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The 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ER-6F is a fast, reliable and modern motorcycle built on a perimeter style frame. As far as design is concerned, the motorcycle features an agile stance with angular bodywork and a sporty windscreen.

The rider is met by an analog and digital instrument panel, an ergonomically designed handlebar and a comfy seat.

At the heart of this beauty lies an advanced, highly compact, liquid-cooled 649cc parallel twin engine combined with a digital fuel injection (DFI) system featuring 38mm throttle bodies with sub-throttles. In terms of power, the engine cranks out 72.1 PS at 8,500 rpm and 64 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. The engine is paired with a six speed transmission and offers a fuel consumption of 50-mpg.

The 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ER-6f ABS is offered with a starting price of £6499.

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The new 2013 Kawasaki ER-6n is sporty, practical, agile and cool. What more could you ask from a bike? The motorcycle features a new double pioe perimeter style frame, a sharp design language and a powerful engine. Talking about the engine it is a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 8 valves, parallel twin unit with a displacement of 649 cm³. The engine is brought to life by an electric starter and is mated on a six speed transmission. In terms of power, it cranks out 72.1 PS @ 8,500 rpm and 64 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm.

Kawasaki’s engineers have spent a lot of time to reward the ER-6n’s rider with first class ergonomics. Thereby the motorcycle is equipped with a sporty looking tandem seat with thick cushioning, ergonomic passenger grips, rubber-mounted seat bracket and a comfortable handlebar.

The Kawasaki ER-6n is available on the UK market with a starting price of £5899.

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There aren’t many motorcycles that are able to compete with success against the new Kawasaki Ninja 300. This new bike replaces the old Ninja 250 and compared with its predecessor is technically a completely new bike.

In terms of design the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Special Edition ABS is certainly with a huge step ahead of many of its rivals featuring a pretty futuristic style with many unique accents that underline its sporty character.

The new Ninja 300 is powered by a larger 296cc liquid-cooled, parallel twin that features a new digital fuel injection (DFI) system. The new engine delivers a maximum power of 29.0 kW (39PS) at 11,000 rpm and 27.0 Nm of torque at 10,000 rpm.

Kawasaki says that its new engine has nearly 50% of the parts upgraded from the previous model. The most significant upgrades include new intake ports, new 23.6mm intake valves, a new cam chain a revised 10.6:1 compression, and new lighter pistons.

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Equipped with a strong new engine and modern technologies the new Kawasaki Ninja 300R is a true masterpiece on two wheels. The motorcycle also features a new style which further enhances its sporty character.

In terms of ergonomy the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 rewards you with a sculpted seat, a sporty handlebar and a multi function LCD which includes speedometer, clock, fuel gauge, dual trip meters, odometer and ECO Economical Riding indicator.

The motorcycle is powered by a fresh 296 cm3, Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, Parallel Twin engine that produces smooth, torquey power at low and medium rpm and powerful acceleration at high rpm. Compared to the previous 250 cc unit, the new one features new pistons, cylinder, cylinder head as well as a fresh exhaust. The engine’s power is kept under control by a capable six speed transmission.

The motorcycle is available on the US market with a starting price of $4799 USD.

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The Suzuki TU250X is a traditional sport bike and draws inspiration from its classic ancestors. The retro appearance of the motorcycle is underlined by the spoked wheels, round headlight, old school frame and the sweptback chromed muffler.

When Suzuki’s engineers designed the TU250X, they spent a lot of time to make it as comfortable as possible. Thereby, despite its retro style, the Suzuki TU250X is a pretty comfortable motorcycle that offers a relaxed riding position thanks to its spacious saddle and the perfectly angled handlebar.

The motorcycle’s center piece is a 249cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected, air-oil cooled SOHC engine which delivers strong low rpm torque to help you deal effortless with city traffic.

For 2013, the Suzuki TU250X is available in an all new Metallic Mystic Silver / Glass Sparkle Black combination. The motorcycle is offered with a starting price of $4,399 and a 12 month unlimited mileage limited warranty.

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The Suzuki GW250 Inazuma is a sporty yet practical motorcycle that features an electrifying style. The motorcycle is powedred by an agile 248 cc, liquid cooled, lightweight, two cylinder engine which generates lightning fast low-end and mid-range power. The engine is combined with an advanced liquid cooling system which helps keep the bike in the optimum performance zone. The engine’s power is sent to the ground through a six-speed transmission which offers a wider range of gearing to suit the city or the open road.

As far as the ride is concerned, the 2013 Suzuki GW250 Inazuma is equipped with a rear mono-shock with a seven-way adjustable spring preload and a front telescopic forks which is able to deal effortless with bumps.

The motorcycle is available with a starting price of $5,999 and comes with a 12 months warranty.

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When it comes to motorcycles, Suzuki is one of the most important manufacturers and its bikes have proved themselves to be reliable, strong and always equipped with the newest technologies.

The 2013 SFV 650 Gladius makes no exception and is one of the most capable motorcycles in its class. The motorcycle is built on a compact open trellis frame which helps it deliver a great handling. At its heart you will find a 645 cc V twin, double overhead camshaft engine which is fairly smooth and delivers generous low to mid-range power. The 90° V twin double overhead camshaft twin cylinder engine produces maximum power at 8,400rpm along with masses of torque through the rev range.

The 2013 Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius is offered with a starting price of $7,999 and a 12 month, unlimited mileage warranty.

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With its agile stance, the modern design language and sporty engine, the Suzuki GSX-R600 is ready to reward you with a serious amount of thrills every time you jump on its saddle.

The motorcycle is propelled by a 599 cc 4 cylinder engine that is paired with a six speed manual transmission. The engine comes with shot-peened con rods, a chrome-nitride-coated upper compression and oil control rings, and pentagonal ventilation holes which have the purpose to improve the overall performance and efficiency.

The engine is linked to a 4-into-1 stainless-steel exhaust system with a titanium muffler. This advanced exhaust system maximizes torque and improves throttle response, especially in the low-to-mid RPM range.

The bike features a completely new frame, a race-proven geometry and a 15mm shorter wheelbase. All these were achieved without sacrificing the swingarm’s length to maintain traction on corner exits.

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Since it was launched in 1985, the Suzuki GSX-R750 has managed to attract a lot of fans and there is no wonder why as is packed with modern technologies and features a pretty versatile and sporty character.

As far as performance is concerned, the 2013 Suzuki GSX-R750 is powered by the same 750 cc four cylinder engine as the previous year’s model. However, the actual model features an eight kilogram reduction off the total weight, advanced engine technology, broader power delivery, improved throttle response and lower emissions. On top of that you also get a more aerodynamic and light bodywork.

The stopping power is handled by a set of four-piston Brembo monoblock front brake calipers and 310mm dual floating discs, paired with a single piston rear brake caliper with a 220mm disc.

The motorcycle is offered with a starting price of $12,199 USD.

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Honda presented the 2013 version of its sporty CB1000R. Technically the motorcycle is basically the same as the previous model’s year. Though the bike is now offered with a new Cool Pearl White color option and fresh graphics.

The Honda CB1000R features a special chassis which puts the 998cc engine out front and center. This position not only improves the bike’s weight distribution but it also gives a more upright and comfortable riding position.

Talking about the engine, it is a 998cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder unit with computer-controlled digital transistorized ignition with 3-D mapping. The engine’s power is sent to the ground via a Close-ratio six-speed transmission. Among the features offered by the CB1000R you’ll also find the adjustable brake and clutch levers which let you fine tune for the riding environment, and tailor fit the controls to your riding style.

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