Posted on by Maxx Biker

You can easily guess the winner of that race, but you’ll definitely appreciate the bike’s head start. I certainly did and decided to share this video with you guys. It’s amazing what people can come up with and do we like it? We looove it! Way to go….Jet plane!

Posted on by Anthony Kodack

Brooklands Museum and the VMCC Sprint Section regret to announce that the Sprint meeting scheduled for 8th July 2007 has been CANCELLED for financial reasons. The Museum and the VMCC Sprint Section are sorry to disappoint riders who were looking forward to a blast on the new Mercedes-Benz track. Efforts will be made to stage the event in 2008, which is actually the Centenary year of the start of MOTORCYCLE racing at Brooklands, whereas this year is the Centenary of the opening of the (...)

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