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You can’t entirely say what’s not perfect with a bike until it ends up in the hands of tuning specialists and they strengthen its weak points in the very often successful attempt of making the best better. This is exactly the case of the Storz XR1200 based on Harley’s flat-track style road bike.

Steve Storz, founder and boss of Storz Performance, who worked at this project, told MCN: “The XR1200 is decent bike in its stock form, but in my opinion it needs help in two areas: suspension and overall weight."

So the H-D specialist concentrated on upgrading the bike using lighter parts mainly on the chassis and bodywork sides. The suspension, wheels, brakes, exhaust, handlebars and seat unit are anything but standard parts as the bike gets Storz/Ceriani Inverted fork, YSS piggyback shocks, wire spoke wheels with alloy rims and billet hubs, chain drive conversion kit and solo seat tail section, just to mention some of its most important tuning features. The bike also features lowered clip-ons handlebars and a billet alloy footrest and gearlever kit. Overall weight was reduced by approximately 33 lbs (14.9kg), so I guess this is a truly accomplished mission.

What we like most about the Storz Performance XR1200 is the fact that without any engine upgrade or mod, it really turns into a much greater overall performer.

Source: MCN
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The Hayabusa-derived Suzuki B-King was never meant to be practical and the pillions always complained about back pain during longer journeys, so it is good to know that someone thought at somehow solving these two problems and creating more others. A French company called D.J. Construction has created the DJ Sport B-King sidecar, which is nothing more than a detuned B-King (106-horsepower) with a modified front end (that yellow shock is actually an expensive Öhlins part) and a rather aerodynamic and yet comfortable rig.

The friends at MotoMag in France actually got the chance to ride this strange combination and their impressions are not bad at all, although they do mention the DJ Sport Suzuki B-King sidecar enjoys turning right more than it does turning left. Now why would that be…?

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In what concerns middleweight streetfighter bikes, a powerful and smooth operating engine, comfortable ergonomics and light handling are all qualities that manage to do the trick each and every time. So what could have possibly been Kawasaki doing to the ER-6n that they ended up delivering such a versatile, aggressive looking and awesome performing motorcycle that it even ended up on the American market? Honestly, quite a lot.

The series of modifications improved almost every aspect of the light and attractive Kawi bike so that the highest demands would be easily met and so far it didn’t disappoint. Furthermore, the 2010 model year gets a lowered seat from 30.9 inches to 29.7 inches, making this an even more appropriate choice for beginning riders who need to be steady on their feet.

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The MV Agusta Brutale was Italy’s best naked motorcycle so far, but it now has to make room for an improved version of itself, the Tamborini Corse T1. The custom bike wears the Massimo Tamburini fingerprint as his son Andrea is the man behind this project. That being mentioned, we can already start thinking at an infinite number of features making this motorcycle exquisite, but apart from the obvious carbon fiber and aluminum parts, there haven’t yet been mentioned the upgrades that make the Italian bike so great.

Bikers can either buy the custom Tamborini Corse T1 (the price hasn’t yet been mentioned) as a ready-to-ride motorcycle or transform the Brutale and F4 from MV Agusta as well as the Ducati 1198 superbike and naked Monster into what they see in the pictures using restyling kits and hop-up parts offered by Tamborini Corse. Click past the break for more pics.

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When you’re not satisfied with what a motorcycle company is selling to you, but you’re such a big fan and cannot head in the opposite direction, you start taking things into your own hands and out of your pockets. This is exactly what Tony Hartfield did when noticing that the Triumph Street Triple R isn’t quite the performance machine he was expecting when he bought it. So he then headed towards a new 2009 Triumph Daytona 675 (Street Triple R’s original source of inspiration) and built his own idea of a high-performance naked.

Tony retained the 126bhp Daytona 675 motor, which has around 20hp more than the Street Triple, but modified the Daytona chassis in order to fit it with Speed Triple handlebars as well as with Street Triple indicators and headlights. Other upgrades include Giles rear sets, Pazzo levers and Galfer wavey discs front and rear.

Having completed the project, Tony told MCN: "I reckon what I have is what the Triple R should have been." And he may very well be right.

Source: MCN
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After teasing us with pictures showing only the noses of both the 2010 FZ8 and FZ8 Fazer models and the motorcycle press getting their hands on more than just a few leaked pictures yesterday, Yamaha has decided to release a single full picture of the all-new FZ8.

Looking at it, it’s easy to see that the model supposed to replace the FZ6 is actually derived from this last’s bigger brother, the FZ1 . Considering that the 1000cc bike produces 150hp, the new middleweight one should brag about around 120hp. We can only be certain of that this summer, when Yamaha will unveil the naked FZ8 and the half-faired Fazer 800.

Source: MCN
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Very often, those who plan to start riding can already imagine themselves dressed in bad boy leathers and so on, but you really need an appropriate bike to fulfill that dream and a bell should ring when hearing about the Unicorn concept that Honda has recently unveiled at the Auto Expo 2010 in India.

Although we would imagine something…different when reading the fancy name, the Honda Unicorn Sports Concept is anything but disappointing for the average rider in India. This should be thrilled by the 150cc engine, exciting new front cowl, stunning rear tail lamp, attractive tank shrouds, rear disc brake, spilit grab rail and dual tone styling, which are just few of the exciting features. These will most likely be found on the production version as well.

Hmm, so I guess we can say the 2010 Honda Unicorn will be a rider’s shortest trip from bad boy to funky.

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Although it looks like a slightly heavier downhill bicycle, Hirsch Design’s Comoto will probably be the world’s lightest production motorcycle later this year when it will be officially launched.

A unique idea for an electric motorcycle, the 2010 Comoto weighs an impressive 53 kg (116.8 lbs), relies on a 72V 20ah lithium ion phosphate battery to keep it lively and even features 6061-T6 alloy aircraft aluminum sheet metal as well as other high intensity components, making it not only very light, but also thrust-worthy to ride.

A world record or not, the Comoto will definitely see its way on the market as a green short-distance commuting motorcycle. Nice!

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This is one not-so-lucky rider approaching a curve a little bit too fast and who instead of simply leaning the bike more, decides to brake. The bike engages into a highside and the rider tumbles onto and over the guardrail. This would be the “not-so..” part. The lucky part is that the rider wasn’t hurt and was even able to ride his Triumph naked motorcycle home.

Keep in mind that the bike goes towards the place you’re looking at and in this case it should have been the other end of the corner, not the edge of the precipice. Ride safe!

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At last year’s end, the world had witnessed the first ever Harley successful backflip achieved on a modified XR1200 by our favorite Australians. While that premier was already impressive, the Aussies are now exploiting the bike’s full stunting potential and have recently established an unofficial world record for the world’s longest Harley jump, 157.6 feet. Also, they got their hands on a HD Sportster 883 and started looping it around in the globe of death, so it’s one crazy idea after the other in the minds of those who have turned the XR1200 into a record-breaking machine. Videos are attached after the jump.

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