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Although it looks like a slightly heavier downhill bicycle, Hirsch Design’s Comoto will probably be the world’s lightest production motorcycle later this year when it will be officially launched.

A unique idea for an electric motorcycle, the 2010 Comoto weighs an impressive 53 kg (116.8 lbs), relies on a 72V 20ah lithium ion phosphate battery to keep it lively and even features 6061-T6 alloy aircraft aluminum sheet metal as well as other high intensity components, making it not only very light, but also thrust-worthy to ride.

A world record or not, the Comoto will definitely see its way on the market as a green short-distance commuting motorcycle. Nice!

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This is one not-so-lucky rider approaching a curve a little bit too fast and who instead of simply leaning the bike more, decides to brake. The bike engages into a highside and the rider tumbles onto and over the guardrail. This would be the “not-so..” part. The lucky part is that the rider wasn’t hurt and was even able to ride his Triumph naked motorcycle home.

Keep in mind that the bike goes towards the place you’re looking at and in this case it should have been the other end of the corner, not the edge of the precipice. Ride safe!

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At last year’s end, the world had witnessed the first ever Harley successful backflip achieved on a modified XR1200 by our favorite Australians. While that premier was already impressive, the Aussies are now exploiting the bike’s full stunting potential and have recently established an unofficial world record for the world’s longest Harley jump, 157.6 feet. Also, they got their hands on a HD Sportster 883 and started looping it around in the globe of death, so it’s one crazy idea after the other in the minds of those who have turned the XR1200 into a record-breaking machine. Videos are attached after the jump.

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With the motorcycle industry’s never ending progress as a result of new, more advanced technologies it is sometimes nice to just lay back and enjoy an awesome idea for a picture such as this one right here. It shows a 1908 Indian motorcycle and a 2008 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol racing bike. Obviously, the progress the world has witnessed in the past 100 years has been amazing, so the question just pops: what we’ll be riding when this Honda will occupy the Indian’s place in this picture?

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The Triumph Bonneville needs no presentation whatsoever as it is surely the symbol of the British motorcycle industry, but we can definitely change a few words about this Triumph Bonneville bobber concept that we recently came across while searching for aftermarket parts to fit on a stock 2009 model. Belonging to Dan Anderson, an Australian industrial designer, the Bonnie concept attracted our attention for representing a complete change of style without too much work. To begin with, the frame suffers no modifications whatsoever and apart from the fact that both exhaust pipes run on the same side, you won’t spot any changes in the engine department either.

It is all about the visual impact and this is enhanced by the bobbed rear fender and truncated seat pan, not to mention the dropped bars and bobber rubber. We’re struggling to spot more differences, so help us out if you have a trained eye when it comes to Bonnies. Still, a bikini fairing would have been nice as well, but those who want to go the whole way will surely be inspired by this .

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Now that winter has demanded its rights, Italian bloggers from Triumph che passione thought at a way for bikers to keep on frenetically rolling down the throttle of their Triumph Street Triple 675 motorcycles and the best idea came to life with the help of photoshop.

Called Triumph Street Triple Trimotard, this winter edition of the great British bike has a caterpillar track instead of a rear wheel and spikes on the front tire. They’ve also modified the bodywork to match the new theme and we must admit that we do like the idea of having such a bike, but can’t say how much we would be able to ride it considering the low temperatures it’s meant to operate in. If this bike will ever turn into reality, it will definitely have to have heated grips and seat because we would really like to bring it up to its winter top speed.

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Honda has recently unveiled the latest member of their famous CB series, the CB Twister, a 110cc bike that will sell in India. With styling cues similar to those of the CB1000R , the entry-level executive bike is guaranteed to stand out, but the question is: will it stay true to its name when it comes to performance?

Powered by a 110 cc four stroke single cylinder engine, the all-new Honda CB Twister benefits of no less than 9bhp and 9 Nm and it is claimed to go 70 km with a single liter of gas, which makes it a money saver right from the start. But with features such as the Tubeless tires, maintenance free battery and viscous air filter element, the small roadster also raises the standards of its class.

Different versions are available and the color options are at least attractive, so read the press release after the jump for details.

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At first it might look like a tuner got its hands on the Moto Guzzi Griso 8V and raised the stakes in stylish naked motorcycles, but the fact is that the author of this gorgeous special edition model is the Italian manufacturer itself. The changes are simply too subtle: new Tenni Green or Rosso Mandello Red color schemes with a blacked-out powertrain, a stitched leather seat and spoked wheels featuring tubular tires.

In the engine department, revised cam profiles and fuel injectors as well as a larger airbox increase torque from 80 to 85 lb-ft, while the 1,151cc transverse v-twin still can’t brag about developing more than 110 hp. This sure sounds like poor performance for the average sportbike rider, but we will have to say that the Moto Guzzi Griso 8V SE doesn’t meet the full requirements to be a roadster, heading fast towards the performance cruiser category in its own Italian way. More pics and the official press release after the jump.

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US WW2 fighter, the P51 Mustang, has inspired German tuner LSL to create the Triumph Street Triple T-L675 Warbird. While we have to admit that this is what first started our interest regarding this bike, the 20 extra horsepower (a total of 115bhp), adjustable levers, GSX-R forks, Öhlins shock and Nissin brakes stand out as the proper means to back up the aggressive look, which in this case is enhanced by the new nose fairing.

This British motorcycle built by a bunch of Germans to look like an American war machine on two wheels has a paintjob that is reminiscent of the Mustang and even Bridgestone tires with a tread design based on tires of the P51’s landing gear. Overall weight is 190kg.

LSL plans to come up with a limited-edition run, which will have the 41mm Kayaba fork of the Street Triple R and cost $23,526. I wonder what the veterans think about this.

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We just came across this on eBay and started digging more into it only to find that we’re dealing with a 1973 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport completely restored by Combined Design. The rare piece of engineering is now called Cherry O due to the Candy Apple Red paintjob, but apart from that it’s as close to the original thing as you get. The bid starts at $5,988.88 so, with some luck, you’re in for a bargain.

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