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The Piaggio Typhoon 125 has received a few upgrades which help it remain at the same level with its rivals. The main modification is represented by the redesigned 125 cc 4 stroke engine which received a boost of power and improved efficiency (90 mpg). The new generation has also received a few design upgrades as well as fresh 12 inch wheels which are wrapped in all terrain tires. The new engine is mated on the company’s automatic “twist ‘n go” transmission.

The company’s engineers have also improved the scooter’s ergonomics. Therefore you get a longer, wider and lower seat which improves the riding position. Moreover, you can also find a pretty large storage place under the seat.

The Piaggio Typhoon 125 has a claimed top speed of 60 mph and is offered with a starting price of $2699.

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Piaggio’s MP3 models are without a doubt the most interesting scooters from the road. They attract instant attention thanks to their innovative three wheels design which not only gives them a unique appearance but also makes them safer and more stable than any regular two wheel scooter.

The Piaggio MP3 400 is powered by a 400 cc, liquid cooled four-stroke, four-valve engine with fuel injection. The motor puts out 34 hp at 7,500 rpm, while the maximum torque is rated at 38 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The stopping power is assured by front and rear disc brakes combined with twin piston calipers.

One of the unique functions offered by the Piaggio MP3 400 is a locking mechanism that allows you to lock the font suspension while parked or at a stop light. Needless to say, it’s also pretty comfortable thanks to its spacious seat, the ergonomic handlebar and the comfort-tuned suspensions.

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The Piaggio MP3 250 is the smallest scooter in the MP3 lineup. Like its bigger siblings the MP3 250 has a three wheels configuration with two wheels up front and one at the rear. The front wheels are combined with an electro-hydraulic tilt system which allows each of them to act independently based on how much the scooter leans, which result in higher levels of grip and a decreased braking distance.

The scooter is powered by a four-stroke, four-valve liquid-cooled engine from the Aprillia Scarabeo 250 i.e which meets the Euro3 emission standards. The company says that its four stroke engine delivers a fuel economy of approximately 4.3L per 100 km.

The MP3 250 sits on 12 inch front and 14 inch rear wheels which are combined with 240 mm stainless steel disc brakes.

Piaggio’s engineers have spent a lot of time to give the MP3 250 faultless ergonomics. Thereby, the saddle and handle bar were carefully designed to offer a comfortable riding position and you also get a pretty spacious under seat storage.

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The Piaggio MP3 500 is a pretty unique vehicle mostly due to its three wheel configuration. Apart from its innovative configuration, Piaggio MP3 500 has also the capability to swing or tilt in bends which makes it very stable and is equipped with a pretty capable 500 cc engine.

The MP3 500 is also offered with a rider sensor mounted in the saddle which beeps if you are not wearing the safety seatbelts.

This unique street bike uses an automobile-like double-wishbone aluminum suspension system supporting two independent steering columns. In addition, the suspension travel from the front electro-hydraulic suspension is 3.35 inches. The rear swingarm is sprung with two hydraulic shock absorbers that provide 4.3 inches of wheel travel.

The front wheels measure 12 inch, while the rear one is slightly bigger measuring 14 inch. All three wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport SC tires.

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BMW was always ahead of the pack when it comes to innovative technologies and this is one of the secrets behind its success. The company has revealed yet another two wheel project which combines ecological sustainability with the highest level of riding dynamics.

The new concept is fully electric and is powered by an ultra efficient motor. Thanks to the innovative arrangement of the electric motor, power electronics and batteries, the motorcycle is able to be very agile and offers a sharp handling.

Moreover, BMWi High Voltage Technology gives the Concept E the ability to reward its rider with a pretty lively acceleration which is comparable with the one offered by a scooter powered by combustion engine.

Like most of today’s electric motorcycles, the Concept E is also offered with an energy regeneration system which reuses the energy lost during braking. Thanks to this useful system and the capable battery pack, the Concept E offers a maximum riding range of up to 100 km.

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Due to their practicality and efficiency the single track vehicles have a bright future. The fundamental benefits offered by the two-wheelers are obvious. They do not take up much space, they have low emission levels and are fuel-efficient and very flexible as well.

BMW knows these facts very well and its engineers are continuously working to develop new models and technologies for the future. One of the latest two wheel projects presented by the German manufacturer is the Concept C. The new concept shows what mobility of the future could look like.

The Concept C features a highly complex monolever mechanism with hollowed-out shaft connected to a suspension strut visible from the outside. There is also a twin disc brake at the front which features two radial brake callipers and a single disc brake at the rear. Not to mention about the BMW Motorrad ABS which further enhances safety.

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Yamaha is working on its first electric bike and has already revealed the first details. The new model has the potential to raise the standards of e-bikes higher than ever as it could be the first one that shows how stability and efficiency can be joined together in one motorcycle.

The new Yamaha EC-Miu Electric Concept uses two wheels in the back and one wheel on the front, so we can expect to perfect balance and stability. The company says that the concept was designed especially for women and puts safety and ergonomics on the first place.

The Yamaha EC-Miu Electric Concept can be recharged using the same G-Station charging stations used by any regular electric motorcycle. The Yamaha EC-Miu Electric Concept is also equipped with Wi-Fi capability which will help the riders use smartphone-based navigation and telematics services.

The Yamaha EC-Miu Electric Concept has made its official debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2011.

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The Benelli PEPE 50 Classic 2T was built with efficiency in mind. The scooter is ideal for urban streets thanks to its compact dimensions, easy maneuverability and the low fuel consumption.

Built on a strong, but lightweight frame, the PEPE 50 Classic 2T is ready to reward you with a fun riding experience every time you fire up the engine. You’ll also like the 220 mm-diameter front disc brake which is paired with a twin-piston caliper. The rear wheel is kept in check by a drum brake.

The Benelli PEPE 50 Classic 2T is propelled by a two-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine with a displacement of 49,0 cm³.

As far as design goes, the Pepe Classic can be easily recognized thanks to its elegant lines and the numerous chromed inserts. The scooter sits on relatively big 16 inch wheels and features a convenient 770 mm seat height.

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The first thing that strikes when you first see the Benelli Macis for the first time is its unique design approach. The attractive design of the scooter is underlined by a dynamic windshield and a slim lined tail. These two elements are combined with a sporty luggage rack and a pair of tasty 16 inch wheels. Furthermore you also get an aluminum handlebar and a pretty comfortable seat.

The 2013 Macis is available in two versions. The first is powered by a 125 cc engine while the second comes with a stronger 150 cc unit. Both engines feature two-valve timing system and liquid cooling.

The Macis 124 and 150 models are offered with a long list of standard accessories which includes a top case kit, under-seat storage and disc brakes for both wheels. It also worthy of being mentioned that there are three color options available namely black, white and red.

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The Benelli Velvet 125 and 150 models feature an attractive classic style, a well designed chassis and modern technologies. Power comes from a 4-stroke air-cooled single- cylinder engine with 2-valve timing system. The unit develops a maximum output of 11.4 HP and 10,5 Nm (1,1 kgm) @ 6500 rpm (for the 150 version). To keep the engine under controlled, the stopping power is handled by a set of two discs which measure 241 mm in front and 220 mm at the rear.

The company says that its new scooter is ideal for city driving because is light, compact and offers a good handling. You also get a pretty decent ride quality assured by a front hydraulic telescopic fork and a double hydraulic rear dumper. The new Velvet 125 and 150 models come with a matching rear top case and are available in either black or white.

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