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French motorcycle accessories producer S2 Concept has created an aftermarket GT kit for the Suzuki Gladius. This addresses to those willing to enhance the touring capabilities of the Japanese naked bike by significantly improving wind protection.

Characterized by aggressive design blending perfectly in with that of the Gladius, the kit is composed mainly from a half-fairing and windscreen, which are mounted using a 3-piece aluminum mount, but you also get a cooler aluminum dash to fit the sport-touring scenario.

S2 also produces other aftermarket Gladius parts such as engine spoiler, undertail, plate holder, screens of various sizes, LED stoplights and integrated signal lights as well as rear fender and many others.

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Ducati launched the new Monster 1100 and the 1100S version in a smart move that increased the Monster lineup to three members (if you count the Monster 696 ), each one offering a new kind of excitement. This was the first out of ten new models that Ducati announced to launch until 2010.

The TopSpeed team counts more than a few Ducati fans and we simply couldn’t abstain ourselves from seeing what the big Monsters are up to this year. Check them out.

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Ducati can say they’ve introduced their latest generation middleweight Monster with the 696 not more than a year ago, but there are always founds ways to upgrade the nimble Italian legend and for 2010 they offer optional ABS. So it was about time to reconnect with the Monster’s versatile character in order to come up with a report and the fact that the 2010 model year is a very light and powerful naked only spices things up a little bit.

Retaining the very essence of a Monster, the 696 blends beauty with comfort and practicability. The result is an overall better performing and more attractive looking Italian naked with a famous name that is better than any possible commercial.

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2010 Triumph Speed Triple SE unveils new logo

This might look like a subtle way to modify the Triumph Speed Triple , but it is actually a production special edition model that the British motorcycle company created and on which a new logo is being introduced. The bike will go on sale in Italy this summer and while technically it is unchanged from the standard Speed Triple , visually it is a whole different story. To begin with, the matte olive drab color gives it that serious appearance and another thing you’ll notice is the different "Triumph" and "Speed Triple" lettering.

This means Triumph gets rid of their traditional logo with the swoopy R in the subtle attempt to approach things in a more modern way and this particular Speed Triple SE shows precisely this. The bike now still looks aggressive and powerful but quite honestly we thing Triumph did just what they thought a customer would ask his tuner to turn his Speed Triple into (visually, of course) and we like it…a lot.

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American freestyle rider and daredevil Seth Enslow is now the new record holder for the world’s longest jump on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle after jumping an impressive 183.7 feet (56m) at Sydney’s Barangaroo. This sets his jump 18 feet (5,4m) further than his predecessor’s (Bubba Blackwell) record.

But there’s also a funny part about this event. Because the viewing media missed the first jump, Enslow had to take the jump twice and that’s when he smashed his family jewels so hard on the gas tank that it managed to crack the paint. He was fine in the end, but we reckon he won’t have any grandkids to tell his tales to.

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Triumph revamps the 2010 Bonneville lineup for the model’s 50th anniversary and we dare saying from the very beginning that it is their best one yet. The facts backing this affirmation up consist in both the presence of a fuel injection system for the legendary powerplant as well as that of three different models apart from the T100 one.

Although the British motorcycle manufacturer was keen on retaining the original 1960s look of the Bonneville, the standard and SE models are both modern interpretations of their old timer’s sibling and, of course, they feature the same engine.

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Triumph is aware of the fact that it just isn’t enough to be part of the world’s motorcycle history so they reinvent themselves creating and then carrying on manufacturing unique motorcycles such as the Speed Triple. If some of those models end up determining the creation of other ones, which is definitely the case here (just check out the Street Triple ), it means there’s great demand in that sector and it is also very likely for that first bike to stick around for more action. The 2010 Triumph Speed Triple does so and with not many changes to set it apart from the previous model year. So let’s see what Triumph is betting it will sell their bike.

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Triumph built their reputation with a unique style and innovative ways of obtaining the most performance and benefits from their bikes and the 2010 Street Triple and Street Triple R models reflect their urban sports category best. On one hand, they have the base Street Triple model, which is technically unchanged for 2010 and on the other hand there is the Street Triple R. This last was introduced last year for riders who simply cannot comply with the idea of riding a standard model and life on board does indeed get a little better on it.

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British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph has just released a video showing their 2010 models in action just so that they get our juice flowing ahead of the new motorcycle riding season. Most of their 2010 bikes are being produced with little modifications and only get new colors as Triumph, like most other bike manufacturers, likes to play it safe until the global economy starts spinning its wheels more rapidly.

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While Kawasaki discontinued their 1990s Zephyr 1100, the bike remains popular among those with an affinity for large-displacement nakeds and it even got a 2010 makeover from the Japanese tuner Moriwaki. The bike looks gorgeous with the dark blue/yellow color scheme, but this is one of those cases when the “more than meets the eye” part is what really makes all the difference.

This thing is powered by a big bore 1258cc inline-four engine breathing out through a hand made exhaust system and developing a decent 110bhp. While bringing in a new clutch and suspension, Moriwaki also fitted their latest idea for a Kawi Zephyr with a computer designed, aluminum alloy swingarm in order to stiffen up the rear end as well as make possible the use of a 180 section rear wheel and tire.

Is it just us or this is the best looking Kawasaki Zephyr around?

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