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Especially developed for adventure lovers, the Honda CB500X is a versatile motorcycle that puts comfort, reliability and performances on top of its priorities list.

Thanks to its flexible character, the 2014 Honda CB500X feels similarly comfortable both in the city and on the tougher tracks, being ready to reward you with an enjoyable ride every time you fire up its engine.

Among the features offered by the 2014 Honda CB500X you’ll find an adjustable windscreen, a 4.5 Gallons fuel tank and wide handlebars.

The Honda CB500X is built on a diamond-shaped steel-tube mainframe which is attached to the engine with four mounts.Talking about the engine, the bike is propelled by a 471cc, liquid-cooled parallel-twin unit with PGM-FI. The engine’s power is kept in leash by a six speed transmission.

The Honda CB500X can be yours for no less than $5,999.

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Yamaha has taken the wraps off it new green concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. The new concept represents a small step into the future of motorcycles and features a compact design which makes it perfectly suited for riding through the city.

The new sport motorcycle is built on a monocoque frame and is packed with an electric brushless DC smart Power Module motor powered by a set of removable Lithium-ion batteries. The electric motor is paired with an automatic transmission which can be also used as a manual gearbox.

The motorcycle was built with lightness in mind and it weighs less than 100 kg.

Talking about its new concept Yamaha said: “The PES1 electric motorcycle offers both environmental friendliness and sporty performance that conveys Yamaha’s passion for riding. It off ers great drivability and maneuverability sure to please any motorcycle fan thanks to its lightweight design and motor torque control. Slip out on weekend mornings, without waking the family, for a private hour of communion with your electric ride. Eminently quiet motor is guaranteed to deliver you from the din of your everyday life. Future of electric sports bikes is fast approaching.”

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Everybody was eager to see Yamaha’s new 250 cc motorcycle, so the Japanese manufacturer has finally decided to reveal its new model at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

The new sport motorcycle is based on the M1 MotoGP and features a sharp design language mixed with the latest technologies developed by the company.

For the moment we don’t have many details about the new motorcycle but we know that is will be propelled by a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, in-line, 2-cylinder, fuel injected engine with a displacement of 249cm3. The unit transfers its power to the rear wheel through a constant mesh 6-speed transmission.

The new motorcycle will compete against the new Honda CBR 300R and Kawasaki Ninja 300 which are both equipped with larger displacement engines (300cc).
Together with the first pictures of its new R25, Yamaha has also released a video footage with the motorcycle in action ridden by Valentino Rossi.

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The 2014 Zero DS comes with a set of improvements which help it deliver better performances. The motorcycle has a pretty versatile character and feels similarly comfortable both on the street and on the dirt. It is built on a twin spar frame which sits on a set of fully adjustable suspensions.

Power comes from a Z force, 75-7 passively air cooled, radial flux permanent magnet, brushless motor which puts out a maximum torque of 68 Ft-Lb (92 Nm) and 54 Hp (40 KW) at 4,300 rpm.

The unit can propel you to a maximum speed of 80 Mph (129 Km/H) and can reach 100 kmph in 5.2 seconds. As far as batteries are concerned you can choose between three capacities - 8.5 KWh, 11.4 KWh and 14.2 KWh.

The motorcycle is offered with a base price of $12,995
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Meet the 2014 Suzuki SFV 650, a sporty motorcycle designed for roadster lovers. It is built on a compact trellis steel frame that features 25 degree of rake and 104 mm of trail, a great mix carefully calculated to enhance the bike’s agility.

At the heart of the motorcycle lies a 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, dohc, 90-degree v-twin engine with a displacement 645 cc. The engine needs to deal with a curb weight of 202 kg and is fed by a 3.8 gallons fuel tank. Its power is kept under control by a six speed, constant mesh transmission.

Jump on board and you’ll be met by a modern instrument cluster, an ergonomic handlebar and a well bolstered seat.

The motorcycle rides on a set of 17 inch cast aluminum-alloy wheels shod in 120/70ZR17 front and 160/60ZR17 rear tires.

The 2014 Suzuki SFV 650 can be yours for no less than $8,149.

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The new Ninja 300 SE represents Kawasaki’s offensive against its 250cc rivals. The new model is the strongest model in its class and comes with a comprehensive list of new features which help it dominate the entire segment.

In terms of power, the motorcycle sports a new 296cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, parallel twin engine which transfers its power to the rear wheel through a six-speed transmission with F.C.C. assist clutch.

