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The Suzuki KngQuad 750 AXi made its debut in 2005 and shortly after has managed to earn itself a pretty good reputation in the big bore utility segment. As shortly after most of the important manufacturers were already offering power steering to their products, it was Suzuki’s turn to keep it up with the trends and added the power steering option in 2009.

As Suzuki has already a wide experience with passenger cars, it managed de develop a pretty capable power steering for its ATVs. The company says that it’s power steering system does not only help you steer the ATV easier but it also reduce the vibrations caused by the trail obstacles to the handlebars.

The power steering system is also designed to get involved more when at low speeds and less at high speeds. The vehicle is powered by a 722cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-valve fuel-injected engine especially tuned to bring maximize low-to-mid range torque. The engine’s power is sent to all four wheels by means of Suzuki’s QuadMatic CVT automatic transmission.

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Suzuki is known as the first maker of a four wheel ATV, so there’s no wonder why its models are among the most appreciated quad wheelers.

The Suzuki Ozark 250 made its debut in 2002, but despite its relativelly old age, it remained almost the same as it was ten years ago. Fortunately this isn’t as bad as it sounds as the original Ozark was a fairly capable off roader which also had a pretty smart design. The entire design just fits with what you’d usually search in an ATV, it sharp crisp fender cuts, bad-ass tires and also a fairly big saddle which is a bit too stiff but comfortable.

Not to mention that it’s also lightweight and is fitted with a 246cc, single-cylinder, SOHC, 2-valve, air-cooled, overhead-cam engine. The engine is as lively as it was in 2002 and fortunately doesn’t need any urgent upgrades as it rewards you with a pretty crisp acceleration and a decent torque.

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The Yamaha Raptor 700R comes with boatloads of power, but its true appeal lies in the details, specifically all the elements that make this ATV quite a catch in its segment.

Aesthetically, the Raptor 700R is dressed to impress - and a whole lot more - with a new styling that pays true homage to the ATV’s menacing looks. Proudly assembled in the US, the Raptor 700R also has a hybrid steel aluminum frame and Controlled-Fill aluminum sub-frame and cast aluminum swing arm, all of which combine to produce a super strong structure to make the raptor 700R the lightest ATV in its class. Another bonus is a thick and comfortable seat provides great comfort to the rider, as does the adjustable suspension and the sport-tuned piggyback shocks that provide excellent ride-ability. Dual counterbalancers, electric starting, and reverse keep things nice and in order for the rider.

At the heart of the Raptor 700R is an engine that’s absolutely no joke, a 686cc engine that’s both light and strong, efficient and hard-hitting, quick-revving and performance enhancing. The engine can rev all the way to 9,000 rpm and, when combined with Yamaha’s very own YFI fuel injection system, is a powertrain that offers excellent engine performance in a wide range of conditions, elevations, and temperatures.

Then there’s the matter of handling, which the Raptor 700R draws from its YFZ inspired set-up. Thanks in large part to the ATV’s 9.1" of front travel and 10.1" out back, the state-of-the-art steel front section chassis with an aluminum rear section and detachable subframe, and the new twin piston rear brake caliper along with the twin aluminum-piston front disc brakes, combine to make sure the Raptor 700R is primed and ready for all kinds of action.

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The Yamaha Raptor 90 is one of the Japanese bike maker’s offerings in the entry-level ATV market. But even if it doesn’t have the power of its higher-profile brethren, the Raptor 90 still doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to pure, unbridled performance.

The Raptor 90 comes in a number of appealing color options, including an exclusive White version that also gets a number of graphics choices that young riders will be pretty fond of. The color options play an important role in giving the Raptor 90 a sporty and aggressive profile that only adds to the aesthetic fascination a lot of riders with the ATV.

Backstopping these aesthetic credentials is a palatable 88cc SOHC 2-valve engine that produces low-to-mid rpm range performance. The engine is then mated to a fully automatic CVT transmission while a dual A-arm front suspension, a rear disc brake, low-profile tires, and other great features, complete the make-up of the Raptor 90 and espouses all the characteristics that has turned this ATV into one unforgettable vehicle.

Speaking of the dual A-arm front suspension, the set-up carries 4.4" of travel, providing more sporty riding comfort for the ATV. Then there’s the hydraulic disc brake with a drilled rotor in the back and dual sealed drums in the front. These tools are all the more important especially for an ATV that carries the performance credentials of the Raptor 90.

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Looking the part of a camouflaged all-road runner, the Yamaha Grizzly 450 EPS is designed to enable you to stay comfortable under any conditions during a lengthy working day. It’s fitted with Electronic Power Steering, fully independent suspension, a rear wet brake, On-Command drive system, and a one-piece lightweight frame. If lively and quick were the name of the game, the Grizzly 450 EPS would be lapping the field.

With the help of effort-reducing technologies like automatic transmission and Electric Power Steering and ergonomic designs, the Grizzly 450 EPS lets you feel comfortable after a long day in the saddle. Certainly, they are economical and only need low maintenance.

Moreover, the lightweight tires and a comfortable seat enable you to feel the comfort during riding. The fuel economy, low maintenance requirements, and a range of handy accessories complete your overall riding experience.

Furthermore, the torque-heavy engines allows you to get moving when terrain is tricky, or even when loads are heavy.

Just the right combination for an all-world ATV.

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A lot of ATVs promise you the world yet fail to live up to it. The Yamaha YFM350R isn’t one of them. As a full-size ATV that promises to bring you to the next level of off-road experience, the YFM350R isn’t about breaking its word.

It comes powered by a 348 cc 4-stroke engine that’s mated to a six-speed gearbox, providing enough power and reliability to make your off-road trabels as smooth as smooth can be.

