Now that winter is fast approaching, snowmobiles are starting to become en vogue again. So what better way to spend your upcoming bonuses than to splurge on a snowmobile that offers you fun times streaking in the snow.

That’s where the Yamaha Venture Lite comes in. Powered by the Sport Performance Genesis 2-cylinder engine, the Venture Lite offers silky smooth power that can be best enjoyed as a solo rider or with a passenger on board.

More than just its impressive powertrain, the Venture Lite also comes packed with plenty of amenities. It’s got a tall windshield, heated passenger grips, and a cargo rack, among other things, providing you with plenty of bang for your hard-earned buck. The seat was designed to be comfortable for more than just one rider and comes with a forward front pilot configuration that allows excellent positioning when you’re sitting upright and ready to roll. There’s also a raised lip at the back to help keep you stationed properly while a slightly elevated passenger level that tapers slightly into a winged backrest. A passenger footrest platform and handgrips are also part of the package, as is a digital gauge that sits centered so you quickly can read the large digital numerals as they flash your miles per hour.

Going back to the snowmobile’s Sport Performance Genesis 2-cylinder engine, it’s not so much the power that makes the Venture Lite stand out. Relative to it’s size, the snowmobile’s modern high-revving 4-stroke engine delivers upwards of 30 percent more power than its competition while also boasting of a sophisticated electronic fuel injection system. To ensure superior handling, the Venture Lite was also fitted with quite basic KYB gas cell shock absorbers, and a rear suspension that features a simple flip lever to vary torsion spring rates for enhancing ride comfort.

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Yamaha’s Venture line of snowmobiles are known in the industry for being one of the most popular models in the market today. It can be used for a variety of purposes and its versatility is one of the reasons why the Venture is so popular.

The Yamaha RS Venture comes with natural black colors that mean serious business, but if you’re not a fan of black, you can also choose your favorite color to dress up your snowmobile. The snowmobile also offers spacious accommodations for both the rider and the passenger, featuring raised passenger seating and a plush adjustable backrest. Hand warmers with individual settings for driver and passenger are also part of the package.

The Yamaha RS Venture is powered by an impressive 4-stroke Genesis 973cc engine that works well on a variety of conditions. It doesn’t boast the all-world performance of the more powerful Nytro model, but it does give you the comforts of rider-friendliness usually associated with the Venture line, while also treating you to substantial amounts of power and smoother instant on-starting EFI technology. The throttle of the RS Venture is ultra-responsive, providing the kind of smooth ride that riders always look for in a snowmobile.

The 2012 Venture also offers a rigid chassis that comes courtesy of Yamaha engineering’s Deltabox frame. This chassis was constructed to accept the mid-performance character of this Genesis engine. The front and rear suspensions work with the chassis to provide smooth travel over various quality trails while the double A-arm front end works with 36mm high pressure shocks to control upwards of nine-inches of travel. Meanwhile, the ProComfort rear suspension gives the rider and passenger upwards of 12.4-inches of on-trail bump absorption from the gas shock controlled parallel skid rail.

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Take a look at what appears to be the upgraded version of Santa’s sled. It was built entirely from scrap by a Russian retiree from the city of Kirov and turns out this rather strange snowmobile is ideal for the Russian steppes.

Homemade snowmobile from Russia

First thing first, the single-cylinder engine comes from an old Yamaha dirt bike and it transmits power to a huge rear wheel instead of a track, like on classic snow ravishing machines. But there’s nothing regular about a junkyard build and this project comes to strengthen the rule furthermore. For instance, the fiberglass seat is from an old carousel and the gear shift lever looks like a wooden Coca-Cola bottle. Other important parts are the low friction skies and the frame.

This junkyard project took one year to complete, but it looks like it can last a lifetime.

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We just got across a video that made a question pop up in our minds: are snowmobiles more fun than dirt bikes? They must be if ridden by the craziest guys in Iceland, just as this video reveals. It shows two guys worming up their sleds into a local reservoir and then deciding to climb onto the extremely steep concrete walls, the first up the side of a 30-foot cliff and the second goes for a mind-blowing 70-foot one. You’ll need a breath of fresh air after seeing this and start looking at snowmobiles as to gravity-defying machines. I guess this does make them better than dirt bikes.

Source: autoblog
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The “Snowmobile” is a concept belonging to British Designer Evangelos Gicas, who drew it as a combination between current snowmobiles and MotoGP racing bikes. This is only in theory because our friends at Gizmodo practically see it as a “Sperm-Shaped Snowmobile” and while we have to admit that the human machinery was always a trendsetter, urgent protection methods are required.

Long, low and sleek, the Snowmobile concept will supposedly offer a riding position similar to that of a supersports motorcycle, but we can’t see how this can be an advantage considering the fact that, unlike its inspiration sources, this thing doesn’t offer riders the possibility to lift themselves in a fairly upright riding position when braking or, in this case, trying to see and avoid dangers in time. Still, it looks like it can start an avalanche from a standstill and that’s why we like it so much.

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After winning gold in the Snowmobile Speed and Style event at the Winter X Games XII in 2008, Levi Lavallee attempted the first double backflip on a snowmobile at this year’s competition with the same name. The American snowmobile racer did manage to do two complete rotations, but because he went approximately 20 feet longer than he expected, the tough landing didn’t allowed him to ride away.

It is too bad to see this record slip away through his fingers, but considering the stunt that he achieved despite the small distance error, walking away form it means everything.

Source: masmoto
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Hands up who can’t get his eyes off this piece of machinery. Yes, it isn’t your regular winter commuter, but a machine built especially to traverse

CIV – the closest thing to a bike going across Antarctica

the harsh Antarctic terrain as part of the Moon Regan Trans Antarctic Expedition. Sounds serious? It certainly is as we’re talking about 3000 miles than need to be covered starting November 2009.

Designed and engineered by Lotus Engineering to run over ice and snow, the Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV) is fitted with all-round independent suspension and even features an Ice Penetrating Radar (IPR) unit which detects hidden crevasses.

The power source is a supercharged BMW 1150 engine adapted to run on E85 bio-ethanol so the motorcycle similarities are there. Furthermore, the top speed is a more than decent 84 mph and at only 360 kg, the thing can be easily pushed on ice and snow by a single man.

With a minimum of moving parts, the CIV performs excellent in severe conditions and has that cool airplane look too.

Just an idea I resonate with: “If you can run bio-fuels successfully in the most harsh and extreme environment in the world, then there is no reason why you can’t use them to get to the supermarket!” Andrew Regan

Find out more about the BMW 1150 boxer-twin-powered Concept Ice Vehicle and the expedition itself through a single click.

The pictures are courtesy of Transantarctic Expedition.

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It is always good to know that together with an early spring (even though it is not the case now) you have fun alternatives such as the one shown this graciously in the video attached below. Every motorcycle addict will surely convert to snowmobiles together with the first snow flakes and if you live in a cold region there are all the chances that you’ll be already thinking that you must try this trick.

Source: Masmoto
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You like bikes and all the fun that comes with it and you’d like those good times won’t go away during winter. I understand you perfectly and let me tell that with these unique snowmobiles we can have a blast during winter too.

Just imagine a snowmobile offering a moto-like driving position, a single ski in the front and a narrow track (12 inches) with rounded edges. That’s right! An Off Trail" king which can perform in trails like any performance snowmobile or motorcycle. That looks like a lot of fun.

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