Indian bike maker TVS has a product for all kinds of consumers. Yes, that even counts the ladies. Their latest offering to the female market is called the TVS Scooty Teenz, an electric scooter that’s fixing to get some lady love in the Indian market.

In an effort to attract the market, TVS went with a style over substance approach, opting to dress up the Scotty Teenz in a number of color options and aesthetic refinements, including new body panels, rear view mirrors, grab rails, and plenty of other comfort features. The e-scooter also has puncture resistance tires and an auto choke system that allows the bike to start effortlessly in less than ideal weather conditions.

More than just the design details, the Scooty Teenz is also a scooter that performs pretty well relative to its market. The bike’s class-leading suspension system and the twin telescopic forks in the front side increases the already comfortable ride. There’s also a single shocker that has been added at the rear side so as to gain better rigidity of chassis and riding comfort.

With power not being all that of a necessity, TVS went with an approach that highlights looks and comfortable riding for the Scooty Teenz, two qualities that women hold in high order in their list of scooter requirements.

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Riding scooters isn’t just a "boy thing," the fairer gender has as much right to enjoy scooters as the men do. That’s why TVS has no problem building scooters exclusively targeted to the female demographic, starting with the Scooty Pep+.

When style meets chic taste, the TVS Scooty Pep+ is born. It’s not going to promote powerful performance because doing so would be misguided. But where it lacks in unbridled power, it more than makes up for in usefulness.

Quite simply, the TVS Scooty Pep+ combines an impressive looking scooter with enough performance credentials to make it worth your money.

The lightweight body makes it easily maneuverable while a hydraulic shock absorber ensures a smooth ride on a lot of road surfaces. Combine that with a contoured seating with high-density MDI polyurethane foam and you have a scooter that’s easy on the eyes and comfortable on the body.

As far as the powertrain is concerned, the TVS Scooty Pep+ is powered by a 4-stroke single cylinder forced air-cooled engine that produces 3.68 kW at 6,500 rpm and 5.4 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm.

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TVS ’ line of female-targeted Scooty scooters comes with a variety that few bike makers can compete with. One of these models is called the Scooty Streak, and true to its name, it’s got quite an impressive streak of looks and performance wrapped up in one body.

The fresh look of the Scooty Streak lends itself a refreshing vibe, including the rear LED lamp that makes the scooter look more up to the times. On top of that, the scooter now has a relocated fuel tank lid on the back of the seat, allowing riders easier access to the fuel tank whenever they need to refill the Streak. As a modern scooter, it’s important for the Streak to carry modern amenities, none more so than a new handphone charger that can be found just beneath the handlebar at the console.

At the heart of the TVS Scooty Streak isn’t the most powerful engine on the planet, but it does pack enough to make the ride very enjoyable. The Streak is powered by an 87.8cc four-stroke single cylinder forced air-cooled engine that produces 3.68 KW @ 6,500 RPM and 5.8 Nm of peak torque at 4,000 RPM.

There’s a certain level of realism that buyers have to understand with a scooter like the Scooty Streak. But if you understand what you’re getting into with the scooter, then you won’t find a whole lot of scooters that are worth your bucks more than TVS’ line of Scooty scooters.

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Indian motorcycle manufacturer, Hero Motor Corp, has launched a new scooter in its line up. Called the Hero Honda Maestro automatic scooter, this machine is the second scooter from the world’s largest motorbike maker after Pleasure.

In its own style, the Maestro has a similar design with the Honda Activa, although the former’s neat design and large proportions was done in order to cater to the male market. The Maestro also has a digital-analog instrument cluster as a new feature, making it really up to the times.

The new Honda Maestro scooter is available in a choice of six colors, including blue, green, white, black, silver, and red.

If you are intent on owning the Honda Maestro scooter, you might need to wait one up to three months to get a piece of one. Yeah, it’s expected to sell like pancakes.

If Hero Motor Corp can make this Hero Maestro available in the market right now, we can expect that it will be sell very well in the market since there are many buyers waiting for the real Maestro in their country.

These days, Ducati scooters aren’t what you’d call the company’s bread-and-butter product. But there was a time when these little rockets were pretty popular in the market, and one that stood out was the Ducati Brio.

In an attempt to expand its market reach back in the 60’s, Ducati decided to dive into budget two-strokes with the intention of creating as many variants of this line as possible.

One model that was born in this era was the Ducati Brio. First released in 1963 with the 48 Brio, the 100 Brio followed a year later in 1964. The latter enjoyed tremendous success in its time, thanks to its 100 cc single-cylinder two-stroke, fan-cooled engine that was mated to a three-speed transmission.

The model that was sold at the 2012 RM Auctions in Monaco is as rare a Brio 100 as you can find. It’s in good condition considering that it’s unrestored and it was sold for €1,755 ($2,200), which is a tad below the expected auction price of €2,000 - €3,000, around $2,500 - $3,800 based on current exchange rates.

India is a country that has no shortage of scooters. So in market with plenty of choices, the Honda Activa stands out because it provides everything a rider wants in a scooter.

