About three weeks ago, Suzuki revealed the first teaser images of a new "Middle-class Motorcycle ." And while the car won’t make its public debut until EICMA show in Milan this November, the company has decided to reveal the first images and details on their new "mystery" bike. It will indeed be the updated version of the V-Strom 650 as previously rumored.

For 2012, the V-Storm 650 will be powered by a V-twin engine that delivers a total of 68 HP at 8,800rpm and 60 Nm of torque at 6,400rpm, plus a 10% fuel consumption improvement over the previous model.

Design improvements include a reshaped and 15mm-taller seat, an updated upper fairing and three-position, a new muffler, and a height-adjustable windscreen. Three-spoke aluminum alloy wheels will be offered as standard together with a new multi-function instrument cluster with an analogue tachometer and a brightness adjustable LCD screen.

The new model will be offered in two different colors: Pearl Mirage White or Metallic Fox Orange. Prices will start at $8,099.

Erick Buell was once a bigwig at Harley Davidson , having served the role of head engineer and designer of Buell Motorcycles . But when Harley decided to part ways with the sub-brand, Buell likewise left as well, opting to run his namesake brand on his own.

For those wondering how Buell would fare without the financial muscle of Harley Davidson behind him, those questions have been answered with the launch of the company’s new superbike, the unconscionably gorgeous 1190RS.

Defying all the naysayers that said that it couldn’t be done, the 1190RS is a living testament not only to Buell’s fortitude, but also the fact that the company could produce a stunning and technologically advanced superbike on their own. The 1190RS was designed while drawing inspiration from their other previous work - the 1125R - except that the former clearly stands on its own as a superbike serving notice. The frame casting of the bike is all-new while the airbox on the bike is twice the size of the previous version. Other important elements of the bike, including the wheels, suspension, brakes, body, structural components, and controls are all new and stand-alone from anything else Buell Racing has produced in the past.

More details on the Buell Racing 1190RS SUperbike after the jump.

Japanese denim brand, Evisu, may not be a familiar name to a lot of people in this side of the world, but over in Japan and Asia, the fashion house is quite a big name. So now that the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary, it only seems fitting to have something special done to commemorate the occasion. By taking a Harley Davidson bike and dressing it up in spectacular fashion, Evisu did exactly that.

Together with the Harley-Davidson dealership in London-Warr, the oldest Harley dealer in Europe, Evisu created a customized, hand-made, limited edition Kamone Sprinter, a bike that combines vintage styling with modern bad-assery, thanks to the the extensive use of black, chrome, and gold that serve as its primary colors.

The meticulous styling details crafted into the bike also underscore Evisu’s goal of making this bike a true one-off jewel. In addition to the fancy three-piece scheme, Evisu also made sure to give plenty of design inspirations from their brand, one that emphasizes pure functionality with timeless elegance.

“Synonymous with luxurious craftsmanship and one-off design, The Evisu Warr’s Harley-Davidson Motorbike, aptly named the Kamome Sprinter, showcases the creativity and hand-made practices for which both brands are famous,” the Japanese denim brand said in a statement.

“Welding, carving, bending metal; stitching, riveting denim, and embossing and treating leather – the Evisu heritage is celebrated throughout the entire motorcycle, and the same technical exactness that Evisu rule by was taken into account,” it added.

The bike has been tagged as a limited edition – rightfully so – that costs £35,000, which is about $58,000 based on current exchange rates. Anybody interested in owning this rare Harley can avail of it at the Evisu store in London.

One of the oldest European motorcycle factories, Benelli , is celebrating its centenary this year with the unveiling of two special edition models: the TnT 899 and TnT 1130 Century Racers.

The TnT 899 is powered by a compact three-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed gearbox, high-spec suspension components from Marzocchi and Sachs, and Brembo brakes with radial-mount calipers. It delivers a total of 120 HP at 9,500 rpm and 64 lb-ft of torque at 8000 rpm. The TnT 1130 carries the same engine and components, but is a bit more powerful, delivering 129 HP at 8500 rpm and 81 lb-ft of torque at 5250 rpm. This added power was achieved thanks to engine mapping, a fully adjustable spring preload, and hydraulic compression and rebound.

The Century Racers will feature a modern design with added luxuries such as Alcantara seats, a compact tail, and a special paint job inspired by Renzo Pasolini’s Benelli racebikes of the 1960s.

The guys from Radical Ducati have developed one of the most impressive bikes ever. It’s called the RAD 02 Corsa Evo and is a higher performance, track going version of the RAD 02 Corsa. The "02" moniker refers to the fact that the bike can be used both as a race or trackday bike.

