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It takes a single look at the GP racing concept bikes designed by Art Center College of Design student Jeremy D’Ambrosio to know that they’re in for some serious controversy. To begin with, they all feature leading arm front suspension and tubular aluminum cradle frames in their creator’s attempt to get rid of the patterns.

But wait to hear the interesting part: Jeremy has thought at a 250cc, four-cylinder, vertically opposed engine and even at a two-stroke engine for a special class. Hit the jumps to read the designer’s statement on the 250GP concept bikes.

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The Swiss specialists from Suter Racing have teamed up with Italian builder Paton to launch on the market a MotoGP bike powered by a two-stroke V4 engine.

Suter Racing is highly experienced in building racing prototypes and they have even participated at the 2007 MotoGP World Championship with the Ilmor X3 prototype. Now, the Swiss are preparing their debut in the Moto2 championship with a new prototype. At the base of the company is Eskil Suter, an ex-Grand Prix pilot in the 250 and 500cc classes.

The Suter SRT 500 prototype was presented at Milano with the occasion of the 2009 EICMA show. The chassis is similar to that used on the Ilmor X3 and it is part of a real MotoGP bike that weighs 125 kg/ 275.5 lbs and benefits of precisely 200 hp developed by the two-stroke V4 of 500cc.

Suter says he went along with this project because "there was never really a proper 500cc V4 two-stroke people could buy," and they turned out with a prototype that “makes a MotoGP bike feel like a tractor."

Starting at $74,345, the SRT 500 V4 isn’t exactly for anyone, but it’s three times cheaper than any MotoGP bike. Still, customers are offered the possibility to add parts such as carbon rims, SBK forks and a titan exhaust system, raising the price to as much as $134,000.

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The SEMA Show in Las Vegas is all about standing out from the crowd in a way or another and the 2009 edition turned out to be the ideal occasion for Azhar Hussain, TTXGP founder, to officially unveil the TTX02 electric racebike.

This is the 2010 production version of the exact same bike that won the 2009 TTXGP Isle of Man Electric Motorcycle TT race and it is powered by twin Agni 95 electric motors providing a great deal of torque just above idle and little under 100 horsepower at full blast. Energy (11 kWh) is supplied by three lithium ion battery packs and everything is housed in a KTM RC8 chassis, a good choice considering that the TTX02 is a 130 mph supersport motorcycle.

At least that is what we consider it to be (according to the official claims, of course), but Hussain refers to the TTX02 as being a "laptop on wheels." That is mainly due to the fact that each machine features a dash-mounted computer that runs on Linux, comes with its own dedicated IP address, on-board web server and connectivity to wireless networks, just to start your interest. For more information watch the two videos of the bike’s launch that we attached after the break or go to

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Having signed with Tech 3 Yamaha for 2010, Ben Spies will run his very first Yamaha MotoGP bike at Valencia during the final round of the MotoGP World Championship and his new team has just come up with this absolutely superb Sterilgarda paintjob for the occasion.

Spies won the 2009 World Superbike Championship for Yamaha, while his best result in MotoGP is a 6th place at Indianapolis in 2008, when he was racing for Suzuki.

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In 1993, John Britten, a very ingenious engineer from New Zeeland came up with the Britten V1000. This was a 999cc racing motorcycle weighing 304 pounds (138 kg) and capable of reaching speeds in excess of 187.5 mph (300 km/h). While this information alone is impressive for the period, the amazing part is that Britten built the V1000 by himself in his garage.

Britten’s innovative ideas brought him the joy of seeing his creation competing against Japanese and European racing bikes of the time and actually winning. Sadly, he died of a vicious strain of malignant cancer just 3 years after completing the bikes, and the technology died with him. Considering that the Britten V1000 was ranked 6th Greatest Ever Motorbike in a Discovery TV show, we have reasons to believe that the motorcycle industry could have had a significant contribution from the respective direction.

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The past weekend’s race at Sepang in Malaysia was entirely dominated by Casey Stoner, who obtained his second consecutive win since returning in the championship. Second place was adjudicated by Dani Pedrosa, but the most important place in this equation is the third, obtained by Valentino Rossi and which brings the Italian MotoGP star the seventh world title in the premier class and the ninth world championship overall. Congratulations!

Race results are attached after the jump.

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The Autodromo do Parkalgar in Portimao, Portugal will show a statue of a victorious Craig Jones at the entrance now that the track’s owner Paulo Pinheiro has unveiled the provisional statue. This will be replaced by one made of stone in the near future to pay a tribute to the British rider who lost his life in an accident during the World Supersport round at Brands Hatch last season. Jones was competing for Parkalgar Honda.

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During the last lap of the 2009 Australian GP, Casey Stoner – who had to withstand pressure from Valentino Rossi – achieved this amazing slide that we can’t get enough of.

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For the third consecutive year, Casey Stoner won the Australian GP held at Phillip Island. Arriving 2 seconds behind the Ducati Marlboro Team rider, Valentino Rossi occupied second place, while Dani Pedrosa came in third. With Jorge Lorenzo out, Rossi now managed to set itself 38 points ahead of his teammate in the championship.

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