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Henry Cole is back with a new series of The World´s Greatest Motorcycle Rides and we have just found out that the Travel Channel presenter will swing his leg again on a Saxon Motorcycle. The European motorcycle company sent us a press release to help spread the news, so find it attached after the jump. You can also watch videos from the previous season. Enjoy!

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Choppers were born in America for American roads, but despite this fact, the continuously growing demand for such beasts in Europe determines Saxon, a US-based custom bike manufacturer to establish a European division – Saxon Motorcycles Europe – and start developing new models precisely for this new market.

The Saxon Whip is the company’s fourth such model, a hard tail chopper able to make even an accountant look like he’s most likely slapping people for fun. The fact is that the Whip, which stands out mainly thanks to its rigid frame and long fork, addresses to those riders who want the look and feel of a mean chopper, but also the relief of knowing that their ride was built using modern technology.

This precise model was recently introduced at the Arneitz Custom Show during the European Bike Week and the crowd there was delighted about it. The official press release also informs us about the opening of a new dealership in Spain. This company’s continuous evolution is due to excellent built quality and low prices on all their models. Read the press release after the break.

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