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Meet the 2012 Yamaha FX Nytro MTX 162 – a fast sled that can tackle anything you throw at it. As far as power is concerned, the sled is propelled by a 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, 2-valves, liquid-cooled engine with a displacement of 1,049 cc.

Among the improvements made for 2012 you’ll find the new Ascent track, single-piece extrovert drivers, MT-9 mountain skis and new graphics. Moreover, the sled’s seat has been also improved, offering better anti-sag properties in the foam and a more durable seat cover.

The 2012 Yamaha FX Nyto MTX 162 rides on a plush suspension that was carefully tweaked to put the rider’s comfort on the first place. It consists of Fox Float 2 and Fox Float XV shocks that are combined with a new shallow approach angle and new lightweight rails with the designed semi-couple.

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The Yamaha FXNytro has received some upgrades for 2013. One of the most important modifications is the new 1.75 (44mm) lug track that is great for deep snow.

At the heart of the Yamaha FXNytro X-TX 1.75 lies the Genesis 4-stroke High Output engine which features an advanced fuel-injection system to offer maximum performance and fuel efficiency.

Yamaha’s engineers have also spent a lot of time to make the Yamaha FXNytro X-TX 1.75’s ride comfortable. Thereby the Yamaha FXNytro X-TX 1.75 is equipped with the Dual Shock CK 144 rear suspension, along with assertively tipped up rails. Apart from offering a comfortable ride, the suspension also delivers sharp cornering and outstanding floatation off trail. You also get a fresh dual-keel ski design, a 1.75 lug track and many other new features designed to help you deal effortless with snowy tracks.

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Its name alone should give you an idea on what the Venture Multi Purpose is capable of. It’s flexible and steady, and along with a substantial rear deck and cargo rack, this is the kind of ideal machine that makes hauling loads across any snow, any time whether hard pack, powder or rough trail, an easy exercise.

And with the help of a removable passenger seat, you can choose to ride 2-up in comfort or create even more cargo space.

Furthermore, the snowmobile also comes with a 406mm semi-wide track, one that will bring traction in even the deepest snow while the wide floatation skis are prepared to drift easily over almost any surface. When it’s perfect for long and tough trips, the ProComfort 144 rear suspension soaks up the bumps for a smooth ride.

Suffice to say, the Venture Multi-Purpose is all it says it is. Versatile, powerful, and rugged. Really, what’s not to love?

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With its agile character and the lightweight construction, the 2013 Yamaha Phazer M-TX is ready to reward its rider with a rush of adrenaline every time is unleashed against the snowy tracks.

The snowmobile is equipped with Yamaha’s fuel-injected Genesis 4-stroke sport performance engine, which offers a perfect mix between high power and low maintenance. The engine has a displacement of 499cc, has 2-Cylinders and is liquid-cooled.

If you’re venturing off-trail, the snowmobile also comes with a Camoplast Maverick track which gets you up and over the fresh powder.

In terms of suspension, the 2013 Yamaha Phazer M-TX is equipped with a smart ProMountain 144 rear suspension with tunable shocks. The Phazer M-TX also arrives pre-loaded with other benefits that you’ll get such as full mountain ergonomics, electric start and a sports windshield.

All told, the Phazer M-TX comes with a winning formula that you can depend on, thanks to Yamaha’s modern engineering and electronic control technologies that will bring you and your machine closer together as a unit.

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Are you searching for a luxurious touring snowmobile? Then you should take a closer look at the Yamaha RS Venture TF, as is considered one of the best in its class.

The snowmobile is equipped with a 4 Stroke, 1,049cc, 3-Cylinder liquid-cooled engine which uses Yamaha’s advanced Fuel Injection system to control fuel flow. Thanks to this feature, the engine delivers spot-on performance and throttle response across the power band.

To help you maneuver the snowmobile easier, Yamaha offers the modern EPS system (Electric Power Steering) which makes the RS Venture TF feel lighter and more stable during turns.

The snowmobile also carries generous luggage space on board while the comfortable reclining setback makes for an adaptable riding experience. Additionally, a multi-function panel offers all of the pertinent data that allows you to enjoy your ride without having to worry about anything.

