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Rizla Suzuki

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Rizla Suzuki has today released the first pics of the 2010 GSV-R, the 800cc MotoGP racing bike that will be ridden by Loris Capirossi and Alvaro Bautista in the upcoming season. The bike will again distinguish thanks to the dominating Blue with RIZLA written on each side.

Althought the bike doesn’t look much different from the 2009 model, the team claims their fourth generation model is better from all points of view: acceleration, aerodynamics, chassis and electronics. Still the V4 copes with engine restrictions implemented into this year’s championship, meaning Suzuki will only supply 6 engines for all 18 races.

While it is nice seeing that reliability is also taken into concern, what happened to “the best race engine is the one that ceases right after passing the finish line”?

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Suzuki presents today a dream come true: the Limited Edition MotoGP inspired Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Riders longing to look like Capirossi and Vermeulen must know that Suzuki has made this new limited edition GSX-R1000 available in special blue color, exactly like the one of the Suzuki GSV-R. Their strategy is to allow Loris Capirossi and Chris Vermeulen, as well as the team’s fans, to take to the road a GP-inspired colored version of one of the best track racing bikes ever made.

A number of exactly 800 lucky future owners from Australia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, South Africa, UK, Spain and other countries will be riding this racing bike with headlight. On top of the 2008 Grand Prix base colour, a set of both Capirossi and Vermeulen graphics is also available in some markets.

For more information click here and go to your local site.

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So you’ve watched a little bit of racing, “cried to mommy” and she made the mistake of buying you a super sport Suzuki? By now you probably believe that you are as appropriate as you can be to a Rizla Suzuki racing rider, but take a listen to Chris Vermeulen here and also do a quick search for riding gear if not willing to increase the numbers of deaths occurred while riding on the streets as if you are on a race track.

If any of you guys who just ask “how do you pop up wheelies?” before first riding a motorcycle would take the time and watch such videos, the streets would be a safer place for you and us.

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Justin Veivers is a regular presenter on Australia’s Channel 7 network and has more than 20 years experience in all areas of TV and Radio. He is also responsible for Chris Vermeulen’s PR activities in Australia and for the content of the Rizla Suzuki MotoGP star’s website. Now Justin’s expertise is on offer to you in an exclusive interview with Vermeulen, his fitness trainer Rob Crick and Suzuki’s Team Physio Dean Miller. The four discuss how the new brand of MotoGP stars are making their own (...)

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