sexy bikers

sexy bikers

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Cindy Iglesias gives an interview to OctaneTV and models on the Aprilia RSV1000. It’s funny how girls dressed in swim suits talk about how they’re good at doing a little of everything and how successful they are. In this case, we’re talking about an entrepreneur, former dancer and cheerleader, currently modeling. Damn…when does this girl have time to eat (because she makes sure to mention about how great the food is in LA as if we couldn’t find that out by looking at her hips and belly)?

Video removed upon Cindy Iglesias lawyer request...

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Riding under the hot Nevada sun can be tricky for your body and you still have to ride protective gear. I don’t know if you should necessarily strip in front of a camera and then gear up to ride your Honda CR80 dirt bike, but not everybody is Microbabe Brook Bradford.

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