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The Indian manufacturer Mahindra revealed a new scooter that bears the name DZ. The scooter is powered by a 125 cc engine which delivers a maximum power of 6 kw at 7000 rpm and 9 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. The Mahindra Duro DZ’s engine was specially tweaked to be as efficient as possible and features an Advanced Dual Curve Digital Ignition which gives it the capacity to auto-adjusts according to the load. Moreover, you also get an extra large 6.5 litre fuel tank, which offers a generous range.

The scooter cat deal great with road bumps and potholes thanks to the rim and hub that holds the wheel at 4 different points. This layout also improves the handling and enhances the safety. Talking about ride is also worthy of being mentioned that the Mahindra Duro DZ sports an advanced telescopic suspension which further smoothens the ride over bumps and potholes.

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Marcus Walz decided to modify the Yamaha T-Max scooter and we’ll have to admit that the result is quite impressive. Marcus Walz is known for its hardcore cruisers and custom bikes, being one of the best known names in the business.

Taking about its new creation, Marcus Walz said: “With the Hyper Modified TMAX I have tried to keep the bike very clear and recognizable as a TMAX, I didn’t want to create a spaceship out of it. I concentrated on keeping the stock lines and optimising every detail while reducing the bike’s weight. I have also modified the handlebar area of the bike to give it a radical naked bike image and mounted the mirrors on the end of the bars to give it the impression of a café racer when in town.”

The scooter continues to be powered by the same forward-inclined parallel 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 530 cc engine that cranks out 34.2 kW @ 6,750 rpm and 52.3 Nm of torque at 5,250 rpm.

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In a world where time is considered the most important currency, the Yamaha X-City 250 is the kind of scooter that can get you where you want to go, offering the power and performance you need for executive commuting.

The ingenious design of the scooter touches on features that you normally wouldn’t find in a scooter. It’s got a glossy instrument panel, an adaptable windscreen, and a stylish front design that includes a sculpted dual seat and plenty of storage and passenger grips.

The X-City 250 also comes with unique high wheels that provide superior riding stability and greatest grip. Powerful front and rear disc brakes bring controlled stopping while a responsive and powerful 250cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 4-stroke engine makes you think of just how awesome it would be to be behind the wheel of such a powerful scooter.

Just forget everything you have known about scooters because the high-wheel X-City 250 will change your mind in a hurry. The high fashion, high-wheeled X-City 250 is the perfect scooter for a person with a busy executive lifestyle.

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The thing with scooters is that people don’t buy them if they’re looking for a powerful road warrior. The appeal with these bikes is that they can get you where you need to go, and do it with utmost efficiency. To that point, the Yamaha X-Max 250 ABS is all that - and more.

Its sporty attitude is clearly identifiable, thanks to sleek bodywork and a rigid, lightweight frame. The aerodynamic and compact design is not only a real spellbinder, but it also enhances handling and quickness. In addition, the X-Max 250 ABS also comes with extensive weather protection that allows riders to go wherever they want to go in whatever road conditions.

At the heart of the X-Max 150 ABS is a fuel-injected, 4-stroke, 250cc engine that offers the responsive power that can impress you. The large wheels, optionally with ABS, stability and control will also surprise you. And to complete the ‘weekend-away’ credentials of the X-MAX 250, Yamaha dressed up the scooter with a quality finish and generous storage space.

Enjoy every ride with the stylish X-MAX 250, a scooter that blends the absolute practicality of a city commuter with an additional level of comfort and sports attitude.

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Yamaha is celebrating a special 50th anniversary shindig, and to earmark the occasion, the Japanese automaker has built a radical new MotoGP-inspired Yamaha Aerox that, for a scooter, looks really dandy.

Its sleek bodywork is finished off in a head-turning color scheme and comes with a special sports seat and a race-type piggyback shock. This setup provides a comfortable riding experience for the rider and, should there be enough space, the passenger.

Whereas other scooters try to catch attention with bombast and sparkles, the Aerox WGP 50th Anniversary doesn’t need to do it. It already speaks for itself, thanks in part to a 50cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine and a smooth-handling sports chassis that will provide significant performance capabilities.

This Yamaha Aerox is exactly the scooter that you’ve been wait for. With this upstanding scooter, you’re going to enjoy the thrills of riding a scooter as capable as the Yamaha Aerox WGP 50th Anniversary.

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Back in 2001, Honda started selling its gearless scooter in India and it began with Honda Activa and Honda Dio with the sale rating of these two scooters going through the roof.

Recently, Honda Motorcycle and scooter India (HMSI) decided to re-launch the Honda Dio with some new upgrades to make it the first choice in the Indian market.

