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Troy Corser left his S1000RR Superbike in favor of Nick Heidfeld’s F1 car, for a test run on the Nürburgring track. The swap was found interesting by both BMW pilots, but we understand that Corser had a 500bhp advantage, which is nothing to be neglected.

Although the BMW Sauber F1 car puts down 700bhp and the BMW S1000RR Superbike disposes of 200bhp, the bike is still the one catching the most of our attention simply because Superbike racing is much more spectacular than F1 racing.

See the video and what the pilots have to say about this interesting swap after the break.

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Buell has prepped up a racing version of the 1125R to compete (ONLY in the hands of licensed professional road racers) with Japanese and Italian liter bikes in the AMA Pro Racing American Superbike class. The move is one that the motorcycling world had been expecting, given the fact that Buell flirted with racing in the past, but the 1125RR is an entirely new turn-key machine for privateers willing to pay the $40 grand price.

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North Carolina Ducati dealer Hattar Motorsports came up with this Martini Racing paintjob for the 1098S model.

Although drinking and riding isn’t something that we recommend, we have to admit that the Martini Racing livery looks just like the right ‘detail’ if planning to make the Ducati 1098S stand out even more than it already does with the usual paint schemes.

If taking this amazing looking motorcycle on the race track, it will surely be confused with a veritable racer (which it isn’t far from being, by the way).

We were wondering when the Martini Racing colors could find their place on a motorcycle because we’ve seen plenty of championship-winning race cars showing it ever since 1968. There could be no better choice than this specific Ducati model.

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Dani Pedrosa obtained a well-deserved victory at Mazda Raceways Laguna Seca this weekend, after more than a year away from the highest position of the podium. He managed to keep Valentino Rossi behind while ’the doctor’ was about to pass him on the last straight. A few more laps and Rossi could have take the win. A fantastic race for Pedrosa.

See the race results after the break.

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The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) is creating a new race series for electric motorcycles starting 2010. The news comes after the recent success of the world’s first zero-emissions motorcycle race at the Isle of Man and the two are seriously connected because the man behind this project, which will be part of the Road Racing Grand Prix Commission, is Azhar Hussain, organizer and founder of the TTXGP.

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Italy’s “red” motorcycle and car manufacturers will compete in a winner-takes-all race on July 13th at the Ducs Fly South track day at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

The event is Ducati’s major for the summer and the most interesting part of it goes like this: Universal Autosports staff will pilot three Ferrari Challenge cars around the track and see which one obtains the best lap time. Immediately following the hot lap competition, professional Ducati instructors and racers will compete in an identical way on Ducati motorcycles.

The best of the best Ferrari Challenge driver and Ducati rider will go head-to-head and, hopefully, offer an answer to the old car vs. motorcycle dilemma.

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This video shows an unbelievable towards impossible motorcycle save achieved by AMA Superbike racer Jamie Hacking. What is definitely a scene that will remain in the archives of racing as the “greatest save of all times” happened while the American rider came out a high-speed corner on his Kawasaki ZX-10R and suddenly the bike lost traction of the rear tire.

Despite ending up scrapping the floor at over 120mph, Hacking somehow managed to hold on to the handlebar and the bike miraculously saved the day. The racer ended up finishing the race on a decent podium position (you sure know which that is).

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