Road Star Silverado

Road Star Silverado

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The Star Motorcycle Road Star Silverado S is packed with a 102-cubic-inch (1670cc) air-cooled, pushrod OHV 48-degree V-twin which cranks out enough torque to keep your adrenaline level high. A computer-controlled fuel injection monitors multiple engine parameters and calculates which is the best mix to keep the bike’s performances high at any time.

Power is sent to the rear wheel by means of a smooth-shifting transmission which delivers adequate cruising performance with low rpm at highway speeds. The engine can be started by means of an electric starting system which features solenoid-activated auto-decompressor.

The long 66.5-inch wheelbase not only creates a long and low retro profile, but also gives the bike a better balanced while riding.

The telescopic 43mm front forks with stainless-steel covers and 5.5 inches of travel stylishly smooth out the bumps. Out-of-sight link-type, preload-adjustable rear shock provides 4.3 inches of wheel travel for great handling and a plush ride.

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The Road Star S is one of the best looking bikes in its class and features chrome forks, fork covers, fork clamp, switch housings, and brake/clutch levers as well as stainless steel braided throttle and clutch cables.

To increase performance, the bike comes with electronic fuel injection which provides easy cold starting and flawless fuel delivery in any conditions.

At the heart of the Star Motorcycle Road Star S lies a 102-cubic-inch (1670cc) V-twin engine mounted on a long and low hardtail-look frame. The engine offers an estimated fuel consumption of 36 mpg.

The ride quality is assured by front telescopic 43mm front forks with stainless-steel covers and 5.5 inches of travel, while out back there is a preload-adjustable rear shock which provides 4.3 inches of wheel travel.

The bike is equipped with 16-inch cast wheels shod with tubeless tires fitted with dual 298mm front disc brakes with four-piston calipers and a 320mm single rear disc.

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Looking good has nothing to do what kind of clothes you wear when you’re riding a cruiser bike. All the attention is paid to the machine, lest you forget. So much so that picking the right one to own is about as difficult a task as any hardcore biker will have.

Fortunately, Yamaha wants to make that choice easier with the Road Star S , a full-fledged cruiser bike that provides a complete check-list of stunning good looks, superior handling, and most of all, uncompromising power.

Talking about power, the Road Star S is a true heavyweight in every sense of the word, boasting of a 1,670cc air-cooled 48° V-twin engine that has an overflowing number of horses and muscle on tap. It’s also easy on the eyes courtesy of all the classic chrome hardware and details, making for a bike that looks as good as it’s steely and imposing profile suggests.

Nobody said that cruisers come in simple packages; the Yamaha Road Star S is proof of that.

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The Yamaha Road Star Silverado S is a cruiser savant, having established a name in the industry as one of the best tourers on the market. That’s why it’s not rocket science that the 2011 model of this monstrous beast comes with plenty of the old features that made it stand out while also featuring some new elements that take the riding experience to a whole new level.

The Road Star Silverado S offers a combination of chromed-up looks with sporty handling and unbelievable performance. Every bike enthusiast on the market will look at these three elements on their checklist for a new cruiser and the Road Star Silverado S offers them in upstanding fashion.

The bike looks like a monster on wheels, and when unleashed out on the open road, it’s a definite eye-catcher. Add that to an engine that displaces 1,670cc and a chassis and suspension set-up that are second to none, and you have a cruiser that separates itself from the rest of the field.

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The 2010 Star Road Star Silverado and Silverado S are ready for the long haul and don’t mind letting everyone notice this fact. Packed with floating floorboards, a tall windscreen passenger backrest as well as with hard-shell sidebags, the Silverados are comfortable and offer plenty loading capacity.

And the extra load is properly dealed with loads of torque and a harmonious rumble provided by the 102-cubic-inch V-twin engine powering the two cruisers.

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