The RAD 02 Corsa Evo eliminates the seat and the rear body found in the original motorcycle, and gets a unique composite part in their place. Radical has also changed the "old" rear subframe for one that is lighter and smaller. The bike also gets a custom 4.2 kg aluminum frame, subframe, and swingarm, as well as a lighter rear subframe and a redesigned front fairing.

The only thing the model has in common with the previous Corsa is the fuel tank which Radical Ducati says was too perfect to change. The RAD 02 is powered by an ST3 engine - the same three-valve desmo found in the sport touring model, but specifications have yet to be revealed.

Japanese maker, Suzuki, has revealed the first teaser images of their new motorcycle that, according to the first details, is being referred to as the "Middle-class New Motorcycle." While most of the rumors suggest the new bike will be making its debut at the EICMA show in Milan this November, Suzuki has promised to offer more details on June 11.

This is all Suzuki is revealing at this point, but recent rumors have suggested that the teaser images actually preview the next generation V-Storm. The first teasers said it was "Time For Real Adventures", so this might suggest an off-road version of the V-Storm. However, no matter what are we looking at, the teaser images sure look promising with the motorcycle’s tall windscreen and cat-eye headlamp, as well as the tall handlebars, electronically adjustable windscreen, single rear exhaust, passenger grab-handles on the sides, and a shroud for the muffler.

CR&S (Cafe Racing and Sport) is saying Happy Birthday to Italy with the unveiling of the VUN Tricolore. The model will be put on display at the "Esperienza Italia" exhibition in Turin from now until November 20, 2011.

The name VUN comes from the Milanese word for one which is perfect for this single cylinder, single seater sports bike. The tribute to Italy comes in the bike’s Italian tricolore paint job and the "1802-1805" logo - the time span for the First Italian Republic.

"The Italian leadership of today seems blithely out of step with current world events: The Italian premiere fawns over and publicly kisses the hand of Muammar Gaddafi, who upon returning to his kingdom of Libya, begins to brutally repress and murder his people; Japan struggles to prevent a major nuclear disaster, while Italy prepares to hold a referendum on whether to allow the construction of nuclear reactors on Italy’s earthquake-prone territory (the referendum is worded in such a way that if you are against changing the law to allow nuclear reactors you must answer "yes" - ’furbo’)."

Yesterday, MV Agusta announced the Brutale 990R Italy 150 Special Edition , and today the company has launched the first teaser video for the 2012 F4 RR Corsacorta super bike. The new bike will make its world debut at the EICMA show in Milan in November 2011.

Compared to the standard F4 model, the new RR version will add an extra 18 HP and will be equipped with Brembo brakes, an Ohlins TTX, and carbon fiber components. The video also reveals a new paint scheme and various sport components making the RR model even more sportier than its previous version. The bike in the video features a new matte white exterior paint, but we expect more options to be offered when the bike goes on sale at the beginning of 2012. Expect prices to be in the $30K area.

UPDATE 05/11/2011: MV Agusta has revealed the official details on the 2012 F4 RR - "the most advanced and powerful superbike in the world." The new bike will be put on sale at a starting price of 22,900 euro, or about $32,900 at the current exchange rates. The F4 RR is powered by a short-stroke radial valve engine that delivers 201 HP at 13,400 rpm and will be offered with even more exotic materials and reduced weight. For 2012, the model will also get two new color schemes: pastel red/white and matte pearl white.

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Italian motorcycle company,MV Agusta , is celebrating Italy’s 150th anniversary with the unveiling of a special edition Brutale 990R. The new model will be limited to only 150 units, one for every year of the country’s history. The company has said that the bike is the perfect union of technology and style.

MV Agusta’s latest special edition will be distinguished by exclusive livery highlighted by the dashboard cover which matches the color of the bodywork. The tail end has been turned into a single seater just for this version of the bike and the spoiler sports the Italian flag with the number 150. There is also an inscribed plate on the upper steering brace.

The 150 units of the MV Agusta Brutale 990R Italy Special Edition will be offered in three color schemes: white, red, and black. So if you are from Italy, this is the perfect occasion to buy an MV Agusta bike.

The Saline Bird Concept is a concept bike designed by five design students - Charles-Edouard Berche, Ugo Spagnolo, Adrien Fuinel, Frederic Dobbelstein and Jean-Philippe Paries - at the ISD of Valenciennes (France) as a design exercise for their 2010-2011 final project. The bike has been designed as a race bike for the "Les Triplettes de Bonneville" and get sits inspiration from the shape of a skier as he flies down the slope.

The Saline Bird Concept is powered by a compressed air engine fed by three air tanks with a total capacity of 27 liters. It sits on a carbon fiber frame with leather skin parts in place of the conventional body panels. This leather skin can be slipped on and off "like a sock" in order to switch between body panels or no body panels. The bike can be turned into a road model by replacing the handlebar.

Technical partners of the project include MDI (engine), LUXFER (air tank), and BRM.

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