In addition, the ATV also carries an up standard suspension set-up with dual rate springs that bring you the best of both worlds. The small bumps are of no hindrance as they are increasingly absorbed, while the bigger hits are controlled by second-stage springing.

Over at the back, you’ll find the rear shock, which limits the performance-reducing effects of heat build-up. Meanwhile, the lightweight aluminum wheels minimize unsprung weight, allowing the suspension set-up to handle its business.

Just take this YFM350R into your daily life and you’ll find the extraordinary riding experiences that enable you to feel the comfortable along with the fun situation.

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Time and again, ATVs are built with a number of features to serve a variety of purposes, not the least of which is a versatility that allows it to be used on both public and off-road trails. The Enduro-Quad KTM 525 XC is a fully-fledged sports machine that has set new standards in the cross-country scene, and in the process has become one of the most popular ATVs in the market today.

With extremely powerful performance and perfect handling, the 525 XC is an offroad powerhouse on four wheels that is unrivaled in its class, bursting with energy, and very lightweight. A big reason why the 525 XC is a notch above every other ATV is its homologation for use on public roads, which not a lot of ATVs can boast of. Aside from lights and mirrors, the corresponding equipment includes a comfortable seat and a 13.4 liter long-range fuel tank to reduce the frequency of breaks when out on tour.

On top of that, the ATV also carries a powerful, liquid-cooled four-stroke, single-cylinder engine that features an extremely wide usable rev range, with a close-ratio, five-speed transmission, hydraulic clutch, and a proven 34 mm Keihin carburetor. The 525 XC’s small lightweight electric starter activates the four-stroke single cylinder reliably and quickly, lessening the longstanding delays that other ATVs might experience.

One other unique detail about the 525 XC is a chassis that can be set for various types of use and different types of course. Camber and caster on the front axle are just as variable as the track on the rear. The shock absorbers have adjustable compression and rebound damping, as well as spring preload, which makes for an all-around versatile endure ATV that just speaks to the prospective owners everywhere.

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There comes a point in time when you just need to get an ATV that works on all corners. In these instances, you can’t do any better than the KTM 505 SX.

The Motocross-Quad 505 SX is a thoroughbred racing machine and uncompromisingly designed to be as great as KTM’s line of MX motorcycles. Every single detail of the 505 SX has been meticulously designed, from the elaborate ergonomics to the multi-adjustable chassis and the extraordinary pull of the engine.

The backbone of the 505 SX’s unrivaled low weight of only 165 kg/363 lbs makes for an extremely light ATV. Combine that with an exceptionally robust frame made from high-strength, powder-coated chrome-molybdenum steel with a bolted on light-alloy rear end and double-butted rear axle made from high-strength steel, and you have a machine that’s built to be as tough an durable as any ATV on the market today.

More than just its sturdy design, the 505 SX is also the picture of exceptional performance, thanks in large part to its 477cc iquid-cooled, DOHC, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine that brings its sensational power to bear on the rear wheels via a hydraulic clutch and close-ratio five-speed transmission. In conjunction with low vehicle weight and the low center of gravity, the powerful DOHC racing engine ensures exceptional performance on every track.

The ATV’s suspension set-up also demonstrates just how impressive of a ride the 505 SX really is. Whether it be the WP suspension components, the Magura hydraulics, Nerf bars, tether switch, DWT Beadlock light-alloy wheels on the rear axle, or Maxxis cross tires all round, the 505 SX is equipped with a plethora of features that makes ATV racing as safe and as fun as it really is.

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French bike builder, Lazareth, has come out with their latest creation, which not only raises eyebrows for its design, but also because of the power train it carries.

The vehicle is called the Wazuma V8F, a quad vehicle that looks the part of a trike, except that it actually has four wheels. The standard three-wheel configuration makes it confusing but upon further inspection, you’ll notice that it actually has a pair of rear tires attached closely together.

The curious design of the Wazuma V8F is one of many things that are peculiar about this vehicle. For a bike of its size, Lazareth put a lot of attention in adding some expensive parts, including the extensive use of carbon fiber that can be found all over the machine. On top of that, the Wazuma V8F also has a new set of modified 18" MOMO wheels to go with Brembo caliper brakes, and four horizontal shock absorbers specifically designed for the vehicle.

And then here’s where it gets really interesting. The Wazuma V8F has quite a power train inside of it, one that comes courtesy of a famous Italian automaker you’re probably familiar with. Yep, inside this intriguing quad lies a 3.0-liter Ferrari V8 engine that produces in excess of 250 horsepower and mated to a BMW M3-sourced six-speed sequential gearbox.

A Ferrari engine mated with a BMW gearbox and encased in this design? Yeah, that’s what makes the Lazareth Wazuma V8F a quad like no other.

The Kawasaki KX85 is effectively the two-wheeled version of the KFX90 . Regardless, both vehicles offer plenty of fun, whether you’re riding a motocross bike or an off-road ATV.

The KFX90 ATV is well-suited to the dimensions of those 12 and over, largely thanks to a comfortable set-up that emphasizes looks and comfort for young riders. The KFX90 also has a simple and friendly 89cc four-stroke engine that provides compliant power delivery with a healthy mid-range, all while mated to a continuously variable transmission that eliminates the need for a shift lever. Dual front shocks and a swingarm rear suspension are also part of the ride package, helping make the ride more enjoyable by cushioning the rider against bumps.

Another important feature of the KFX90 is the keyed ignition switch, a set-up that prevents the use of the ATV without the key. This feature is important to parents who value the security of their child’s ATV. There’s also a throttle limiting screw and a CVT transmission speed limited that parents can use to ensure the safety of their kids when they’re riding the KFX90.

For those young kids that have an adventurous bone in their bodies, the Kawasaki KFX90 is an ideal ATV to take for all those thrill-seeking exploits.

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