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race kit

Ever come upon a product that you can’t point your finger at as far as what its actual purpose is?

Here we have the Alomar Motorcycle Jacket-Backpack, a fashion accessory that converts from a protective and stylish jacket to a durable backpack and back into a jacket at the slightest of ease.

How exactly does all of this simple transformation work?

The Alomar is a jacket that’s made out of 600 Denier Polyester Nylon - the same material space ships are made from - and has been padded with dual Teflon shoulder and elbow pads. The water-resistant polyester, in particular, allows the Alomar to be used in a myriad of weather conditions. It also has adjustable drawstrings and a pocket that can be accessible through both the jacket and backpack orientation, providing enough space to stow anything from laptops, iPads, or any other flat item you’d want to carry.

Everything about the Alomar speaks to an innovation that’s both practical and useful for riders. We’re not quite sure about the weight - 4 lbs - but if you can carry that weight over your shoulder, plus the added weight from the items you’re carrying, then you have yourself a multi-purpose jacket that you can take with you anywhere you want to go.

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Ducati Newport Beach has come up with what appears to be the first Multistrada 1200 race replica, which they plan to take to the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

The 1200S features a smaller windscreen, hand guards and a new tail section. This means no luggage racks, lights or number plate holder, making the bike look much more suitable for pumping adrenaline. Also, although it doesn’t make any difference when ridding the bike, that 1198-like red/white/black paintjob does send a clue about the Italian two-wheeler’s racing inspirations.

No word on any possible power increase yet, but considering the standard model’s 150hp, there shouldn’t be any, or at least not a significant one. Expect to find this in Pikes Peak, Colorado on June 26-27.

The Ducati Multistrada 1200 is a highly successful motorcycle due to its huge versatility, so a racing replica should delight everyone planning to buy such a model in the future. We shall wait and see if Ducati makes a move in the near future.

Source: A&R via MCN
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For the upcoming Le Mans MotoGP race, Yamaha France has released just four different race replicas of their four MotoGP riders. So the Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo replicas feature the Fiat-Yamaha color scheme, while those of Ben Spies and Colin Edwards received the Monster Tech3 Yamaha paintjobs.

But there’s actually much more to these bikes than just paint; there’s a small race kit, which includes:

  • Bike seat cover with the official team colors bearing the number of pilot
  • Pair of YEC racing levers
  • Replica helmet of the MotoGP rider whose race replica you’ve chosen (which can be signed by that rider was well)
  • Official Yamaha team shirt,
  • 2 paddock passes paddock at Le Mans for the Moto GP weekend
  • “Wild card” track day with Yamaha instructors
  • Certificate of authenticity and a plaque attached to specific authentication framework makes these machines truly unique.

Most importantly, the four Yamaha GP riders are the ones handing in the keys and that has probably the most to do with the fact that only the Colin Edwards replica is still available despite the €16,990 price tag, $1,000 more than what Europeans would pay for a standard R1.

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As the pictures show, the Slidescooter isn’t what you might call a technology marvel, but a simple and innovative mean to have fun and even commute if necessary. Based on the idea that no road should be

Slidescooter: winter riding with no boundaries

unpracticable during winter and no beach left unexplored during summer, the Slidescooter features a bolt on front ski and 300 screws in the rear tire, but apart from that it is a regular 50cc scooter.

In fact, RiminiMoto’s product can be fitted on all regular scooters and the fact that you can simply spend $650 on a kit and revive the old two-stroke beastie is what makes it so great.

The ski that makes it suitable for winter riding is called a front track and there are six different ones available so that you can choose the one that suits your riding style best. Furthermore, the professionals are in for an all-carbon version.

Already caught up by the idea? That means you’re definitely a scooter guy so I shouldn’t mention that we recommend fitting an aftermarket silencer as well in order to squeeze a precious horse, maximum two, out of the small engine because you’ve most likely already done that, but I’ve said it anyway.

The Italians behind this project have also made a video in order to promote their Slidescooters, but I reckon these things have no problems in promoting themselves.

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Triumph’s ground-breaking Daytona 675 has not only received global recognition for its performance on the road, but also for its outstanding ability on the race track. To further support this exceptional track ability, Triumph has launched a new Racing Support Programme, which is now further complemented by the launch of a new range of Triumph Genuine Race Parts. Devel Devel oped in-house and in collaboration with Paul Young Racing, these parts have been designed to give significant improvements (...)

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