The Activa can be called a ’comfort scooter’ because it has many features that offer us the comfortable riding we all yearn, including a tuff-up tube, storage space, seat arrangement, a CLIC mechanism, and a 109cc 4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled OHC engine.

Aesthetically, the Activa offers plenty of interesting color options that riders can go nuts choosing from. There’s Wild Purple Metallic, Black, Candid Lucid Red, Force Silver Metallic, Pearl Sunbeam White, and Geny Grey Metallic.

A combination of dashing good looks, superb handling, and all-around versatility has made the Activa one of the most popular scooters in India. Hardly surprising that for all of the choices, customers always seem to gravitate towards the Activa.

And really, why shouldn’t they?

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Trying to pick the right kind of scooter you want in a market that offers plenty of choices is a daunting task. But the Yamaha Neo’s 4 is no ordinary scooter; it’s one specially built to become a rider’s best friend, capable of taking you out on the ride with a careful mix of style and performance.

The Neo’s 4 comes with a elegant bodywork and a smart and stylish design that makes you feel comfortable when you’re riding it. A lightweight design and a low seat height, combined with big 12" wheels, a 190 mm front disc brake, and the company’s Unified Braking System makes for a bike that’s well-equipped to handle the rigors of the road.

The stylish touch is also added here, from the impressive blue-lit LCD display to the great alloy wheels. In addition to the room for a passenger, there’s plenty of storage space under the seat. This Yamaha Neo’s 4 is really a scooter that turns heads, whenever and wherever it goes.

At the heart of the Yamaha Neo’s 4 is a 50cc 4-stroke engine that’s clean, quiet, and reliable. With a scooter like the Neo’s 4, the purpose of your riding is to combine style with practicality, engineering excellence, and environmental responsibility.

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A scooter can be many things, but it should always be pleasurable. With the Yamaha Slider Naked , you have a raw, street-ready design that comes blended with a strong, reliable engine and easy twist-and-go transmission.

The Yamaha Slider Naked comes with a minimalist design, a back-to-basics style that can handle the demands of city living, making the streets to be your playground. The bike’s lightweight structure provides great handling and gives you real feel for the road while the naked streetfighter-style handlebar responds to your every move. Under your feet, the flat footboard provides the maximum liveliness. The Slider Naked is built for hard, tough riding in the addition to the tricks. The unique side protectors help in avoiding the bumps and scrapes. Long suspension, powerful disc and drum brakes, plus big 13inch wheels add to its streetfighter style. With this Yamaha Slider, you will get all of the pleasure and a different riding experience.

Add in a 50cc single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke engine and you get a scooter that’s built to give its owners a pleasurable ride.

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The TVS Scooty Wego will go where you go. Play on words notwithstanding, TVS’ latest scooter matic is set to launch in the Indian market with the hopes of competing against heavyweights, Honda and Yamaha .

So does the TVS Scooty Wego have what it takes to be a contender in the market? To answer that, you need to understand what this scooter has to offer.

In terms of styling, the Scooty Wego offers the kind of look that makes it a worthy contender to the joint title of Honda and Yamaha Yamaha . It comes with a Balance Technology Body that not only offers unique styling, but also makes for better riding, handling, and maneuverability. The lighting configuration of the Wego features a multi-reflector halogen headlamp and an LED set-up on the rear. Moreover, aluminum materials were also used on the engine while the Wego’s 12" velg matches up well with its Japanese rivals, which uses 14-16" velg.

At the heart of the Scotty Wego is a 100cc, one-cylinder OHC engine that produces a respectable 8 horsepower at 8,000 RPM and 8Nm of peak torque at 5,500 RPM. This engine is mated to a Vmatic transmission.

For all intents and purposes, the TVS Scooty Wego will not have the same recognition as its counterparts from Honda and Yamaha. But when it comes to straight up value, the Indian scooter is as good an option as you can have.

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Hero Honda Motors Ltd comes up with some pretty amusing names for their new line of scooters. None more so than the Hero Honda Pleasure.

We’re not quite sure what the name implies, but we’re not about to argue with these guys. According to Honda, the Hero Pleasure is a bike that has been especially designed for young ladies, with the design of the bike reinforcing that idea.

For instance, the Pleasure has been adorned with exciting body graphics, as well as body colored rear view mirrors, a rear grip, a stunning tail-light and a multi-reflector headlight, and a stylish meter console. What’s more, the scooter also has a large under-seat box, a wider seat, an inner rack, a luggage hook, and extra leg room that will ensure the rider never runs out of space.

On top of its stylistic appeal, the Hero Honda Pleasure also boasts of a 100 cc air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder OHC engine that produces around 6 horsepower at 7,000 RPM and 7.85 Nm of peak torque at 5,000 RPM and mated to a gearless transmission.

The Hero Honda Pleasure is loaded with a host of attractive features. It’s not claiming to be a powerful scooter, but where it lacks in ponies, it certainly makes up for in style, something a lot of young ladies won’t have any problems compensating for.

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