The Yamaha Apex SE is a comfortable and luxury snowmobile built to deal effortless with snowy tracks.

In its freezing adventures , the 2013 Yamaha Apex SE is helped by a strong Genesis 4 stroke Top Performance engine which features fuel injection and Yamaha’s unique EXUP (Exhaust Ultimate Power Valve) technology that improves the torque characteristics in the low and mid RPM ranges.

Apart from its strong engine, the 2013 Yamaha Apex SE is also fitted with a full air suspension and EPS (Electric Power Steering) which help it deal effortless with any type of track and snow.

The 2013 Yamaha Apex SE is built on a lightweight frame constructed from varying types of aluminum. The bulkhead is made using Yamaha’s unique CF aluminum die-casting technology, while the steering gate section is pressure die-cast as a single unit.

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One of the most interesting features of the Yamaha RS Venture GT is its EPS system. With help from the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system combined with superb suspension characteristics, the RS Venture GT offers some of the smoothest and effortless handling in the market today.

In its wild adventures the Yamaha RS Venture GT is also helped by a tough 4 Stroke, 1,049cc, 3 Cylinder, liquid cooled engine which develops enough power to help you deal effortless with any tracks.

The Yamaha RS Venture GT also offers generous luggage space on board and a comfortable reclining setback that is adaptable for solo riding. Not to mention about the stylish, large windshield which protects both driver and passenger, deflecting cold air and snow spray. Other comfort features include the heated hand grips and the ergonomically designed seat.

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Searching for a fast and rugged snowmobile which is ready to deal effortless with tons of snow? Then you should take a closer look at the Yamaha FX Nytro MTX 153.

The snowmobile features a sporty design language which puts rider’s comfort on the first place. You’ll especially like the sculpted seat, the ergonomic handle bar and the generous foot rest area.

The Yamaha FX Nytro MTX 152 is powered by a 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, 2-valves, liquid-cooled engine which has a displacement of 1,049 cc and comes with an advanced electronic fuel injection system.

The snowmobile’s lightweight rear-exiting exhaust maximizes horsepower by using a straight exhaust pipe design, reduces the amount of under-hood heat produced and also helps to keep the sled perfectly balanced.

The FX Nytro MTX 153 features the acclaimed FX Nytro front suspension with more trail and relaxed caster for greater deep snow handling and side hilling ability. The sway bar was also removed to enhance handling in steep, mountainous regions.

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Helped by a strong and reliable Genesis 4 stroke, 1,049cc, liquid cooled engine, the 2013 Yamaha FXNytro R-TX is ready to tackle any trails or tracks.

The new 2013 Yamaha FXNytro R-TX features a double wishbone front suspension which works in tandem with the Fox FLOAT X air shocks to soak the bumps and offer a relaxed steering. The rear is kept in check by Ø 46mm, three-way clicker shocks adjustable for compression damping and rebound rate. The stopping power is assured by the Engine Braking Reduction System (E.B.R.S) which coasts the snowmobile when the throttle is released.

The 2013 Yamaha FXNytro R-TX model is equipped with an improved Camoplast Ripsaw II track designed to improve the engine’s power transfer to the snow. The 2013 model is also fitted with a new set of dual keel, dual runner skis which further improve performance.

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Yamaha revealed its 2013 Phazer R-TX model. The snowmobile comes with a strong Genesis 4-stroke Sport Performance engine, combined with a comfortable tuneable suspension and a set of Fox FLOAT air shocks.

Thanks to its capable suspensions the Phazer R-TX is able to offer a pretty comfortable ride even on the toughest trails. Moreover the Phazer R-TX is also equipped with competition-style hooked handlebars, which help you move with agility in any situation.

A multi-function digital gauge keeps you posted on various stats. The speed is displayed on a large LCD readout while the tachometer, odometer and tripmeter data are shown on a secondary readout. The gauge also displays system warning lights, fuel level, and grip warmer intensity.

The seat was carefully designed to maximize comfort and to offer a good riding position. You also get a pair of wide running boards which let you move around without restrictions.

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The Yamaha FXNytro 153 was especially developed to deal with any type of trails feeling comfortable on rough tracks but also on light powder or deep snow.

