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The riding gear with integrated airbags is starting to become more popular with every year that passes. So now, this type of protection doesn’t sound as Sci-Fi as it did a few years back.

Ducati has been deeply involved into this type of technology and now has announce that its engineers have manage to develop the world’s first production motorcycle wirelessly integrated with airbag riding jackets. Ducati has always been interested to offer first class safety features for its riders, so its new innovation comes as no surprise for us.

Until now, the suits fitted with airbags relied only on sensor mounted inside them to detect the perfect time for deployment, so Ducati’s idea is welcomed because it should significantly enhance the efficiency of airbags.

The first Ducati motorcycle that is fitted with this safety feature is the D-Air Multistrada. The bike uses a series of special sensors integrated into the stock electronics which are keeping an eye on the motorcycle’s dynamics to detect a crash. After the sensors indicate that a crash is imminent then the system automatically deploys the airbag in only 45 milliseconds, thus enhancing the rider’s safety.

For the moment, the new system is available only with the D-Air Multistrada and only on the European market.

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When it comes to motorcycle helmets, Reevu is one of the most innovative manufacturers. The company is known for its famous, high tech helmets with built-in rear viewers and now has an even bigger surprise for us.

Its new product is a modern helmet with an integrated head-up display that looks like a piece of gear borrowed from a sci-fi movie.

The digital display is integrated into the top of the visor and keeps you posted on vital stats such as engine RPMs, speed, sat-nav directions or sector split times and lap times.

Unfortunately the company didn’t’ reveal too many information about its futuristic helmet, but it seems to be using a technology called the “multiple reflective optical system” that won’t disturb the rider’s eyes in any way.

The solution found by Reevu is welcomed, as one of the most common causes of accidents is that the riders didn’t look where they were going. That lapse of attention created by the moment when one wants to check his speed or tachometer could transform into a disaster.

Hit the jump for the official press release

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The safety of motorcycle riders has always been a big concerned for the big manufacturers. But regardless of how advanced are the safety features of a motorcycle, everything is useless if the rider is falling off its bike and meets the tough tarmac.

This is why BMW Motorrad has decided to try an innovative solution to improve the safety of riders. Therefore, the German Manufacturer is co-developing a modern rider suit with Dainese. The big news however, is the fact that the suit will feature airbags that deploy in 15 miliseconds.

This technology will be used for a one-piece racing suit named the DoubleR RaceAir. The company says that this innovative technology will be also available to street rides pretty soon.

Currently the DoubleR RaceAir is under tests and BMW Motorrad hopes to reveal it at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan in November.

The safety suit won’t be the only product born from BMW Motorrad and Dainese cooperation as the two companies decided to stay together and develop more safety gear for riders.

Hit the jump for the press release and to see the DoubleR RaceAir suit in action.

Ever come upon a product that you can’t point your finger at as far as what its actual purpose is?

Here we have the Alomar Motorcycle Jacket-Backpack, a fashion accessory that converts from a protective and stylish jacket to a durable backpack and back into a jacket at the slightest of ease.

How exactly does all of this simple transformation work?

The Alomar is a jacket that’s made out of 600 Denier Polyester Nylon - the same material space ships are made from - and has been padded with dual Teflon shoulder and elbow pads. The water-resistant polyester, in particular, allows the Alomar to be used in a myriad of weather conditions. It also has adjustable drawstrings and a pocket that can be accessible through both the jacket and backpack orientation, providing enough space to stow anything from laptops, iPads, or any other flat item you’d want to carry.

Everything about the Alomar speaks to an innovation that’s both practical and useful for riders. We’re not quite sure about the weight - 4 lbs - but if you can carry that weight over your shoulder, plus the added weight from the items you’re carrying, then you have yourself a multi-purpose jacket that you can take with you anywhere you want to go.

Source: Fundable

Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows that it is always safest to wear a full set of leathers – jacket, gloves, pants and boots – when you ride. Believe it or not, leathers actually can be the only thing protecting your skin from nasty road burn, and can even save your life in some severe cases. Well, some people tend to forget, or just feel silly wearing them – myself included – and we need a little reminding that everything is better in leather.

