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German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has come up with some unique creations the past weekend at the Paris Fashion Show. This fully functional motorcycle fur helmet is mink-covered and actually part of the designer’s winter 2010 ready-to-wear collection.

"Now everyone is on scooters, even chic women, so we had to do the helmet," said Lagerfeld who is currently working for Chanel and Fendi.

The fur helmets are also fitted with an iPod connection so they follow the industry’s trend with great accuracy and yet in a unique way. I just wonder what people are going to thing when seeing these things in traffic.

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Being a loving and caring husband means more than just keeping the vow you’ve made in church on your wedding day. It involves the power to adapt your care and concern towards your life partner’s well being in different and sometimes spontaneous situations. So if you’re a motorcyclist and an ideal husband, it is very likely that you’re already using what is called the Babe Cage.

How was that saying?... “Prepare for the worst, expect for the best!” I believe it suits perfectly to this precise situation.

The Babe Cage (what kind of name is that, anyway?) is securely built around a cruiser’s bodywork so together with your passenger’s life, it also protects your motorcycle. The passenger gets an extra large backrest and even headrest while being safely belted to the cage (I guess there’s no point in having a safety cage if you’re going to fly tens of feet away from the bike in case of an accident). There is also a set of extra lights mounted around the cage so that traffic participants would be aware that you’re pretty much working with overdue gauge out there.

In what concerns the wife, how paranoia does she needs to be in order to let herself be carried like she’s explosive material or something?

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Here is the US version of one of the most famous UK motorcycle safety commercials. Looking twice at an intersection does save a lot of lives and it was about time that a left side steering wheel version was created. The original is even more dramatic.

Here is the US version of one of the most famous UK motorcycle safety commercials. Looking twice at an intersection does save a lot of lives and it was about time that a left side steering wheel version was created.

The original is even more dramatic.

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In order for riders to avoid becoming the victims of Grand Theft Moto they are now offered a very efficient anti-motorcycle jacking solution. Called the SkyBrake, the system is composed from two devices, a small transmitter which you must always carry on your body and a receiver playing the role of an immobilizer which is mounted to the motorcycle engine.

Knowing that, let’s imagine the next scenario: You are happily commuting in New Mexico, let’s say, and stop at a traffic light. A hijacker separates you from your bike and rides away with it. Normally, this would be a good time to call the cops…or start crying, but that’s not the way a true biker works things out, doesn’t it? The thief won’t manage to shift second and the engine will be cut out by the engine blocking module so that you can recover your bike unharmed.

The system is sold for €250 and it is 100% efficient as long as you don’t make the mistake of fitting the transmitter also on the bike.

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Ferrari presented two new helmets, the Red and the Red Kid, which will be produced and marketed by the Italian company New Max.

Inspired by the “Rosse” Maranelo style, the Red Ferrari helmet features the maker’s special colors and the beautiful logo of the exclusive brand. Details make all the difference and these helmets are full of them. For example, the visor’s mounts feature the shape of a Ferrari tire while the lining completes the one-off look.

But, a helmet must offer protection no matter how good it looks and these new ones are made out of a thermoplastic material while the visor is polycarbonate with advanced optical properties. The Dupont-made inner lining is anti-allergic and the safety belt features aluminum and rubber insertions for increased comfort and safety.

The Red Ferrari helmet is homologated and can be painted Red Race, Black or Yellow Process. Sizes are: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL.

As its name says, the Red Kid is destined for children (aged from 6 to 14) who plan on riding in style. Inspired on the big version, the Red Kid retains the safety level as it is made out of the same materials and covered in the same colors, based on the customer’s preference, but comes in an universal size which allows the adjusting of the inner lining conforming to the head’s dimensions.

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Unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, the Sbarro motorcycle concept looks like ready for the Bonneville Salt Flats, but taking a better look at that riding position, I don’t believe that crashing would be an option for the rider. Not that it would for any rider in generally, but a Sbarro rider’s members are exposed, leaving the machine’s entire weight to fall on them if, unfortunately, this crashes.

Thanks goodness, the silhouette you see in the pictures is only a mannequin, but one that is precisely squeezed in so that it would become one with the bike. So where there would normally be the wheels hubs now “bolt in” the courageous rider’s hands and the visor stands as the screen.

It may look fast, but definitely not safe considering that in the case of a crash, the rider’s chances to walk away are bigger if he separates from the bike.

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Protection is primordial when riding so there can never be enough training videos related to this subject. This one is pretty good as it comes as a refresh of information that we gathered from many different sources or from our own experience.

Their advice, “Get your head into it”, and the list of benefits following afterwards may not determine a rebel to turn over a half face helmet, but new riders have a lot to learn from it.

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An innovative antitheft system created by Beringer will exonerate you from this experience. Fastidiously called an invention, the Roadlok is simply an Aerotec radial caliper which does a bit more than retaining the braking capabilities and also implies a new kind of safety, the one of knowing that your bike will still be there when you plan on going riding. It features built-in antitheft pliers which helps you get rid of the classic systems with which thieves have long got used to.

Already patented, the Aerotec caliper comes mounted on three bearings that considerably reduce the effort on the leverage and increase the braking power with up to 40%.

It is available in eight colors, perfect to match the color of your actual calipers (red, titanium, purple, gold, blue, aluminum, black and chrome) and it costs 646. Is this an investment worth making? That’s up to you to decide.

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