Fortunately, comfort was not forgotten, and the handlebar and seat heights are perfectly matched for aggressive riding and extreme maneuvering. Moreover, for consistent control, the hooks and main bar section are made of the same grip material.

The track is made of a lightweight but solid material and has a 3-inch pitch with notched lugs for improved traction. The ride quality is assured by the ProMountain Air rear suspension which uses a Fox FLOAT 2 XV shock on its rear arm and Fox FLOAT 2 air front shocks.

Power comes from a 4 Stroke, 1,049cc, 3-Cylinder, liquid-cooled engine which offers an instant throttle response across the RPM band. The FX Nytro 153 also features an oil pressure sensing system, side heat exchanger cooling and Yamaha’s Engine Braking Reduction System (E.B.R.S.).

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The 2012 Yamaha RS Vector L-TX features a series of key features which make it one of the most reliable snowmobiles in its class. Among them there are the industry-first EPS (Electric Power Steering) system and the strong Genesis 4-stroke engine. The EPS system helps you steer effortless with maximum precision and features a computer-controlled actuator which provides the optimum level of steering assistance. On the other hand, the fuel injected engine’s mapping was especially programmed to maximize performance and to offer a linear throttle response.

It’s also worthy of being mentioned that the RS Vector L-TX is equipped with Yamaha’s 3rd generation front suspension, low-keel trail skis and mono Shock II CK 136 rear suspension.

The snowmobile is offered with many comfort features which include, a luxury seating, concentrated hand warmers, comfortable hand grips and an aerodynamic windshield.

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The Yamaha Apex X-TX is a luxury snowmobile designed to deal effortless even with the toughest trails. The snowmobile is equipped with an EPS (Electric Power Steering) system and is powered by a fuel injected 4 cylinder engine.

The engine is mounted on a lightweight frame constructed from various types of aluminium. The bulkhead is made using Yamaha’s CF aluminium die-casting technology, while the steering gate section is pressure die-cast as a single unit. Moreover the rear frame accommodates a shortened muffler and helps to centralize mass. The ride quality is assured by lightweight HPG (High Pressure Gas) front shocks paired with rear dual shocks.

The Yamaha Apex X-TX is protected from wind and snow by an aerodynamic windshield. Moreover, the snowmobile is also offered with heated grips designed to keep your hands warm while riding. The skid is wrapped in a 144"/3658mm Camoplast Ripsaw track with a re-shaped profile assuring a proper grip on any type of snow.

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The SRX 120 was born from the collaboration between Yamaha and Arctic Cat. The two companies decided to leave rivalries behind and developed an all new kid sled which combines the proven Arctic Cat frame and technologies with Yamaha’s capable 4 stroke 123 cc single cylinder engine.

Naturally, Arctic Cat is commercializing its own version of the kid sled, under the name Kitty Cat and except for some minor design differences the Kitty Cat is completely identical with the SRX 120 featuring the same technologies, body and engine.

Both sleds were designed especially for kids and their 123 single cylinder engine cranks out enough power to offer a respectable top speed of 8 miles per hour. The sled is offered with a few key safety features like tether ignition shut-off switch and top speed control. The ride quality is assured by the double A-arm front suspension and slide rail rear suspension.

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Yamaha doesn’t make changes just for the sake of doing so. When Yamaha makes changes, they are doing it because they have found something better to offer then what’s already out. For the 2012 Yamaha RS Venture GT, that involves taking the snowmobile’s overall characteristics up a few notches higher.

The new Venture GT is about as comfortable and user-friendly as any snowmobile in the market. On top of that, it’s got some serious performance capabilities too, the highlight of which is the 1,049cc four-stroke, three-cylinder, twin-valve, liquid-cooled engine. With 120 horsepower on tap, the RS Venture GT represents an attractive snowmobile option for performance-minded riders who also demand no less than the ultimate in comfort.

Further adding to the appeal of the RS Venture GT is a suspension set-up that features the company’s new wishbone design front suspension that sets the A-arms more closely together. Yamaha engineers also use high-pressure gas shocks to control the GT’s 8.5" of maximum travel, which is actually a half-inch less than with last season’s non-EPS front end.

For everything that people have said about the Yamaha RS Venture GT, the biggest thing about this snowmobile is that it comes at a pretty reasonable price of just $12,699.

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