quad atv

quad atv

The name ’Prairie’ may not illicit the kind of reaction you’d want in a powerful ATV, but make no mistake, the Kawasaki Prairie 360 4x4 is still one of the most desirable ATVs on the market.

The do-it-all characteristics of the Prairie 360 are made to look better courtesy of a stealthy coating of Realtree APG HD camouflage. An innovative pattern melts into the environment, helping outdoor enthusiasts get to their favorite hunting ground or riverbank without disturbing the locals.

The Prairie 360 4x4 is powered by a 362cc air-cooled, single cylinder, four-stroke engine, a continuously variable transmission (CVT), and a reliable shaft drive. While the engine provides the power of the vehicle, the CVT enables the engine to operate in its optimal rpm range, churning out maximum torque, regardless of the speed or riding conditions. It also offers high and low forward gears plus reverse. When it comes time for extreme conditions, the Prairie 360 4x4 features a Variable Front Differential Control lever that sends out power to both front wheels, ensuring that no situation is too tough for the machine.

With an ATV that carries all these features, it’s important for it to be able to handle the rough terrain, too. That’s where the Prairie’s MacPherson strut front suspension and single-shock aluminum swingarm rear suspension comes into play, giving the ATV a supple ride with 6.7" and 7.1" of front and rear travel, respectively. The ATV also has a brake set-up that features dual front disc brakes providing superior stopping power to the front wheels and a sealed, oil-bathed multi-disc rear brake system providing equal braking power on the rear.

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It’s the age-old tale of the small fry trying to make a name for itself in a world full of huge, muscle-bound menaces. If you were to write a story about the Kawasaki Bayou 250 , that would be how you’d spin it.

But then again, the Bayou’s size belies something that’s far more important than just dimensions. This ATV is one formidable workhorse, one that’s not only simple to use and easy to love, but also has a powerful engine that will impress you more than you think.

Compact, nimble, and excellent for just about any surface it rides on, the Kawasaki Bayou 250 is the epitome of a versatile ATV. The design of the bike is simple, yet highly efficient, with front and rear steel racks carrying a combined payload capacity of 110 pounds.

At the heart of the Bayou 250 is a 228cc air-cooled four-stroke engine that comes with a five-speed transmission with reverse and connected to a reliable and quiet shaft drive. The smooth and reliable power the Bayou 250 produces is more than enough for an ATV of this size. Combine that with a hassle-free electric starter that offers push-button starting convenience and a recoil starter that offers additional starting option in the event of a low battery and you have an ATV that’s as tough as nails without any of the hang-ups.

Speaking of toughness, the Bayou 250 is all that and some, thanks to an independent A-arm front suspension and a semi-independent multi-link rear suspension - the only ATV of its class to offer this - providing a smooth, compliant ride without any of the complexity or maintenance required by a fully independent design.

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The 2011 Kawasaki KFX 450R is an industry heavyweight, all thanks to its combination of unparalleled racing technology and the feel of natural power riders have on their fingertips.

Looking the part of a natural ATV, the KFX 450R comes with two-piece front and rear “lapped” fenders that make customization painless. In addition, it also has a headlight assembly that can be detached quickly for closed-course races, leaving no compromise as to the aggressive nature of the vehicle.

The Kawasaki KFX 450R shares the engine DNA of the KX 450F motorcross bike, so you can be sure that it’s primed and ready for action. Add the fact that it comes equipped with titanium valves, a highly responsive 32-bit digital fuel injection system that can translate four-stroke power into outstanding thrust, and an electric starter, and you have an ATV that just fits all of the requirements for a four-wheeled ride. To aid in distributing the power of the engine to all four wheels, the KFX 450R makes use of a five-speed transmission that includes a lightweight reverse gear system, allowing riders to quickly and easily extricate themselves from first turn chaos, trail bottlenecks, or any other on-track accidents.

As far as handling is concerned, ATVs are required to be all-world tough and the KFX 450R, with its lightweight all-aluminum frame, has both incredible stiffness and significant strength. It also boasts a low center of gravity and excellent roll resistance for higher corner speeds and race-level handling.

The front suspension design of the ATV makes use of long lower A-arms mounted to a single box-section lower frame tube, paired with dual-rate front springs for excellent rough-terrain handling. Meanwhile, the rear suspension features an adjustable shock with low- and high-speed compression and rebound damping adjustability mated to a cast aluminum swingarm, offering the ideal balance of flexibility and rigidity.

Sometimes, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to judge an ATV’s capabilities. The 2012 Yamaha Raptor 700R SE is one of those vehicles that just fits the mold. All you need to do is know that this one packs a wallop for an engine and you’re all set.

It’s hard to argue against a 686cc Yamaha fuel-injected engine, especially if it’s considered as the most powerful powertrain fitted into a Yamaha Yamaha ATV. Dual counter-balancers and a 44mm throttle body get fuel into the thumping engine, making for a far smoother ride than most ATVs. On top of that, the Raptor 700R also has a Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI) system that provides excellent engine performance in a wide range of conditions, as well as a competition-spec dry-sump lubrication system that boosts usable horsepower and keeps overall engine size more compact.

