harley-Davidson Motor Company near the Tiananmen Tower in Beijing, China, Monday, Dec. 8, 2008. Chinese media reported Tuesday that Harley-Davidson Motor Company donated three Harley police bikes to Beijing’s Dongcheng District traffic police branch for traffic police patrols near the Tiananmen Square. (AP Photo/Color China Photo)

We know that at a certain time in the American Motor Company’s history, heavy motorcycle production destined for police departments meant the difference between bankruptcy and success.

The way I see it, their strategy is to open an appetite for Harleys in an area where they haven’t had much success and so go through the financial crisis by making use of the same old artifice.

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The know-how and training of the French gendarmerie in the matter of motorcycles is among the highest in the entire world. That is the result of an intensive training session which, depending on the workplace that the attendant is aiming at can vary from 5 to 8 months. Furthermore, they have to go through this procedure every five years.

Every French gendarme in the motorcycle patrol has excellent both on- and off-road riding abilities, most of them being passionate about what they are doing. And by the way they are trained no wonder a few teams even race in competitions such as Dakar.

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