The engine is housed by a new frame made of high-tensile steel tubing that is 150% stiffer than the old frame used by the Ninja 250R.

Jump on board and you’ll be welcomed by a new seat, high-tech instrumentation and a comfy handlebar.

Other features worthy of being mentioned include new wheels and tires, a fresh bodywork and a two-stage under-seat storage compartment.

The 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 SE comes with a base price of $5,199.

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Suzuki is one of the best motorcycle manufacturers from the market and with every year that passes the Japanese company struggles to come up with new technologies and top notch motorcycles.

Its latest creation is called the Recursion and is a concept motorcycle that will made its official debut at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show on November 23.

The Recursion will be a compact roadster that promises to offer a perfect compromise between power, comfort, handling and efficiency.

At the heart of the motorcycle we’ll find a liquid-cooled 588cc, parallel-twin engine that puts out a maximum power of 100 hp at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 74 pound-feet at 4,500 rpm. The engine is paired with a light weight, a cast chassis and a single sided swingarm.

We also know that the stopping power will be handled by a front disc brake.

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The Suzuki GSX-R750 is a sporty motorcycle designed for those who love to mix speed with two wheels.

The motorcycle’s center piece is a 750 cc, four cylinder, liquid cooled, DOHC engine that comes with forged pistons, shot-peened conrods, chrome-nitride-coated upper compression and oil control rings, and pentagonal ventilation holes.

The engine is paired with a six-speed close-ratio transmission with “race-proven” back-torque-limiting clutch.

The bike’s backbone is represented by a lightweight and compact twin-spar aluminum cradle frame which is made of five cast sections and comes with a cast swingarm.

The 2014 Suzuki GSX-R750 rides on a lightweight 41 mm Showa Big Piston front-Fork (BPF) and a single Showa rear shock that features externally adjustable rebound and compression damping, as well as adjustable ride height.

You also get a pair of racy 120/70ZR17M/C (58W) front and 180/55ZR17M/C (73W) rear tubeless tires.

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The Suzuki GSX-R600 has already proven its value and in at the moment is considered one of the best models in its class.

At the heart of the motorcycle lies a 599 cc, four cylinder engine which breaths through a 4-into-1 stainless-steel exhaust system. The engine is kept in leash by a six-speed close-ratio transmission that features vertically staggered shafts to reduce overall engine length.

The motorcycle is built on a lightweight and compact twin-spar aluminum cradle frame which is made of five cast sections and features a cast swingarm.

Other features that are worthy of being mentioned include 3-way adjustable footpegs, an adjustable shift lever, a modern instrument cluster that features an analog tachometer with LCD readouts of the speedometer, odometer, dual trip meter, reserve trip meter, clock, coolant temperature/oil pressure indicator, S-DMS and gear position indicators.

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When Kawasaki launched its new Ninja 300 we were very curious to see who will be the first manufacturer that will launch a counter attack.

It seems like Honda is the first rival that managed to develop a weapon that can go against the Ninja as they’ve announced their all new CBR300R - a compact middleweight sport bike that should have the potential to compete with success against the Ninja 300.

For the moment we don’t have too many details about the new Honda CBR300R but we can expect it to deliver a maximum output of around 30 HP and 25 Nm (ft-lbs) of torque. It could also be a bit lighter than the actual CBR250R, so in terms of performances, we can expect to see clear differences between the two models.

The new Honda CBR300R was presented at the 12th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition and shows a completely fresh style that puts a lot of accent on aggressive lines.

At the press conference, Seiji Kuraishi, Chief Operating Officer for Honda’s regional operations in China, made the following announcement:

"The motorcycle market in China, which is the largest in the world, has been increasingly diversifying in recent years, and the number of customers who enjoy motorcycles for recreation also is increasing. Against this backdrop, Honda will begin full-fledged business in the area of large-sized motorcycles which provide the joy of riding.

To be more precise, in 2014, Honda will open stores which will specialize in large-sized motorcycles in Shanghai and Beijing. During this exhibition, Honda is exhibiting the CBR500R, which will be the first model to be sold at the specialized stores.

Moreover, Honda is exhibiting the world premiere of the CBR300R, a global motorcycle model for which Honda is planning to begin production in Thailand in the future. The market introduction of this model in China will be discussed in the future.

For the motorcycle market in China, Honda will continue proposing products that offer the highest level of environmental performance, convenience, the joy of mobility and fun of riding."

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