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The guys from HUSZ have decided to modify the Suzuki Savage and the end result is quite impressive. Their take on the motorcycle looks significantly more aggressive than the stock model and we especially like how HUSZ managed to change the motorcycle’s appearance without losing its Suzuki spirit.

The guys from HUSZ have ditched a lot of unnecessary parts to put more accent on the bikes 650cc engine. The motorcycle has also received a smaller fuel tank built and other important custom parts include the Biltwell handles, a new seat, a unique rear disc wheel and RYCA filters and jets.

The original rear fender was entirely removed in favor of a fresh one that further enhances the aggressive look of the motorcycle. The front fender is also gone and the front round headlight was replaced by a rectangular unit.

But the best part of this custom bike is by far its low price tag which is rated at only €3,500 ($4,6470).

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The Yamaha Virago didn’t manage to impress many riders with its dull look, but this doesn’t mean that the bike doesn’t have a lot of potential if it meets the right tuner.

Therefore, after receiving a touch of magic from Classified Moto, the stock Yamaha Virago gained a totally fresh appearance and a more aggressive character.

The guys from Classified Moto don’t play when it comes to modifying bikes, so they went on and completely modified the motorcycle from the ground up.

The most important modifications include the aggressive rear end conversion and the Classified’s signature front-end swap.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that Virago’s DNA has received influences from some of its sportiest siblings. Therefore, the fork was borrowed from a 2009 Yamaha YZF R6-R (with a modified triple tree and upgraded bearings) while the rear suspension came from a 2008 YZF R6-S. Moreover, the front wheel was “stolen” from an R6-R while the rear one came from an R6-S.

There is also a Triumph Daytona adjustable shock, so in terms of on road performances the custom Yamaha XV920R has all it needs to deal great with anything you throw at it.

Other modifications include the chopped rear section of the subframe, a custom solo seat, a conical high-flow air filter and custom exhaust lines and silencers. The bike’s vital stats are now displayed on a single-piece multi-function digital gauge.

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Meet the 2014 Harley Davidson Seventy Two – a classy sportster packed with tasty features. In terms of style the motorcycle comes with a mini ape-hanger handlebar, a peanut fuel tank, whitewall tires and laced wheels.

The motorcycle is equipped with Harley’s tried and tested Air-cooled, the 1200cc Evolution engine which comes with aluminum heads and cylinders. The engine also uses electronic fuel injection and is rubber mounted for enhanced smoothness.

For 2014 the Seventy Two gets a revised braking system that now includes larger rotors and optional ABS. Moreover, the hand controls were also revised for improved ergonomics and the close loop exhaust system is entirely new for lower emissions and stronger performances.

The 2014 Harley Davidson Seventy Two can be yours for no less than $10,849.

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Harley Davidson Has finally revealed its 2014 lineup. Like it was expected, the bikes received both style and technological modifications to make them better suited for the demands of today’s riders.

The Iron 883 makes no exception and for 2014 comes with improved ergonomics and a new close loop exhaust system.

The bike was also fitted with an improved braking system which includes bigger brake rotors and modified calipers. There is also offered an optional ABS system.

The 2014 Harley Davidson Iron 883 is powered by Harley’s iconic air-cooled, Evolution engine which comes with electronic fuel injection and aluminum heads and cylinders. To offer a smooth riding experience the engine was rubber mounted and its power is kept in leash by a six speed transmission.

As far as performances are concerned, the Evolution engine puts out a maximum torque of 53.8 lb ft at 3750 rpm and delivers an average fuel consumption of 51 mpg.

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Meet the new 2014 Harley Davidson Forty Eight. Compared to the previous generation the new version gained a new color, stronger brakes and more comfortable hand controls. The biggest improvement is represented by the new closed loop exhaust system which enhances the engine’s performances and makes it more environmentally friendly. The new exhaust system features a twin design, new durable mufflers with exhaust shields, a catalyst and mini heated oxygen sensors.

Perhaps it goes without saying that the motorcycle continues to be propelled by the old, air-cooled 1200cc, Evolution engine which cranks out a maximum torque of 70.8 ft-lb at 3,500 rpm. The engine features electronic fuel injection and light, aluminum heads and cylinders. Its power is sent to the ground via a modern six speed transmission.

