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It may look like a bicycle from the next century and the fact is that it has all the benefits of the original two-wheeler, but the Grace E-motorbike features a CNC-aluminum frame, which is fitted with eurofighter and Formula One parts. This, together with the 1300 watt lithium ion-powered motor, allows the handmade mean of transportation to reach a top speed of 40 mph and keep on going for as little as 18 miles and as much as 31 miles. It takes one hour for the battery to charge and when it’s dead, riders can pedal their way home.

Still, the Grace should stay true to its name around the city and considering that it is made in the company’s Hanover, Germany shop, reliability isn’t something to worry about. Suddenly, we start looking with different eyes to the good old scooter or the newer Segway, but the first question that pops into mind when seeing this is how much will it cost and when we’ll be getting it. The company says the Grace will cost €5877 ($8742) when it ships in January. Sorry, I forgot to mention you should sit down before further reading.

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Benelli launches yet another bomb with their R160 Café Racer wearing the “TNT” initials. While the “bomb” range is already famous for its performance, the new model represents the apogee for the naked line of products of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli as this is the most powerful TNT model bragging with as much as 155 horsepower developed by the 1130 inline triple engine.

This, together with the bike’s aggressive design characterized by stylish lines and carbon fiber parts, makes the new Benelli quite a competitor for the Ducati Streetfighter .

Rumors say the thing will start at $17,000, but there’s no official word on that yet.

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While this Triumph Speed Triple SE might look like a standard model with a racy look achieved with the use of a flyscreen, seat cowl and a red/white stripe or red/black stripe color scheme, we would have to say that this show bike is actually meant to promote Triumph’s partnership with Ohlins.

The British Speed Triples will come with Swedish suspension components in 2010. The modified internals in the forks and shocks offer greater damping capabilities while the rear shock gains a five percent softer rear spring. The changes will reduce fork dive, offer greater suspension control and also stand for more comfortable rides.

Hmm, this is a rather facile way of upgrading an already great roadster and it doesn’t all fall in the hands of Triumph.

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Triumph and TAG Heuer have joined forces to create a unique motorcycle named “Bonneville Heuer”. The bike is inspired by Steve McQueen and the Porsche 917 K that he raced in the movie “Le Mans” while wearing the famous Gulf Oil Blue and Orange colors.

Enthusiasts waiting for us to mention the limited number of units scheduled for production and the very special price will most likely be disappointed to hear that there will be a single such motorcycle built and it will be used for promotional purposes.

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This picture shows Hollywood celeb and motorcycle enthusiast Angelina Jolie starring as Evelyn Salt and riding this beautiful Triumph Street Triple R . The character in cause is a CIA officer accused of being a Russian spy and who goes on the run to clear her name. We hope that the stylish British motorcycle helps and we won’t see it crashed in the movie.

Brad Pitt must be proud of having such a courageous wife, but I don’t believe she attended the “lose the paparazzi” test that her life partner recently failed .

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As we announced , Suzuki came to the 2009 Tokyo show with a mini version of the Gladius. Called Suzuki Gladius 400, this is simply powered by a smaller, 400cc version of the 650cc V-twin behind the affordable naked Japanese motorcycle currently selling with success in Europe. The new Gladius will also come with ABS and aims at the Japanese market too.

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Yamaha released five world premieres at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009 on October 21.

This Special Exhibition Model of the SR400 adopts a fuel-injected engine for outstanding environmental performance while maintaining its traditional lightweight, slim and compact design ideal plus the sense of pulse and the styling that have always defined the SR models. Also, a new retro-modern styled meter panel and newly designed side covers and Yamaha emblem add new touches of quality.

EC-f/EC-fs are electric commuter vehicles designed to make motorcycle riding easy and familiar for many people of all ages regardless of riding experience. They feature simplicity of operation that only an electric vehicle can provide, plus futuristic styling. Their ease of use, quietness and smoothness make riding a joy.

The EC-f features a color scheme accentuating its cleanness as a commuter vehicle, while the EC-fs coloring accentuate stylishness.

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Suzuki released BURGMAN FUEL CELL SCOOTER, GLADIUS400 ABS and BOULEVARD400 as its world premieres at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009 on October 21.

The fuel cell of BURGMAN FUEL CELL SCOOTER is air-cooled and concomitantly light, compact, and structurally simple. A 70MPa hydrogen tank (the highest-pressure tank used on a bike thus far) allows a usable riding range. And the tank is mounted within a robust frame for safety.

The Gladius 400 ABS is a stylish naked bike with a 400cm3 V-twin engine. It features a truss frame that combines rigidity with great looks. And its newly designed V-twin engine delivers plenty of power in a rider-friendly way.

The Boulevard 400 is a performance cruiser with aggressive bikini-cowled looks and a 400cm3 engine. Low, flowing body lines that give an unmistakable sense of performance are combined with inverted front forks and stylish cast wheels. The engine is a narrow-angle (45°), liquid-cooled V-twin with fuel injection.

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There has always been a special something about naked European motorcycles and the recently announced 2010 Moto Morini Corsaro 1200 Veloce is the Italian motorcycle manufacturer’s demonstration of power as veloce means high-speed in Italian. This tends to make the bike even more special and increase our interest regarding it.

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