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The Honda Silver Wing is a pretty versatile scooter which is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications such as weekend adventures or daily transportation.

The scooter features a modern design language and you’ll especially like the full coverage bodywork, the big windscreen and the comfy seat which can accommodate two passengers.

The 2013 Honda Silver Wing ABS is powered by a lively 582 cc, two cylinder engine which features liquid cooling and fuel injection. The engine is paired with an automatic V-Matic transmission which offers smooth and precise shifts.

The ride quality is kept in check by a front 41mm fork which offers 4.2 inches of wheel travel and a Rear swingarm with dual shocks with five-position spring-preload adjustability (4.5 inches travel).

For increased safety the 2013 Honda Silver Wing is also available with ABS brakes.

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The 2013 Yamaha BWs 50 is a fun, reliable and efficient scooter especially designed for those who search for a convenient way to deal with congested traffic situations. Thanks to its compact dimensions and the lively engine the Yamaha BWs 50 is able to deal effortless with city traffic. Moreover, the scooter also features a pretty cool design language and puts comfort on the first place. Thereby you are met by a sculpted and spacious saddle, an ergonomically designed handlebar and generous footrests as well as a pretty big under-seat storage.

The scooter is propelled by an efficient 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 3-valve, single cylinder engine with a displacement of 49 cc. To offer a comfortable riding experience the single cylinder engine is paired with a smooth shifting automatic transmission.

The 2013 Yamaha BWs 50 is available at a starting price of $3,079.

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The 2012 Yamaha Xenter sports a modern design language which is combined with proper ergonomics and a pretty agile engine. Needless to say that its dimensions were carefully calculated to help you deal easy with congested traffic situations without affecting the overall comfort.

Talking about comfort, the Yamaha Xenter 125 features a sculpted seat and ergonomically designed handlebars and footrests. Moreover, the twin tube frame allows a smooth, almost flat front panel, so a handbag or case can be hung from the hook. You also get a generous under-seat storage and a big glove box.

At the heart of the scooter, you’ll find a throaty 125cc engine that lets you accelerate past busy inner-city traffic. The stylish anti-vibration technology allows a new kind of frame mount.

The ride is kept in check by the innovative motorcycle-style motocross suspension which helps the Xenter 125 perform like the agile and easy handling scooter is supposed to be.

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The 2012 Yamaha BW’s Naked is a modern scooter packed with a wide range of new technologies which help it compete with success against its rivals.

The bike is wrapped in a pretty unique skin which gives it a fancy look. We especially like the retro style used for the front fascia and the creative paint scheme. With uncovered handlebars and stripped styling, the scooter is ready to undertake any kind of road you venture into.

The Yamaha BW’s Naked is propelled by a 2-stroke 50cc engine that delivers a maximum power of 2.4 kw @ 6500 rpm and 3.6 Nm of torque @ 6000 rpm. Power is sent to the rear wheel through a fully automatic transmission.

Other features offered by the Yamaha BW’s Naked include a lightweight chassis, fat patterned 10" tires and distinctive dual headlights. You also get a dual seat and integral passenger grab handles.

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Honda is one of the most appreciated Japanese manufacturers. Both its cars and motorcycles are seen as capable products and the company’s scooters are also starting to attract a lot of attention as they are reliable, agile and efficient. So what more could you want?

One of the most popular scooters developed by the Japanese manufacturer is the Honda Metropolitan. The Metropolitan is a sleek little two-wheeler which – as its name suggests – was especially developed for urban use.

It features a pretty cool style that combines retro lines with many modern elements to create a unique design language.

The Honda Metropolitan is powered by a fuel-injected 49cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine which is paired with a smooth automatic transmission.

Among the new features offered for the 2013 Honda Metropolitan you’ll find new instruments, new handlebar and a bigger convenience hook.

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With its compact dimensions, the modern design language and low fuel consumption, the Yamaha X-City is a commuter’s dream.

The scooter is packed with a pair of pretty big wheels which offer great low speed maneuverability and keep the high speed ride as comfortable as possible.

In terms of style the Yamaha X-City 125 features a stylish front design with a height-adjustable windscreen and twin headlights. You also get a pretty comfortable seat and an ergonomically designed handlebar.

At the heart of the X-City 125 is a 125 cc fuel-injected engine that churns enough output to make riding around town a breeze. Complementing the engine are dependable front and rear disc brakes.

The bike is also fitted with plenty of storage spaces which include two practical compartments and a generous under-seat console.

Taking the advantage from Yamaha’s know-how in the world of scooters, the high-fashion, high-wheel X-City 125 is the kind of ride that won’t leave you disappointed.

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One could easily mistake the Honda Integra with a big scooter, but the bike is much more than that. Though, It is true that the Integra has a pretty mixed personality and even Honda calls it a "Scooting Motorcycle".

The bike was built with comfort in mind. Thereby it features an ergonomic riding position with a comfortable seat and handlebar.

Power comes from a strong 51-horsepower water-cooled 700cc inline-two engine with a 73 mm x 80 mm bore-stroke ratio for its cylinders. The engine delivers an average fuel consumption of 27/l and is paired with a dual clutch transmission, which, for the 2012 model, is lighter and more compact than the previous version. Another significantly improvement is the simplified hydraulic circuit.

You also get a new learning function that has been added to each running mode to perceive a variety of riding environments so you can also stick to a 6-speed manual if you want.

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The Yamaha Cygnus may be considered a pretty good solution if you are looking for a compact and stylish scooter.

As most scooters of its type, the Yamaha Cygnus X puts practicality on the first place and we especially like the spacious under seat helmet storage, the clean digital and analogue instrumentation, and the ergonomically designed dual seat.

At the heart of the scooter you’ll find a fuel-injected 4-stroke 125cc engine that has enough grunt to help you deal effortless with city traffic. Furthermore, the agile handling and simple steering are offered as standard equipment.

The scooter rides on 12 inch lightweight alloy wheels which are combined with a front front disc brake and rear drum brake.

In terms of design, the Cygnus X’s sleek bodywork incorporates a large 65W headlight which underlines the dynamic look of the scooter.

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Agile, compact and efficient. Not to mention about the futuristic design language, so what more can you want from a scooter?

The PCX150 is PCX125’s big brother and is fitted with a slightly bigger engine which will be able to accompany you wherever and whenever you need to go. The one cylinder engine has a 150cc displacement is liquid-cooled, and also comes with fuel injection.

Beside its lively engine, the Honda PCX150 was designed with ergonomy in mind so carries a multitude of features that make it stand out from the rest of its competitors.

For the starters you get a spacious compartment under the seat, then there is the sculpted seat and the comfortable riding position.

The PCX150 comes in offered in two color options, including Metallic Black and Candy Red. The scooter is offered with transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty.

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The electric motorcycles are starting to conquer more and more terrain and thanks to the continuous evolution of green technologies, these types of bikes become a viable solution for those who put efficiency on the first place.

Honda first established the electric motorcycle segment in 1994 and after 18 years of researches an tests the company manage to develop some interesting models. One of these models is the Honda EV-Neo, a compact scooter powered by electricity.

The bike uses a 2.8kw motor and a Lithium-ion battery with a range of 34km at 30km/h on level ground. The regular charger takes the battery from zero charge to a full charge in approximately 3.5 hours and is a highly portable unit that fits neatly in the cargo space beneath the seat of the EV-Neo. A fast charger will cut the charging time to approximately 30 minutes.

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