In terms of style the 2014 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight comes with black powder-coated cylinders, lots of chrome, a peanut fuel tank and a round headlight.

The bike is offered with a base price of $10,749.

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Ural is famous for its practical sidecars fitted with two wheel drive traction. However, the company is also building classic two-wheel motorcycles and one of them is the Ural Solo sT.

The Ural Solo sT is an old school motorcycle powered by a 745 cc, OHV, air cooled, 4 stroke, opposed twin cylinder engine that cranks out a maximum power of 40 hp at 5600 rpm and 38 lb-ft at 4500 rpm.

The engine sends its power to the rear wheel through a 4 speed transmission and is fed by a 5 gallons fuel tank.

Despite its vintage look, the Ural Solo sT is fitted with modern components as Brembo brakes, Marzocchi forks and Sachs shocks.

As far as prices are concerned, the 2013 Ural Solo sT can be yours for no less than $7,999. The 2013 Ural Solo sT is only available in Flat Black.

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Meet the 2013 Norton Commando 961 SF (Sport Factory) – a new motorcycle that was presented at the NEC Motorcycle Live show.

The bike is technically a modified version of the standard Commando Sport and comes with a set of unique features that give a pretty distinctive character.

Among them you’ll find a new exhaust system, an optional seat, a carbon fibre fly screen, special chrome finished black race pipes, Ohlins forks and black chrome header pipes.

In terms of power the Commando 961 SF comes with the same engine as the standard Commando namely the 961 cc, parallel twin unit with hydraulic push-rod valve actuation, dry sump, 3 bearing crank, balancer shaft and cassette gear box.

The engine cranks out a maximum power of 80 PS at 6500 rpm and 90 Nm of torque at 5200 rpm.

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After Stuart Garner has acquired the rights to move on the Norton name further, he started the revival of the brand with three old prototypes that were put on the paper almost 10 years ago.

However, to make its motorcycles more appealing to the public, Stuart Garner decided to make a few key upgrades to its old models. So, as far as technology is concerned the Norton Comando 961 Café Racer comes with fuel injection, a catalyst exhaust and secondary air injection which help it achieve Euro3 compliance. And the list doesn’t stop here as there were made a lot of other small and big improvements and modifications to bring the 10 year old motorcycle into the present.

Though, despite the comprehensive list of upgrades made to the Norton Commando 961 Cafe Racer, one department remained mostly unchanged. We are talking about the motorcycle’s classy design language which is fairly good looking.

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The 2013 Honda NC700X is an aggressive motorcycle created for adventures riders. Thanks to its versatile character, the Honda NC700X can deal with any type of road effortless.

The Honda NC700X is equipped with a 670cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin, SOHC engine with four valves per cylinder. The motorcycle is offered in two versions namely one with a conventional six-speed, manual-clutch transmission, and the other with automatic transmission. The Honda NC700X offers an average fuel consumption of 64 mpg.

The motorcycle’s stopping power is offered by a single 320mm disc with two-piston caliper which is paired with a rear single 240mm disc with single-piston caliper.

The Honda NC700X comes with a 3.7 gallons fuel tank and rides on 120/70ZR17 front and 160/60ZR17 rear radial tyres.

As far as prices are concerned the Honda NC700X can be yours for no less than $7,499.

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When the curvy lines of the classic design are mixed with a few modern lines and contemporary technologies the final result is usually quite impressive. The same thing is true for the Norton Commando 961 Sport - a modern bike, wrapped in a classy skin.

When designing its Commando 961 Sport, the British manufacturer wanted to create a comfortable old-school styled cruiser that feels similarly comfortable both in the city and on the highway.

The motorcycle is built around a four-stroke, parallel twin engine with push-rod valve actuation, 3 bearing crank and balancer shaft. The unit cranks out a maximum output of 80.00 HP at 7700 rpm and 80.00 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm.

The stopping power is assured by Brembo front and rear disc brakes.

The Norton Commando 961 Sport is offered with a starting price of $16,995.

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