spy shots renderings

spy shots renderings

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Oberdan Bezzi looks keen on the Bimota Moto Morini union that he started with the MMB1 sketch as we’re now looking at his second rendering in this concern. Called MMB2 FighterMotard, the bike seems to combine the streetfighter and hypermotard styles in a way that looks just right.

A simple look at the bike made up by the two Italian brands is enough to spot Granpasso influences, but the low and aggressive stance definitely makes it a streetfighter.

The bike should address to a much larger crowd than that of enduro riders as it would most likely do well in the city, good off the asphalt and excellent down the twisties.

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Design guru Oberdan Bezzi has thought at a rather strange, but definitely interesting way to create a whole new V-twin powered Italian motorcycle. Called MMB1, the bike would come as the result of joined forces between Moto Morini and Bimota. The strange part is that MM would have to supply the engine on a bike to be sold with the Bimota name and logo on, but the thing does look plausible.

Our advice: don’t take it to seriously. Moto Morini was recently saved from bankruptcy by Paolo Berlusconi, so this is just Obiboi trying to guess where the company is heading now.

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The Honda XRV 750, better known as the Africa Twin, is a legendary model of the Japanese manufacturer, appreciated as being one of the most robust and reliable motorcycles ever produced by Honda.

While several rumors from last year announced the fact that Honda will most likely produce a descendent of the Varadero model powered by a V4 engine, the Italians from infomotori assure about the reviving of the renowned adventure model seven years after being removed from the Honda lineup.

Apparently, the future Africa Twin will be powered by a new 1000cc V2 engine, 200cc less than what the competition has to offer. Look at motorcycles such as the BMW R1200GS, Yamaha Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré and Ducati Multistrada for a comparison base. Still, Honda will have to ensure similar performance figures while weight should be significantly down.

Like in the case of yesterday’s Aprilia Tuareg rendering , the Honda should have chain final drive and a 21-inch front wheel.

Expect Honda to introduce the all-new XRV 1000 Africa Twin at the EICMA show in Milan.

We will come back on this subject as soon as we have more details.

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Italian motorcycle magazine Motociclismo has just revealed a sketch that they’ve put together as a result of rumors about Aprilia planning to launch a big-bore adventure tourer. Called the Aprilia Tuareg, the motorcycle would be a 1200cc adventure-sports one, which positions it up against BMW’s recently disputed king, the R1200GS and rivals Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré and Ducati Multistrada .

With that being taken into consideration, Aprilia would really have to get the most out of the 1200cc V-twin engine suppose to power their future desert bike, while also keeping it under the 200kg (440lbs) weight limit imposed by the desire for competitiveness.

As this rendering reveals, the dual-purpose bike will come with a 21-inch front wheel, while a street version featuring a 19-inch one isn’t out of the equation either.

We will come back on this subject as soon as more details are available.

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Take a look at this picture and start being jealous on the rich and famous who know how to spend their money! It shows Brad Pitt, who is a big fan of custom motorcycles, test riding his latest hand-built chopper from Roland Sands Design.

The hardtail, one-off creation looks light and nimble, definitely the kind of ride a Hollywood celebrity would cruise the LA streets on.

Wearing a full-face helmet and sun glasses, Pitt shows he isn’t out for showing off, but definitely enjoying his new exquisite motorcycle without the paparazzi spotting him. Maybe next time he’ll manage to lose them.

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Although the Austrians from KTM have tried to keep a low profile in what their all-new Freeride electric motorcycles are concerned, German magazine Das Motorrad published the first leaked pictures of the much-awaited KTMs. Damn, why can’t we feel sorry about this?

Expected to retail for approximately $13,500 (or just under €10,000), both bikes rely on 30bhp and 33lb/ft of torque while weighing in at 198.4lbs. Hmm, that cannot be impressive. At least the 2.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack is capable to keep the good stuff coming for around 1.5-hours.

One a supermoto and the other an enduro, both bikes feature what appears to be a tubular steel frame.

This pretty much blows KTM’s element of surprise, but at least we can see the Austrian company entering confidently into a totally new segment mainly dominated by Zero Motorcycles in the United States.

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Suzuki introduced their all-new middleweight Gladius in 2009 and didn’t change it in any way for this year, but here comes a rendering showing a quite possible way to turn the funky Suzuki naked bike into a presence much strongly felt wherever ridden. The design was done by Oberdan Bezzi, Italy’s most renown motorcycle designer, and it aims towards a more aggressive look.

If we were daring, which we can become, we would say this concept could easily pass as a streetfighter, but as much as we look at it, we cannot erase the fairly dull image of the model currently being produced. That’s the sad part because with his sketch, Obiboi is trying to drift the Suzuki Gladius away from its original look and make it worthy of an “S” completing the name.

Although the designer doesn’t mention anything about a possible engine upgrade, we think this is a rather simple way of refreshing the Gladius look and increase figures on the sales charts in years to come.

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There’s little you can reproach to Triumph about the way their Daytona 675 looks, but ways to make it better are continuously found both by tuners and owners around the world. What we’ve recently came across is actually a supposition regarding to weather Audi-like LED headlamps further enhance the aggressive note of middleweight British sports bike.

We think this looks quite striking and might catch on to the motorcycle industry as well, but in the end it’s all up to the Hinckley-based company to make their move as result of feedback from fans.

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According to these sketches, Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi seems to like the Vyrus 987 C3 4V a lot, but finds the bike a little too…naked and has come up with two faired versions of the ingenious original package. The Vyrus Superbike is supposed to be the competition version as it doesn’t have lights or mirrors and it’s rather hard not to spot the slick tires as you check out the hub-center steering chassis design, which is kept on both bikes. The street version is called “Yellow Fever” and it does feature all the necessary for street homologation as well as road tires.

So here you have it, the easiest way to turn beast into beauty…or at least disguised beast. Follow the jump to read the translated official description.

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Since MotoGP returns to 1000cc starting 2012, Ducati is thinking about creating a new Desmosedici RR, which will have to be sold in a limited run. This will supposedly be a carbon-framed model and also considering the significantly larger displacement engine, we can’t even dare thinking about the price of the new Desmo following the 2008 original one, which remains in history as one of the greatest race replicas to come out of the factory gates in Bologna. Remember: 197bhp/171kg!

Source: MCN

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