The New Honda Dio is powered by a 102cc air cooled, 4 stroke, and single cylinder OHC engine. This powertrain is able to mill 7 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and churns out a top torque of 7.8 Nm (5.7 lb-ft) at 5500 rpm. It also uses a v-matic transmission that comes with electric and kick start options.

The Dio also comes equipped with a standard suspension and a braking system. It also has a newly-designed instrument panel, a flat floorboard, and a large luggage compartment that allows us to keep our small things together. The company used tuff-up tube at the rear tire in this Honda Dio to reduce chances of puncture.

The Honda Dio is assembled with great panels and graphics, and provides a two-tone wrapped seat. The scooter boasts of new style blinders at the front and integrated rear winkers. It is also loaded with a maintenance free battery as well.

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When Honda re-launched its popular Honda Aviator , they decided to offer it in two variants: the Honda Aviator Deluxe and Honda Aviator Disc. From the name, we can easily imply that the main difference between those variants is the braking system.

Both variants come with an upgraded 109cc 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, OHC engine, capable of generating as much as eight horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 0.9 kg-m (6.5 lb-ft) of torque at 5,500 rpm. This scooter also comes with an electric and kick-start option and a V-matic type of transmission.

The Deluxe variant of Honda Aviator comes with the front disc brake and a rear drum brake. The scooter has also a front telescopic fork and a rear unit swing with spring loaded hydraulic damper. In addition, the scooter model now has a bigger front wheel and a 10" rear wheel along with its tires. Wider under seat storage allows for 20 liters of storage space, enough room for you to be able to put a number of items.

To give the Aviator a superb look, Honda added a chrome cover on the front panel while the front indicator lamps have been designed vertically and come in long size. The headlamp cluster houses multi-focal halogen lamp that ensures clear vision at dark.

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The Honda Ruckus will not wow you when it comes to modern-day design aesthetics, but the retro look will certainly have its share of admirers. The Ruckus is a scooter from Honda that sets a new standard for cool; you can take many benefits from it because it’s so agile, user-friendly, and easy to park.

That’s design of the Ruckus is ’unique.’ From the bare-bones frame to the double headlamps, the low seat and the wide tires, the Ruckus will definitely cause a scene wherever it goes.

More than just its design, the Ruckus also carries an impressive powertrain set-up: a 49 cc four-stroke engine that can run for hours on very little gas along with the engine’s strong low-end torque and the V-Matic automatic transmission. Furthermore, the electric starter offers you faster get-up-and-go. When you wish for discovering some out-of-the-way places, the oversize deep-tread tires will help you.

Combining a minimalist design with an impressive engine, the Honda Ruckus will define your riding experience like no other bike of its stature can.

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The Mahindra Kine has to compete in a scooterette segment in a country that never seems to run out of them. With its work definitely cut out for it, the Indian bike maker decided to give the Kine a distinctive look that’s highlighted by a sharp nose.

The stylish streamlined design ensures a comfortable riding posture while the youthful body graphics add some personality to the bike. In the terms of features, the Kine comes with a self-start option and ample storage space just like the other scooterettes in India. Under the seat, there’s ample storage in which you can store your helmet, documents, or other small things. On the handlebars, you will find the instrument panel which is comprised of a speedometer, high-beam indicator, and turn indicators signal.

Its stability and grip on the road are supported by the 1225mm wheelbase that offers balanced riding. The bike’s 71 cc engine only offers 4 horsepower, but it’s still reasonable enough to get you from point A to point B and do it while delivering 55 kmpl of mileage in the city. The engine is complemented by a dual-side drum brakes system and a pair of three spoke alloy wheels.

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So far, the Mahindra Rodeo is still one of the best scooters launched in India where it was released to compete with the likes of the Honda Activa and Honda Dio, the Suzuki Access, and the Bajaj Kristal.

The Mahindra Rodeo is loaded with one of the best power mills in the market, churning enough power and performance capabilities to produce a top speed of 80 kmh. A large part of that can be attributed to its powerful 125cc engine that’s capable of producing 8 horsepower and guarantees a rush every time you hit the throttle.

In an effort to balance its power with riding comfort, Mahindra designed the Rodeo ergonomically, highlighted by a wider and longer seat that ensures better feeling for both rider and passenger, and prevents fatigue or body pain along the way.

This scooter is also blessed with a self and kick start-option, which is always a good thing. Then there’s the clear headlight, the instant start-up, and clear horn, all of which are supported by a supercharged battery.

The Rodeo is far from the fastest and most powerful bike on the market, but it does provide the kind of ride balance that makes riding it worth your time.

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