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We all know how “imposing” a policeman on a scooter can be, but with the new T3 Mobile Defender from Lamperd Less Lethal we ca lose the quotation marks very easily. At a first sight it doesn’t look very threatening for lawbreakers and even would make such subjects believe that it was probably invented to keep officers rested for when it comes to chase them on foot. Wrong! The chase won’t even be necessary as the small scooter comes equipped with a powerful air gun and holographic sight system (...)
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Given to the continuously increasing number of motorcycle accidents – most of them taking place in intersections or when reckless car drivers change lanes -, there are many attempts of making people conscious of the two-wheeled vehicles that share the streets with them and it seems that in order to have the best results these video have to reflect the drama experienced by those who simply choose the best commuting solution, not the safest. It is also the case of this new motorcycle safety video.

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For those of you who ride your motorcycle or scooter with a brain bucket, commonly known as a helmet, it’s not always easy to know which helmets are good, and which aren’t. Price is definitely not a criteria.

One way of finding out which helmets are good, is frequenting motorcycle discussion forums. You’ll find a wealth of experience, offering advice on comfort levels, sound isolation, visibility, you name it.

But one area that these forums have a problem recommending, is what helmets were designed for: crash impact. No matter how comfortable a helmet is, no matter how good sound is isolated, no matter how sexy the helmet looks, if it fails a crash test, it’s of no use.

But you’re not going to buy a helmet and then fling it against a wall, or drop a bowling ball on top of it, just to see if it works. Figures supplied by the manufacturers don’t really count, since they have a vested interest in making the helmets look good.

In the United Kingdom, the government have started a helmet test program called SHARP (Safety Helmet and Assessment Rating Programme – it’s English, and they spell Program like Programme).

Choosing the right helmet

With its own website, all helmets on the market in the UK are being extensively tested, and the results published on the site for all to see.

They are using several criteria in the testing of helmets; linear, oblique impact, impact locations, speed tests and they look at the different head forms.

Now you can search for your favorite helmet and see if it’s really safe. Helmets are awarded stars: 5 stars are the best and safest, 1 star means they’re probably as strong as an egg shell.

The website,, is still receiving and testing helmets, so you’ll not find every helmet on-line, but they’re working on it. Check out the “About SHARP”, which explains in detail the tests and why.

Would you buy a helmet based on your fellow rider’s recommendations, or would you consult such a website? Is this something that should be generalized?

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We’ve already mentioned last week the high number of fatalities for the US armed forces stationed in Europe (link). But in the USA, things are even more grim. Since October 2007, 32 Navy and Marines have died on their motorcycles. 30 out of the 32 were riding sports motorcycles! This has caused the upper echelons of the Navy to mandate a training course for any sailor or marine riding a sports bike. The one day course teaches them safety on their motorcycles, from cornering and emergency (...)
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So you’ve watched a little bit of racing, “cried to mommy” and she made the mistake of buying you a super sport Suzuki? By now you probably believe that you are as appropriate as you can be to a Rizla Suzuki racing rider, but take a listen to Chris Vermeulen here and also do a quick search for riding gear if not willing to increase the numbers of deaths occurred while riding on the streets as if you are on a race track.

If any of you guys who just ask “how do you pop up wheelies?” before first riding a motorcycle would take the time and watch such videos, the streets would be a safer place for you and us.

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Now that gas prices are exploding and more and more people are finding cheaper commuting means - many choosing the two-wheelers - is very important to come up with informative videos such as the one attached below.

Even though it has commercial purposes, the information is there for you to get it and learn how to do the best choice in accordance to the type of bike that you prefer.

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It is very encouraging to see that not only bikers make their “Motorcycle awareness” videos and the world’s press also notices the increasing number of accidents. It is strongly recommended that the authorities will take measures, but we should never forget that the throttle is in each one’s hands. Ride safely and always wear motorcycle protective equipment!

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This isn’t the first year in which May is being proclaimed “Motorcycle Awareness and You” month, but the continuously growing number of crashes clearly shows that drivers didn’t catch the idea. There are now more motorcycles on the road then ever before (70% more than 10 years ago) and this month there all cleaned up and ready to go, but still not provide any kind of at least mental safety given by the fact that the rushed guy in that red sedan stopped in front of you before turning left. (...)
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The German company Schuberth plans on working together with the ex Formula 1 pilot Michael Schumacher in order to develop sports motorcycle helmets. After using the “Race helmet”, Schumacher continues to put at the company’s disposal all of his experience in order to be implemented on new models. Michael, along with Schuberth engineers, is already well underway with the development of a helmet extremely lightweight, aerodynamic and full of technical innovations and on the security front so (...)
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Spanish company APC System BCN has presented at MotOh! Barcelona 2008 their brand new helmet incorporating airbags that are activated by a sophisticated system which detects falls, accidents and finally does something significant in order to reduce the risk. The airbags are mounted under the helmet while the unit that detects collisions must be installed on the motorcycle, ATV or scooter. Among other, the helmet is equipped with Bluetooth and has an ultra-light external protective shield (...)
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