sexy bikers

sexy bikers

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By looking at this chick’s “equipment” and attitude, this appears to be the worst case scenario on a Honda CBR1000RR. But surprise! The biker babe takes off gently, allowing us to take a good look at her long heels.

Has the world gone nuts or what?

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It’s funny how a good looking chick can attract you attention and you end up writing a post about the bike that she’s sitting on. That’s the case here and, yes, you can put that blame on me!

This is actually a 2003 Ducati 749 that ended up in the right hands in 2004. The owner, which ’…can never leave anything stock’, then started to lower, lengthen and garnish the bike, leaving us wondering if we’d choose between it and the “other” attraction point in the pictures.

But let’s check out some details here. First of all, there’s the stretched swingarm, custom-built exhaust and the spoked wheels. These are features that we simply can’t get over, so we’ll leave the owner do the talking from here: ‘I wanted to go for an old school look, so we sprayed it hot rod black with solid red flake scallops, equipped with red and white pin stripes all around. I also designed a nice air ride kit for it, along with some carbon pieces and custom side-mount exhaust. For some this would be enough, but when things snowball around here, it never stops! I ended up making a one-off, 14 over aluminum tubular swingarm to house a custom fat spoked rim. We went with ‘Ride Wright Fat 50’ 18-inch wheels, with a 300 in the back, chrome spokes with black rims’.

By what we can see when we’re not looking at that hot chick (damn, these guys were inspired!) the riding position is similar to that of a drag bike, so let’s just hope that the adrenaline rush is similar too.

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As you can see, this motorcycle police officer has found a new, interesting, unique, but extremely efficient method to stop those who break the law. It all consists in attracting the outlaws like a magnet rather than chasing them all over the highway.

I can imagine drivers waiting in line to beg for a biiig ticket. I’m not sure what they’re going to receive although I could make a few remarks regarding to what could there be in that spacious trunk that she rests her elbow on.

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Because we know that posts such as this one tend to disturb motorcycle girls simply because they know that all bikes are meant to be ridden and not just used as reason for taking damn sexy pictures, we decided to dedicate this one to all of you female riders out there in an attempt to even up the scales. Hope you’re happy!

P.S. Guys, you should stick to following the link…it is well worth it.

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When traveling to motorcycle shows and exhibitions, I often like to ask chopper builders what inspires them in achieving the S-shape defined by the gas tank, seat and rear fender. In the majority of cases (when the wife isn’t around), the answer is that the source of inspiration is a woman’s body.

I believe that this picture reflects that very well.

P.S. Note that the woman is wearing tanga underwear just so that almost nothing would stand in between her and the bike. Looks like a perfect blend to me!

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This week, the European capital of fashion, Milan, was the shooting place of the 2009 Harley-Davidson & Playboy pics in the photo gallery. Actually, the two big names have teamed up for a contest addressed to all Italian motorcycle owners being at least 21 years of age. These will have to register at www. and so have the possibility both to win a ride with the Harley-Davidson VRSC and meet Italy’s playmates. June 29 is the big day for the lucky winner, who will also end up in the actual magazine, which isn’t necessarily an advantage.

We know how small the chances are that you actually read this last phrase due to the tempting photo gallery, but we’ll have to say that this is just a preview. Harley and Playboy are capable of much more and we want to see it happen.

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Randy DePuniet is one lucky pilot as his team – LCR Honda – recently signed a sponsorship deal with Playboy. The rider’s Honda competition motorcycle and leathers will feature the Playboy logo starting this weekend at the IRTA tests and during the Spanish and Japanese GP’s.

Owner of the team, Lucio Cecchinello, has confirmed the news: “We have been in touch with Playboy US for a long time and, taking advantage of the opportunity given by the presence of some American top executives part of Hugh Hefner entourage during his latest visit to Europe, we have defined the guidelines of a project allowing us to start negotiations with some of this evergreen brand’s global licensees. Playboy Italy has positively assessed the project and confirmed the sponsorship for the early stage of the season (MotoGP Championship Launch during the tests in Jerez de la Frontera, GP in Japan and Spain as Title Sponsor, GP in Qatar…unfortunately, we all know the kind of problems for that) linking it to their activities in the view of relaunching the magazine in Italy. Currently, there are further ongoing negotiations with licensees in more countries, who have been presented with our “projects by event” concept, which does not imply any millionaire investments”.

Go to the LCR Honda website for more information and even sexier photos.

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We’re well aware of the fact that turning your head after a blonde chick when actually riding your motorcycle can have disastrous results (hmm…who would do that anyway?), but in some situations it’s even recommended to take a peak. This is one of them unless you’re doing a burnout in your living room.

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Tennis player Maria Sharapova is not only famous for her great achievements in the world of sports, but also because of her sexy pictorials as she is kind of caught up by modeling too. Ok, so why are we talking about this on TopSpeed? Well, the reason is simple and unveiled by the picture gallery.

The Russian blonde recently posed on a chopper and that’s enough reason for us to share these pictures with you. Notice how in this case, the girl is the focusing point and not the motorcycle? That’s how your galleries are when you’re that famous.

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