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The Catalan Grand Prix was a shot of adrenaline for the entire Fiat Yamaha Team as racers Lorenzo and Rossi fought for the first place on the podium. In the end, Rossi ended up drinking the winner’s champagne while Lorenzo came in second and Stoner third.

This has to be the greatest race of the season so far!

Get the detailed results and see the video after the break.

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It’s always nice to see comebacks in the motorcycle industry, especially for fans of the different brands. In what Norton is concerned, although they’ll most likely never reach their former glory, the modern interpretation of their mid 1990s racer is enough to provide the industry with an accurate impression of how advanced the technology implemented in this model was for its time. And with performance data comparable to that of modern supersport models, we reckon the Brits have little catching up to do.

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The MotoCzysz E1pc has been finalized, photographed and it is now ready for the TTXGP electric motorcycle race at Isle of Man. The pictures reveal the fact that only 6 of the 10 battery packs are exposed (3 on each side) and that the bike uses an iPhone for a dash.

The final step of the building process leaves us with an opened mouth and the Brammo TTR with shaking wheels. Also referred to as the D1gi1al Superbike, this is one electric bike that the world of racing has long expected, the journalists speculated about and which only needs to get on the track in order to prove that it means business. June 12th 2009 will be the day of truth!

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The qualifying round of the 250cc MotoGP race in Mugello saw Honda rider Raffaele de Rosa losing almost total control of his motorcycle after being thrown from the seat. We say almost because what looked like a serious crash transformed in one of the best motorcycle saves caught on tape in a while, if not THE best. The race rider remains calm, continuing to maneuver his bike after being hit two times in the chest and manages to get back on the seat after even missing the footrest once. Unbelievable!

See the video after the break.

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This year’s TT Isle of Man edition, the most famous road race in the world, is scheduled to start on Saturday, May 30th and will end on Friday, June 12th. Although this promotional video doesn’t mention that, it does show the most beautiful moments filmed during last year’s edition and throughout history.

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Motorcycle design guru Oberdan Bezzi has recently come up with a racing motorcycle concept inspired from the MotoGP and yet destined to the motorcycle shows floors. The Jarno bike pays a tribute to Jarno Saarinen, a racer for Benelli in the 350 and 500 GP who won two races on the circuit of Pesaro Villa Fastiggi in the 1970s.

Like most concepts, it shows off its maker’s potential without putting anything into practice.

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We’ve just spotted the unique opportunity (for your out there, of course) to get into drag racing. This here is a 7 sec 300+ horsepower turbo charged Kawasaki bracket racing bike and it is posted “for sale” on Youtube so if you were planning to go as a professional from the start, this is the perfect time to take action.

The video shows a few demo runs and also the owner’s phone number and e-mail in case you’re interested.

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