More than just its superb performance traits, the Raptor 700R SE also paints a pretty stellar picture. It’s not pretty, but it catches your attention. The low-slung, aggressive styling is a definite head-turner, as is the number of design features that make this ATV a useful off-road companion. It has a long, YZ-style seat that allows maximum rider comfort, a thumb throttle lever, a large-capacity, 2.9-gallon fuel tank, multireflector 30-watt Krypton headlights, an LED taillight, and a digital meter with all the information a rider needs for his adventures. Since this model is characterized as a special edition, the bike was outfitted with some nifty add-ons, including Pro Armor Nerf Bars, a Pro Armor Bumper and Radiator Cover, and special graphics and colors.

As an off-road conqueror, the Raptor 700R also comes with upstanding handling capabilities, highlighted by a state-of-the-art chassis featuring a steel front section with an aluminum rear section and detachable subframe to create a super-strong structure and the ideal wheelbase for light, quick, super-accurate steering.

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The 2012 Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS Special Edition is the epitome of what a special edition ATV should be. Packed with plenty of features that bear credence to its ’Grizzly’ name, this special edition ATV is the personification of ’real world tough.’

In terms of design, the ATV retains the same imposing profile of the standard model with some unique bodywork thrown in, including the metallic sandstone paint finish, corresponding special graphics, and the cast aluminum wheels. On top of that, it also has dual 35-watt multireflector halogen bulb headlights with high/low beams that light up the night; rugged steel cargo racks that can pack a combined total of 286 pounds; and an LCD instrument display that contains all the important information a rider needs, including fuel injection, electronic power steering information, bar-type fuel gauge, speedometer, odometer, trip meter, clock, and a Diff. Lock indicator.

Inside the Grizzly 700’s fully independent long-travel four-wheel suspension lies one of the most powerful engines Yamaha has given an ATV: a 686cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine that comes with a fuel injection system that provides instantaneous cold starts and optimal performance in nearly every condition. In addition, it has a fully automatic Ultramatic transmission, the most advanced drive system in ATVs, as well as an Electric Power Steering system to lighten steering for superior comfort and terrain-ability.

The Grizzly 700 features a double-wishbone suspension on the front and rear with five-way preload-adjustable shocks, offering maximum control and comfort over rough terrain. The whole handlind set-up is finished by a set of responsive 25" Maxxis tires with four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes that serve up consistent, long-lasting braking power under all sorts of nasty conditions.

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It’s understandable that a lot of people are turned off by high-priced purchases. Given the state of the economy we’re in, saving as much money as you can has become a great priority.

Motorcycle brands like Yamaha know this, and they are certainly sensitive to the market’s capabilities. That’s why it has become important for them to release models that are not only economical when it comes to fuel, but also on the bank account.

One such model is the 2012 Yamaha YFZ450 , an all-utility vehicle that’s considered one of the best bargain buys on the market. It’s got great styling; it has an excellent chassis design; and it comes with an impressive 449cc 5-valve DOHC power-plant.

Among the new features of the 2012 YFZ450 model are a new pair of high quality, non-reservoir shocks made by KYB that have been tuned exclusively for the YFZ and designed to excel at handling a wide variety of riding situations. The bike also offers significantly more low and midrange performance compared with the previous model. Yet despite this, the 2012 model still carries the same power output, thanks to a few Yamaha modifications that include revised cam profile and timing and new ignition mapping.

As far as the chassis is concerned, the new YFZ450 has a lightweight, ultra-compact steel frame with an aluminum sub frame that gives the machine added flexibility. For the rear suspension, a highly tuned Showa piggyback shock returns on this newest model, with the only difference being found in the adjustability features.

Other new features attached to the YFZ450 include a new push-button ignition, tapered handlebars, and an efficient dual-hydraulic braking system in the front with two-piston caliper in the rear.

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As with all special editions, the 2011 YFZ450R and Raptor 700R SE models were launched as platforms for the market to experience a portion of the sport ATV lifestyle. A year later, Yamaha is back with another special edition model of the YFZ450R, packed with a new look, as well as some new features.

The overall look of the YFZ450R SE is a lot more aggressive than the past model, thanks to black and red bodywork with a metallic vertebra graphic scheme. The fenders have also been modified and are held on by simple quick-release fasteners, making for easier maintenance. The 2012 also has a black GYTR grab bar that has been installed on the front, while the swingarm has been blackened with a gold drive chain offering a sharp contrast.

In terms of performance, the YFZ450R SE is powered by an impressive 449cc five-valve engine, offering superb power characteristics that are smooth and strong off the line. The engine is then mated to a five-speed manual transmission that offers plenty of drive options, while dual overhead cams rev quickly with a very linear power curve. The fuel injection is crisp, thanks in part to the the 42mm Mikuni throttle body while the thumb throttle has a nice, smooth feel that the pilot can modulate all day without fatigue.

