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On October 13, Brian Wismann, the director of product development at Brammo Inc. and Dave Schiff of Crispin Porter Bugosky have started a road trip from Ann Arbor, MI to Washington, DC. Their goal for the ten-day journey is to raise awareness of electric bikes with Brammo’s Enertia model, which has a 42-mile range and needs four hours to fully charge its six lithium ion batteries.

Considering the 520 miles that need to be covered, the guys will have plenty of time to familiarize people with their $11,995 powercycle. Yes, it is damn expensive, but considering that it only consumes $4 worth of electricity (for the specified trip), it should pay itself back in time and, preferably, during shorter distances and implicit fewer stops (after all, we do live in the century of speed).

Speaking of power, the Brammo Enertia has a 13kW electric motor, which powers it to a top speed of 60 mph. I wonder what the President will think about it. Meanwhile click pass the break to check out the video or go to, where the entire journey is being chronicled.

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Now that Harley-Davidson is concentrating on its own brand after bringing Buell to a sad end of the road and planning to sell MV Agusta, we became even more interested in their future plans and came across a concept bike designed by Miguel Cotto. The interesting part about it is that, unlike the usual concept designs that we see nowadays, power comes from a high-revving 883cc engine claimed to retain the HD sound that drives bikers crazy about their bikes.

We like the hubless wheels and this concept HD motorcycle in general, but certainly can’t imagine a pack of highway wolfs getting their beards on this baby not even ten years from this day.

Source: yankodesign
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We’ve already covered the 2010 MV Agusta Brutale 990R and 1090RR , but can’t pass over this barely released technical video showing the most important details of the four-cylinder, four-stroke, 16-valve engine that achieved MV’s main goal for the 2010 Brutales – to meet Euro 4 regulations even if it meant sacrificing some of the previous generation’s horsepower and torque.

Source: youtube
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The Gpz 1100 was one of Kawasaki’s first sport-touring motorcycles, but there’s little left of this particular unit after ending up in the hands of custom motorcycle builder WrenchMonkees. Turned into a naked powered by now a 125 hp Gpz engine upgraded with an 1170cc Wiseco piston kit and featuring more tweaks than you would imagine, this might very well reflect how things get done in Denmark.

With sports wheels and suspensions, this roadster should know how to bring riders the most benefits from that powerful Japanese inline-four engine, so in the end it is all a matter of style, which is quite unique, especially if we look at the backend. This is contoured by the WM rearframe and characterized by a flat seat and custom back fender as well as by the LED taillight. Up front, there’s also a WM fender, while the fork wraps make it look like one of those Mad Max bikes. In between, there’s a stylish Zephyr fuel tank and a very enthusiastic rider. Please read the specs after the break.

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The original Honda Cub has to be one of the greatest motorcycles of all times simply because it was affordable, easy to maintain and very practical. That small motorcycle helped put the world on two wheels, so you can understand our joy of hearing that Honda is planning to revamp the extremely popular model. The biggest news about it is that it will have two-wheel drive and benefit of power coming from a small, electric engine, while the exterior design is reminiscent of that first late 1950s model.

2WD enhances traction and stability around corners, allowing riders to control the already highly maneuverable motorcycle with the greatest ease. This is not a Honda breakthrough as Yamaha Yamaha and KTM KTM have also flirted with the idea, but Big Red will present the EV-Cub at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show and it is expected to hit dealerships by the end of 2010.

Honda's EV-Cub brags about electric power and 2WD. Communications system is on the way

Honda also speaks about one of their latest gadgets called LOOP and supposed to enable riders to communicate with one another during long rides. This should make Honda’s stand even more interesting.

Source: gizmodo
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Turning a roadster into a racer might not be the easiest task, but it all comes down to the moment you start that engine and it speaks more aggressively to you than it ever did before. The bike in case here is a late 1970s Yamaha XS 500 now wearing the WrenchMonkees signature on it. This translates into an entirely rebuilt and custom painted engine to match the bodywork’s beautiful gray, WM stainless steel exhaust and muffler, which gives the bike its racy sound.

Light, compact and disposing of a fair amount of horsepower (approximately 45-50hp), the WrenchMonkees Yamaha XS 500 features Brembo brakes both front and rear, while the standard front suspension was kept and the stock swingarm now works closely together with two Gazi Gas rear shocks.

In the end, custom bikes are all about style and this one stands out mainly because of the WM tailunit and seat, while the clip-on’s, throttle grip and levers are all nice touches to have on a bike like this. We never thought a round metal plate behind a small headlight would look so good, but it does and shows attention to details and imagination along with it. We like it.

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Suzuki has created a 400cc version of their versatile entry-level naked bike, the Gladius . The new model will even feature ABS, despite the much smaller newly designed V-twin engine.

Suzuki will have this exposed at the next Tokyo Motor Show and the bike will then start being sold in Japan. If it comes to the US, it will probably turn into a hot seller, but there’s no word on that yet.

Source: globalsuzuki
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It seems the Kawasaki Z 750 B is a great bike to work on for Copenhagen-based custom builder WrenchMonkees as this is not the first time we write about their creations based on this particular Japanese bike. In this case, they choose bobber-like wheels as a first step in turning classic into custom while the unique rear frame and seat leave the unmistakable WM signature.

The original engine was kept, but it is now restored and covered in black heat resistant paint. It develops approximately 50 hp and breaths through K&N filters and WM megatron mufflers, this time not covered in exhaust heat wrap.

Clearly, style beats performance on this custom motorcycle and the final touch is given by the in-house rear fender and clean custom paint. Those small head and tail lights are supposed to make the wheels look even fatter and the thing is that this is one of those bikes that you rediscover each and every time you look at it. Specs are attached after the break.

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Nowadays, in order to bring a motorcycle industry icon back in the attention of public you might just go ahead and restore the thing to its former glory, but people often also have their very own interpretations regarding to how that wallpaper should look like and they go ahead with the respective changes. So is this case in which the BMW R65/7 gets a BMW R80 engine, the source of 55 hp, instead of the original much smaller and less potent powerplant. WM’s megatron mufflers are present and so is the heat wrap on them.

While the stock fork, swingarm and rims are retained, only that these lasts are now wrapped in Firestone Deluxe Champion rubber, the whole difference is created by the parts made in house. These would be the rearframe, seat and fenders as well as the handlebar, levers, grips and lights. This thing also features Gazi Gas rear shocks for enhanced comfort, but in the end it is nothing more than a rider’s bare necessity in order to connect itself to the open road. The WM custom paint helps at identifying this BMW as being tricked out by WrenchMonkees, the Copenhagen-based custom builder.

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