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After celebrating 20 years from the fall of the Berlin wall in his characteristic style, freestyle rider Julien Dupont rode his trial bike on the crowded streets of Mexico City as part of his “Ride the World” video series and taught commuters a lesson about the endless benefits of riding a motorcycle instead of driving a car at the cost of the poor people’s own windshields. I believe “carajo!” was the main reaction he generated.

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In one of the latest Bajaj video ads, two apparently calm girls but who have clearly seen The Matrix a couple of times engage in a serious fight immediately after barely hearing the exhaust noise of the Indian manufacturer’s latest motorcycle model, the DTS-i. We find the video rather long, but very amusing as well.

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To celebrate 20 years from the fall of the Berlin wall, French freestyle rider Julien Dupont takes on Berlin and ads another episode to his “Ride the World” series of illegal urban activities that we like so much.

Backed up by a professional team, Dupont’s Berlin ride is for the freedom symbolized by the fall of the wall in Berlin.

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Remember one of last year’s greatest concept motorcycles shaped like a Jaguar ? Well, it is now a dream come true for interior designer Barend Hemmes and Massow Concept Cycles, the company that created it.

Not as fast as a big cat (listed top speed is of only 50mph) and yet offering a very aggressive riding position, this is the kind of bike you spend more time next to than onto. Still, it is the best indicator that we’ll be seeing more and more such motorcycles hitting the streets as a new project called Bull Bike is already in the works. See video after the break.

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Mad Stu is a Medical Despatch Rider who has developed his own techniques for riding his BMW K1100 LT motorcycle on ice and snow during the winter. He has the kindness to share his experience with us in the attached video. He apparently uses the same tires as during the summer and he only lowers the pressure inside them for more grip.

If you’re not needed to ride on snow and ice, well don’t, but if you do this video will sure prove helpful.

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Having celebrated International Female Ride Day in 2009 with events in Milwaukee and New York City, drawing hundreds of women riders from miles around, Harley-Davidson has come up with a video from the rides and interviews with some of the women riders that took part at the event.

In the upcoming year, women riders will again be celebrated the entire month of May, with a culmination of events in Milwaukee, Wis. on May 22-23. More information can be found on the women riders section of the official HD website, where registrations will also be made next year.

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You may have already heard of Tron Legacy and got a glimpse at the digital world’s sportsbikes, the lightcycles, but Disney Interactive Studios have recently announced they will also release a video game inspired from the movie even before Tron Legacy will arrive in theaters. Called Tron Evolution, the game offers players the possibility to get their own character on a lightcycle and defy the laws of physics.

With the game scheduled for release these Holydays there couldn’t be a better time for the introduction of a new kind of joystick fun. See the video after the jump.

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Looking at this picture most people will say “I don’t need to wear my glasses to see what’s happening there,” but the fact is that this looks like a very skillful dog at his best. And like all rebel riders, he gave his helmet to the passenger rather than wear it himself.

This reminds me of…

Men's best friend rides too

but let’s better leave the touchy subject to the actual guys involved.

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Nine-time World MotoGP Champion Valentino Rossi has organized the Motocross dei Campioni event at Cavallara in Italy and participated at the charity run in order to raise funds and help treat children suffering of leukaemia at a hospital in Pesaro, Italy.

The event gathered more than 10.000 people, among which Andrea Dovizioso, Julian Simon, Marco Simoncelli, Loris Capriossi and Marco Melandri were the other names associated with motorcycle racing.

Looks like The Doctor is no stranger to dirt riding either, as the attached video shows.

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BMW has hooked up their professional stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer with a special pair of wheels for winter activities. Actually, improper said wheels as this BMW G 450 X was specially modified for winter riding and now features a front ski and a snowmobile-like track at the back for perfect grip. As you can see in the attached video, the "snowcat" is not so easy to ride and the three times stunt riding world champion even happens to meet the snow once, although we reckon he did that just for fun.

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