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The Yamaha RS Viking Professional is a pretty rugged snowmobile which is ready to deal effortless with any type of trails and tracks.

The snowmobile is powered by a four-stroke triple which features a hot firing digital electronic ignition to assure positive starts and consistent fuel burning. The company says that “the entire system of engine and tranny has been well tested on snow-packed job sites for a long time. It is virtually bulletproof and exactly what serious snow workers want.”

As far as suspensions go, the RS Viking Professional is equipped with the ProAction Plus unit which gets great grip from the modified Camoplast RipSaw track and its 1.25-inch lug profile.

Like any respectable snowmobile, the Yamaha RS Voking Professional comes with loads of storage place. Flip up the seat to access voluminous underseat storage for ropes, tools, hand winch or just a quick snack. Additionally the rear passenger portion of seat detaches to reveal even more room for you things.

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The Yamaha FXNystro MTX is the rebel member of the Yamaha snowmobile family. Its dynamic design language, the perfect ergonomics and the powerful engine are all working together to reward you with a boost of adrenaline every time you jump on the saddle.

Power comes from a capable 4 Stroke, 1,049cc, 3-Cylinder, liquid cooled engine which puts out enough torque and power to help you deal effortless with any type of snow.

In its wild adventures, the FXNytro MTX 162 is also helped by the ProMountain Air rear suspension, an 18° track approach angle and a pair of lightweight Fox FLOAT 2 shocks. You also get the Camoplast Ascent track design which delivers first class performance in hill climbs and on fresh or deep snow.

Perhaps it goes without saying that the snowmobile is packed with Yamaha’s innovative engineering and electronic control technologies that bring the rider and its machine closer together.

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The Yamaha Venture Lite comes with a long list of features which make it a pretty practical and versatile snowmobile. It’s also built with comfort in mind and you’ll especially like the tall windshield, heated grips, comfy seats and luggage rack. Moreover, the passenger seat can be simply removed for solo riding, while the extra luggage space gives you more room to stow your belongings.

Power comes from Yamaha’s fuel-injected Genesis 4-stroke Sport Performance engine, which will bring mile after mile of smooth and economical power.

The Venture Lite is built on the FX chassis, which has a lightweight, rigid CF Die-Cast member and chromoly tube construction. The ride quality is kept in check by a double wishbone front suspension specially engineered for the Venture Lite. The suspension was carefully designed to accommodate the particular weight distribution and handling needs of a snowmobile, thereby is perfectly suited for the Yamaha Venture Lite.

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The Yamaha RS Viking Professional is equipped with one of the best engines you’ll find among today’s snowmobiles. It is a 4 Stroke, 3-Cylinder, liquid cooled, 973 cc unit which delivers enough punch to help you deal without any problems even with the toughest tracks.

For 2013 the new RS Viking Professional receives a plethora of new features, including new and wider skis for improved floatation, steering and handling, a new torsion spring rear suspension, extrovert axle sprockets and a higher Camoplast wide track.

The 2013 Yamaha RS Viking Professional is also fitted with a roomy seat which can comfortably accommodate two persons, a redesigned cargo rack which carries all the kit you need, new footrests and a tall, protective windshield. It’s also worthy of being mentioned that the seat flips up to reveal a large storage area.

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The Yamaha VK540IV features a pretty classic design language, but this doesn’t mean that it’s less comfortable than its rivals. Both the seat and handle bar reward you with a comfortable riding position, while the tall windshield offers a pretty good protection from wind and snow.

The 2013 VK540IV comes with plenty of new features, including wider skis, improved steering and handling, a new torsion spring rear suspension, extrovert axle sprockets and higher Camoplast wide track, all of which were added to give the Yamaha VK540IV a more positive drive on the deepest snow.

The snowmobile is packed with a 535cc twin-cylinder 2-stroke engine mated on a precise and smooth dual-range transmission. Switching between ranges, or selecting reverse, is smooth and easy using the transmission lever on the console.

The snowmobile’s svelte frame, economical efficiency, and ultra-reliable engine makes for a riding experience unlike any other.

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