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Last year, Yamaha introduced their all-new FZ6R supersport-inspired motorcycle and this is now one of their most representative middleweight 2010 models. Built with comfort and rider excitement in mind, this is still one of Yamaha’s latest addition to the supersport lineup, an all-new every day motorcycle that gives the impression of being designed for the track. But those are purely design aspects. The fact is that the FZ6R is an unbeatable package of performance, comfort and style at a very affordable price.

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We haven’t yet met a motorcycle rider that doesn’t enjoy a good looking bike and a gorgeous babe alongside it, so when we came across the sexy gallery that our friends from have done, we just had to bring it to you.

It looks like the Russians have good tastes when it comes to bikes and babes, so make sure you check out the picture gallery after the jump. You’ll surely be satisfied and most likely get yourself a new desktop background.

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After taking the wraps off its all-new 2010 VFR1200F sport touring motorcycle designed from the ground up as “a ten in every respect,” Honda sits back and enjoys its latest VFR’s success. The bike’s most outstanding feature is the V-4 engine, but only because the dual-clutch automatic transmission is optional.

The 2010 Honda VFR1200F has to be the most aggressive, refined and most likely comfortable new entry in its segment, a bike claimed to adapt to any style of riding or riding situation naturally. It looks like a Honda from every angle, but this motorcycle has also come to show its manufacturer’s achieved goals as it is “a futuristic sport motorcycle for the sheer joy of riding”.

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We just came across an interesting post on the triumph675 forum about the anatomy of a highside described by the author of the crash himself. Apparently, the rider was trying a new approach for Turn 9 of the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway and the tricky section of the track combined with a bit of dust turned out disastrous for the Suzuki SV650, while the rider walked away with nothing but a hurt pride.

The bike, which was recently fitted with new bodywork and paint, is now $3K away from another track day. Better luck next time!

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The latest creation of 26-year-old designer Igor Chak is the hybrid motorcycle concept called the Izh-1. Inspired from the 1929 Soviet Izh–1, the 2012 bike retains nothing but a few styling cues from the original russian bike as the designer has considered an 849.40 ccm (51.83 cubic inches) V-twin engine, modern looks and all the possible gadgets for it.

Half built from heat resistant and highly reinforced plastic, the 140 hp engine should be light and even feature built in wiring and circuitry. The classic engine, which has a fuel-regulating system for better fuel economy, can be mated either to a six-speed manual or an automatic transmission. Electronics would control the throtle system, clutch and brakes.

What makes this a hybird is the additional 60kw electric motor found in the rear wheel. This one is fed from a Lithium Sulfide Battery and gets a two-speed speed gearbox.

Probably the most interesting thing about this concept is the fact that it features a dual airbag, one to protect the rider and keep it on the bike and the second, mounted just above the front wheel, should take about 50% of the force of impact and also keep that rear wheel on the ground while doing so.

The bike would work in three different modes – sport, comfort and manual – and be fitted with traction control, ABS as well as a proximity regulating radar system front facing on-board camera helping riders maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead if these happen to brake suddenly.

Apart from featuring a GPS navigation system, the Izh-1 is compatible to iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian, Android etc so that riders would stay connected all through their journey.

These are just some of the bike’s most important features. The designer covers the whole thing, so go to to find out more. Also, click past the break for this concept’s video.

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What started as the simple transformation from naked to sport-touring ended up a completely new project for the Italians from Aprilia because turning a class-leading urban commuter into a machine ready to take on any kind of trip means more than simply adding a half-fairing and a screen to the original bike.

The Aprilia Shiver 750 GT/ABS is a technologically advanced and highly refined way to prove the Italians have a word or two to say in this industry.

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Until recent years, Aprilia has been producing the Mana 850 as an entirely naked bike, but the Italian manufacturer also entered the sport-touring category with the Mana 850 GT ABS. At its base, the bike remains the same all-rounder with nothing more than a half-fairing and an adjustable windscreen, but it is claimed to be the result of a completely new concept of motorcycle and that definitely raises a few question marks.

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This is a very funny video for Yamaha directed by Mark Toia. It shows a fan of the Japanese brand having troubles deciding himself between three different models, the FJR1300, FZ1 and XV1600 and the guy eventually has himself cloned for the sake of riding the three bikes at the same time. Hmm, I guess I never thought at it that way.

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Bengt Gunnarson, the owner of MC-Varuhus (Motorcycle Warehouse) dealership in Stockholm has just unveiled two icons for the motorcycle industry, a Honda NR750 and RC30, which he kept intact in the basement for around two decades.

One from 1989 and the other from 1992, the bikes are both part of limited runs that Honda offered as technological showpieces (NR750) and homologated race versions built by HRC for World Superbike (RC30).

Unboxing the two bikes now is like going back in time and experiencing that same thrill fueled by the fact you’re getting your hands on the best there is out there. Although Honda evolved A LOT since these bikes were produced, the two look just marvelous and they will be displayed in the dealership’s showroom for the posterity. It is totally worth seeing the video after the break.

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Take a first glance at the new Triumph Thruxton and you’ll have troubles spotting the essence of the 2010 model year not only because the bike looks just like it did in 2009, but also because the fuel injection system is beautifully camouflaged in a pair of carburetors and so retains the Thruxton’s legendary racing look.

The racing bike from Triumph’s glory days, now a combination between the café racing style and modern engineering, the 2010 Thruxton is a direct hit into any nostalgic’s sensible heart. Let’s see what more.

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