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Alpinestars have today presented their Tech Air Race motorcycle suit, which was specifically designed and built to enhance the rider’s survival chances in case of a crash. In other words, the leather suit has airbags.

The safety gear manufacturer somehow managed to integrate the system into the Electronic Airbag Protection Suit and have it controlled through a high-tech electronic brain and we hear the process was a long and complicated one, but the breakthrough was worth the while.

The suit constantly monitors the rider’s movements and will only arm if the rider is moving and the engine is running. It offers five levels of programming and even works on electric bikes, so it seems Alpinestars thought at everything.

In the unhappy event of a crash, the safety system’s response is crucial, so the electronic brain determines the imminence of a crash in about 8 milliseconds, the airbags fully inflate in 50 milliseconds and they stay like that for 5 seconds before starting to deflate, process which takes 25 seconds.

Once used, the system can be rearmed in less than 60 seconds using two separate cylinders with a cold charge of nitrogen. The extra protection system will increase the price of the standard suit with about $2,500 when it is expected to hit production in June 2011. Also, the system will be adapted on all kinds of riding gear, from racing to off-road.

It all sounds good in theory, but nothing compares to actually seeing the airbag system being deployed on a rider, so hit the jump for a video showing just that.

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The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning has just released a motorcycle safety ad advising you to “ride safe so you can ride again.” That is if you don’t have a fairy godmother to take care of you.

This is the kind of motorcycle safety commercial that at seeing, anyone sane can react and that’s why we happen to prefer it over the shocking ones we got used seeing.

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Take a look at the latest motorcycle safety ad that we came across. It was made by the association of Swiss insurers and it looks like a piece of heaven…or something. It shows a couple of guys on sportsbikes and a guardian angel (also on a motorcycle) singing to them a very calming song – “Slow down. Take it easy!” Performed by Sign & The Opposite, this can even be downloaded from the slow-n-easy website, but I don’t think you’ll be hearing many bikers listening to it.

Lately, we’re witnessing a tendency for this kind of safety ads, but we’re not sure they have the same effect as those that really show the risks of dangerous riding. Still, it is better than nothing.

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Indiana’s Criminal Justice Institute has started a motorcycle safety campaign called Ride Safe Indiana, which for now consists in a couple of videos showing 2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden advising bikers to go easy on the throttle and always wear their gear. Both videos are also based on the power of example, meaning you’ll see some of Hayden’s most serious crashes. Follow the jump to see the videos.

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Do you remember GB’s latest motorcycle safety campaign video, the one with the “if you would get to know me, I think that you would like me very much” lyrics in the happy song? Well, they’ve also released the backstage video, which shows how interesting the making of commercial videos are, especially this one. It also shows the guys behind the cameras talking about the idea, their way of putting it into practice and the message they’re trying to send. Take a look.

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Great Britain has started a motorcycle safety campaign in an attempt to reduce the number of casualties involving bikers and an awareness video was released to suggest motorists to look out for motorcyclists. Starting from the idea that drivers are most likely to look out twice for bikers if they actually know one personally, the video shows riders with accessories that would make even Rio de Janeiro carnival participants envious. See it for yourself.

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Heavy drinking bikers need no special occasion to get their act together, but now that the holidays are knocking on our doors, alcohol can turn into the greatest obstacle for riders. Therefore, the Salvador Association in Portugal has commissioned an add campaign against drinking and riding. This one here is the advertisement we like the most so if you like it too when you’re sober, make sure you also do so when the jingle bells go crazy. Don’t be that guy!

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Brain swelling is the immediate effect of head injury and it is a proved fact that the stopping of this effect can make the difference between life and death because of the pressure that the brain has to subdue when it meets the skull. This is precisely what paramedics are trying to prevent when applying a cold pack on the head of accident victims. So hearing about ThermaHelm having created the Brain Cooling Helmet, we started digging deeper into this potential life saving idea, only to find that the prototype stage is now completed and it should see production.

ThermaHelm’s Cooling Helmet works by storing separately gel or water and ammonium nitrate in a slim plastic packet positioned in the lining. During a serious crash, tiny spikes pierce through the separate compartments, causing the ammonium nitrate to mix with the gel or water, triggering an endothermic reaction that cools the brain, dramatically reducing the effects of the crash. Furthermore, it features an LED indicator that warns premature activation, small cameras that are able to record those crucial 60 seconds before a motorcycle crash, integrated Bluetooth headphones and fog-free visors. In other words, it brings helmets into the 21st century.

Press release and video are attached after the jump.

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Five times 500cc World Champion Mick Doohan stars in the latest video created by the Motor Accident Commission in South Australia. His line is “If I’d faced the same obstacles on the race track that you do on the road, I’d probably be dead!” and it comes at the end of a series of real crashes worsened by the presence of obstacles that riders racing on the road often happen to meet and with the most painful and sometimes tragic results. This turns the attached video in one of the best motorcycle safety ads we’ve seen in a long time – subtle and yet full of essence.

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