sexy bikers

sexy bikers

Want to buy a Suzuki Hayabusa that probably still has the ass print of one Jennifer Lopez? Yeah, we thought so.

This special edition supersports bike was ridden by J.Lo during the filming of a Pepsi commercial featuring her and an equally bootylicious Beyonce. We’d love to have both in our garage, but we’ll settle for one of them.

If you’re interested in the limited edition Pepsi Hayabusa with a special paint finish, an LED lighting underbody, and just 100 miles tacked on its meter, it is now for sale. Sure, the commercial was filmed back in 2004 and the Hayabusa has sat idly still since then, but it’s still a Hayabusa - a special edition at that - and a lot of those 100 miles come courtesy of the recently single Jennifer Lopez. For the record, the version used by Beyonce during the commercial was already sold at a private auction sometime back and went for a tidy five-digit sum.

We don’t know about you, but paying £19,995 - $32,500 - for the chance to own probably one of the most desirable bikes on the planet is a chance that’s too good to pass up.

The only thing we need to worry about now is finding that kind of money to spend.

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The 2011 Iron & Lace Custom Motorcycle and Centerfold Model Calendar features the world’s top custom bikes together with sexy centerfold models in revealing lingerie. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Photographed by Jim Gianatsis, Iron & Lace offers a 16-month revealing look at the world’s top award-winning bikes from the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show Calendar Bike Building Championship and the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Included is the Best of Show winning bike "One Eyed Jacks" from Kenjo Nagai / Ken’s Factory, Japan, and "Rambler" from Dave Cook Custom Choppers. In addition, you’ll find the Metric V-Twin winner "LoLA" built by Jim Giuffra and the AFT Metric Customs Model Agency girls.

Other class winning bikes include Chris Flechtner’s Speed Shop Design Pro Class winner, Ron Ron Simms’ "Rooster" Bar Hopper Class winner. The other show stoppers include two cool customs by Todd Silcato / Todd’s Cycle, the Roehr Supercharged 1250cc V-Rod Superbike, a Jesse Rooke street tracker, and a retro Ducati V-twin cafe racer built by Shinya Kimura / Chabott Enginering for actor and motorcycle enthusiast Brad Pitt.

Hit the jump for more pics and details on how to get yours.

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Like always before, this year’s World Ducati Week turned into a veritable party and the fun factor was increased by an organized sexy bike wash. The happy Ducatis were an 1198 and a Multistrada 1100, but you’ll see in the fairly short video after the jump that soon everybody was washing everybody. Troy Bayliss was also at Misano for a piece of the action, so you couldn’t get any better than this. Make sure you see the video as it is well worth it.

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Ask motorcycle riders about their favorite passenger and you’ll hear answers such as “my wife” or “my girlfriend,” (if the persons in cause are actually there) but it will be her who they’ll in fact be thinking at. She simply has to be the world’s favorite motorcycle passenger ever. I bet that the guy that shot this is still grinning right now.

This picture actually sends a message to all female passengers out there: stay sexy and always wear your helmet no matter what!

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If beauty is what your eyes keep rolling after, you surely are familiar to American model Hope Dworaczyk and the BMW S1000RR superbike, but we’ve come to find that these two beauties recently collided.

Playboy magazine selected the 25-year-old Texan to be their ‘Playmate of the Year’ and handed her in a $100,000 check and the keys to 2010’s best superbike. With that kind of wheels and money, she can go riding around the world for a year with a few photo studio stops, of course. Here’s her first shot with the bike…we know, it hurts.

Last but most importantly, this is the first time in 45 years that the Playmate of the Year has been given a motorcycle instead of a car, meaning bikers are expecting even more such delights.

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When it comes to Harleys, it is the image that sells, so the company needs to refresh that image with each year so that they keep appealing to larger and larger crowds. We’re not quite sure this is their strategy to attract more female riders, but the American giant has revealed their Summer 2010 Campaign, but we’ll more likely call it Victoria’s Secret Angel Marisa Miller calendar.

Yes, the Californian model, aka ‘sexiest woman on the planet’ got a bit dirty in denim and jumped on a few Harleys just to get our hearts pumping harder. This follows the success of last year’s campaign, in which we saw the superhot model taking the innocent approach in a 1950s style photo shoot.

One of the pictures even shows a hot babe doing a burnout, but we won’t put our money on the fact that it is exactly Marissa Miller. Anyway, hit the jump for more pics.

Update: behind the scenes video now added.

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AFT Metric Custom’s newest motorcycle "Kemosabe" built by the AFT Motorsports Models will be premiering at the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show
Sunday July 18th 2010 at the The Queen Mary Park, Long Beach CA.

AFT Custom bikes garnered Best of Show and 1st Place Metric Custom the last 2 years and went on to be featured in the Motorcycle PinUp Calendars. Official video and press release are well worth checking out after the jump.

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There is simply no way that the Aprilia RS125 could look better than with this gorgeous brunette girl alongside it. Why? Take a trip to Italy and you’ll see exactly this kind of babe either riding the bike or sitting at the back as passenger. The idea of combining these two beauties is just right and very realistic.

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We haven’t yet met a motorcycle rider that doesn’t enjoy a good looking bike and a gorgeous babe alongside it, so when we came across the sexy gallery that our friends from have done, we just had to bring it to you.

It looks like the Russians have good tastes when it comes to bikes and babes, so make sure you check out the picture gallery after the jump. You’ll surely be satisfied and most likely get yourself a new desktop background.

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It looks like the guys at Moto Tech in Miami sure know how to promote their services as we just came across one of their videos showing a hot blonde performing a dyno test on one of their Ducati superbikes. Obviously, she wasn’t wearing much and we won’t go as far as calling it a motorcycle expert (the video tries to induce she actually is) although we have to admit this is one of the few motorcycle babe videos in which the girl shows off some skills. Congrats for that!

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