As far as the chassis and suspension set-up is concerned, the ATV was fitted with 44mm Kayabas front shocks that allow 10" of wheel travel while the rear was given 46mm KYB shocks attached to an aluminum swingarm and straight axle with 11" of wheel travel, providing for super handling characteristics that makes this ATV a fun and enjoyable ride.

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The Yamaha Grizzly 450 has made a name for itself as an ATV that features the ideal mix of off-road capability, reliability, and comfort in a rugged, mid-size package. It’s capable of conquering tough terrain and even tougher chores, thanks to a set-up of Yamaha exclusive features, including a fully automatic Ultramatic transmission, on command 2WD/4WD with diff lock, rear sealed wet brake, and more, all in a great handling package.

Just like the Grizzly 500 and 700, the 450 is a versatile middleweight ATV that rides on just about any surface. The design of the ATV may be utilitarian at first look, but it also offers plenty of serviceability, particularly the steel cargo racks that come with a special, extra-durable wrinkle paint finish with a combined cargo capacity of 264. The ATV also has a water-resistant, large-capacity underseat storage box; fully integrated floorboards with serrated foot pegs; large front and rear fenders with inner guards; dual, bright multi-reflector 30-watt Krypton bulb headlights with high and low beams; and a digital instrument panel that boasts a multifunction LCD display with speedometer, odometer, dual tripmeter, hour meter, 4WD status, transmission position, and clock.

Inside the Grizzly 450’s lightweight chassis is a 421cc liquid-cooled, SOHC four-stroke single engine that’s both rugged and powerful. The engine comes with a semi-oval slide 33mm BSR Mikuni carburetor and high-output
DC-CDI ignition capable of delivering fantastic throttle response and engine performance across all rpm. There’s also a large-capacity aluminum radiator that provides maximum cooling efficiency, positioned high in frame for optimal protection, and most importantly, Yamaha’s own Three-position On-Command In/Out 4WD feature that lets you switch between 2WD, limited-slip 4WD, and a fully locked differential 4WD.

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The ATV market is replete with choices and it’s hard to pick one considering the number of models that you’re going to have to take a look at. For their part, Yamaha , wants to make your job a little easier with the new Grizzly 125 Automatic .

Built with rugged good looks that fully compliment its powerful 124cc air-cooled four-stroke single engine, the Grizzly 125 delivers the kind of smooth and reliable engine performance to go with its unique profile. The overall set-up is simpler than what most hardcore riders are accustomed to, but it’s perfect for those that are just getting their feet wet in ATV riding.

The user-friendliness of the ATV is one of its calling cards. The fully automatic V-belt transmission has simple forward, neutral and reverse gears, eliminating the need for shifting. The handlebars, as well as the mounted parking brake and choke lever, are all within arm’s length, providing added convenience to the rider. In addition to that, the ATV also has wide front and rear fenders with integrated full floorboards that provide all-weather protection, making for a comfortable ride.

Rugged steel cargo racks on the front and rear can pack a total of 33 pounds of combined cargo, while dual 30-watt multi-reflector Krypton headlights in the front cowl add the perfect menacing appearance.

There really is so many things to like about the Grizzly 125 ATV, so much so that we can say that anybody making a purchase for this model will most definitely be spending their hard-earned money wisely.

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The Yamaha Grizzly 450 is the middle-tier member of Yamaha’s Grizzly family. While it doesn’t come with the simplicity of the entry models or the high-end specs of the top-of-the-line versions, it does offer a variety of features that has made a proven commodity.

The Grizzly 700-inspired front-end styling boasts plenty of unique details, including a convenient water-resistant storage compartment on the front fender. There are also steel cargo racks with a special paint finish that features a combined cargo capacity of 264 pounds; a large-capacity, 4-gallon fuel tank with a built-in gauge and easy-to-reach petcock valve; wide, fully integrated floorboards to keep riders’ feet dry and feature serrated footpegs for extra grip in wet conditions; large front and rear fenders with inner guards that offer excellent mud/splash protection; and, dual, bright multireflector 30-watt Krypton bulb headlights with high and low beams.

The engine is a 421cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled single engine that comes with a semi-oval slide 33mm BSR Mikuni carburetor and a high-output DC-CDI ignition system that delivers tremendous throttle response and engine performance across the board. The whole technical set-up also includes a large-capacity aluminum radiator that provides maximum cooling
efficiency, a stainless steel muffler and header design that has superior
power characteristics, exhaust sound and durability, and a specially-designed drive system air intake vent that helps prevent overheating and keeps water and mud from entering drive case.

As far as handling is concerned, the Grizzly 450 has a lightweight chassis that has outstanding durability with superior rigidity for class-leading agility and handling. This is complimented by a fully independent four-wheel double-wishbone suspension that features a suspension on the front and rear, delivering 6.3" and 7.1" of travel, respectively. Large-diameter ventilated hydraulic front disc brakes deliver tremendous stopping power to round out the set-up of the sturdy Yamaha ATV.

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