Sprint ST

Sprint ST

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It’s long been said that bikers evolve with age, so while the Daytona 675 is the dream of any sports motorcycle passionate in his early twenties, the Triumph Sprint ST is a family guy’s idea of a sports tourer. If that’s the case, I’m getting married as soon as possible.

The bike is extremely reliable and versatile while also retaining the British style and finesse with performance to back it up.

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Having introduced the 2009 range of sport and naked bikes, Triumph now presents a promotional video inviting riders to go their own way. The video features the new Street Triple R among a multitude of choices: Daytona 675, Street Triple, Speed Triple, Tiger and Sprint ST.

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Triumph Sprint ST is practically the definition of sport-touring as the bike is famous for its versatility. Able to take you in comfort on those long trips all over the country and still retaining a sporty behavior, the Sprint ST is the perfect all round motorcycle.

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The Sprint ST has fought off the BMW BMW K1 K1 200S and the Honda VFR-ABS to win Motorrad’s 50,000km endurance test, beating 12 other competitor bikes to the top spot. Motorrad, Germany’s best-selling motorcycle magazine, found that after 50,000km the Sprint ST’s compression and performance figures were the same as a brand new bike, the oil consumption was marginal, the engine, clutch and gearbox were all in very good condition and the painted parts, frame and exhaust pipe showed no sign of corrosion (...)
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The Sprint ST has come to represent the very pinnacle of sports touring refinement and it’s a bike that has never made compromises – it’s defied them. It’s a sports bike that covers distance in absolute comfort, a touring bike that carves corners effortlessly, with a truly usable mix of poise, power and all round practicality.

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