Well, with England getting ready for national Ride to Work Day on June 18th, local TV stations are running ads reminding bikers of safety, including the importance of leather. Instead of giving us a graphic video about the dangers of road rash, one commercial goes exactly the opposite ways by using a double entendre to burn the need for leather in our minds.

The opening scene is bad enough, using key phrases like “doing it,” “leather,” and “wearing protection” at various points. Only to find out that [ha ha] we’re talking about motorcycle leathers protecting you while you “do it” [ride a motorcycle]. Well, at least somewhat… The last scene takes the entendre the other direction, and… Well, you’ll just have to watch the above video to find out.

Go ahead and have a few LOLs on us!

In an ironic twist of fate, Philip A. Contos, 55, has tragically died after being involved in a motorcycle accident while not wearing a helmet. The ironic part is that Contos was actually participating in a ride hosted by ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Towards Education) that protested the helmet law. During the ride, Contos lost control of his cycle and hit his head on the pavement. He was taken to a local hospital before being pronounced dead. Police said that if he was wearing a helmet, the incident wouldn’t have been fatal.

Every year around 50,000 people are injured in motorcycle collisions and accidents in the United States. The most deadly injuries are head and chest injuries. These staggering statistics may persuade some to want to wear a helmet, but others feel it should be the biker’s decision whether or not to wear protective gear. The law disagrees. Bottomline: It’s better to be safe than sorry.

What do you guys think? Is Big Brother trying to control our freedom of choice or are they just looking out for the general population? Hit us up in the comments section below.

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Bikers from all over the world, especially the United States are now involved in motorcycle safety programs and very often we see their safety ads on TV. Some are based on inspiration and some not, so you check out the one belonging to the Alaskan ABATE program and see in which category it fits.

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We recently made a post about the Alpinestars Tech Air Race motorcycle suit that features airbags as an extra protection system and while that is a viable solution for riders that plan on keeping the action mostly on the track and definitely using superbikes, this late airbag jacket that Brembo has created appears to be much more appropriate for daily use by commuters and mainly by those who also want to retain a fashionable and stylish note apart from the extra safety.

Called the Brembo Life Jacket, this very special motorcycle/scooter clothing item features an airbag system that deploys in just 80 milliseconds when the rider is suddenly separated from his/her machine. The immediate response is thanks to a new activator developed with Helite and Sabelt. These lasts are responsible for the inertial reel connection cable that is attached to the motorcycle that triggers the airbag.

Brembo's new airbag jacket can be a life saver [w/video]

Designed to protect the torso, chest, back and neck, the Life Jacket remains inflated for 60 seconds before slowly regaining its original size. Using Oxford nylon and Teflon fabric, this type of safety jacket is very light and comes in three models for men and two for women. Colors available are white, black, blue, red, silver gray and sand mélange. Hit the jump to see the demonstration video.

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They say that an image stands for 1000 words and that is good because for this bike safety initiative and commercial Shoei Motorcycle Helmets have two. The print ads are made in Brazil by the Rai Ad agency and are as suggestive as they could be.

Starting from the motto “Valuable Is You,” they have replaced the biker’s head with decorative items such as a clock and a vase. Imagine that your unprotected head is as breakable as that even in a slow speed crash.

Shoei knows their motorcycle helmets aren’t cheap, so they are sending a fair message to spend your money on the safety items that make the difference during a motorcycle crash.

Safety ad: “Valuable Is You” by Shoei
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As you probably already know, May is the motorcycle awareness month. But before we start asking other people using the road to look out for us, we must make sure we have taken all the possible safety measures. So Nelson Nunez, Michael Nunez and Rosemarie Lennon have put together a video about the 11 most important steps that need to be covered for your own safety and that of the people around you: get trained, wear a helmet, wear protective clothing, brake carefully, approach intersections cautiously, pass carefully, keep your distance, avoid riding in rain, never ride side-by-side, approach curves cautiously and never drink and drive. Also, their must-have biker list includes: a license, a helmet, protective clothing, extreme caution and reflective tape and stickers. Good luck out there!

Source: howcast

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