spy shots renderings

spy shots renderings

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These are the leaked official photos of the much anticipated Stradaperta, Hypermotard’s successor in the adventure touring class (that is if you get your hands on a pair of off-road wheels and soften up the suspension a little bit). The bike will be powered by a liquid-cooled, V-twin engine of large displacement such as the ones found on the Ducati Streetfighter (1099cc) and on the Ducati 1198 (1198cc).

In terms of style, Ducati makes quite a daring move with the aggressive air intakes cut into the mudguard and stops pretty much there. Now, we could have lived with the thought that this 2010 Italian road bike comes with a dirt-style mudguard, but what’s with the bar-mounted mirrors? At least they stick to the abbreviated brush guards with integrated indicators and keep things in the off-road register although the bike will most likely never leave the tarmac. The Ducati Stradaperta will debut at the EICMA show next month.

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Italian manufacturer MV Agusta has today presented a teaser shot partially unveiling the 2010 version of the F4 superbike scheduled for the official launch on November 8.

Given the fact that the 1998 model was designed by Massimo Tamburini and has withstood the test of time, the front end is mainly unchanged: the diamond headlight has the same shape, but now contains LED running lights and a single large projector lamp, the windscreen now blends better in with the fairing and it is much sharper at the base. The shot also reveals restyled mirrors, which we like.

Expect to hear more about this model as information becomes available. Meanwhile, you can check out the new MV Agusta Brutale models.

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The motorcycle press is restless in speculating about the upcoming Ducati Stradaperta or “the next Hypermotard” and the abundance of spy shots does help at maintaining people’s awareness in what this model is concerned until it is finally unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan this November.

These are probably the best spy shots ever and they reveal an entirely digital dash (we hope that GPS will carry on the production bike) as well as Hypermotard features such as the signal lights integrated into the hand-guards, just to mention a nice detail that caught our attention. Still, most of the bike is covered in tape, but that doesn’t stop us from imagining the beautiful Italian curves underneath. We’re just glad the angry face was kept and can’t wait for the official unveiling.

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Honda has taken the 2010 Honda VFR1200 to the alps for some nice action pics ahead of next month’s official unveiling and this is where it was spotted by a very dedicated MotoBlog reader, who got the chance to take a few pictures with the bike before it blasted down the tight mountain roads.

Although it was initially thought that the new VFR will have generous dimensions, it hasn’t, so that the innovative technologies such as the dual clutch transmission and variable cylinder management can make a strong point in this industry. Also, we reckon it doesn’t weigh much either.

Click here for the VFR1200 engine sound.

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The first rumors regarding the introduction of a new MV Agusta supersport model appeared in the summer of 2008, when the Italian manufacturer wasn’t yet owned by Harley-Davidson. Even so, the new model was spied for the first time just yesterday, close to the factory in Varese, Italy. It looks more compact than its bigger brother, but the design (very similar to that of the F4 model) makes us think that this precise test bike was disguised so that it would pass unnoticed. Well, it didn’t and these photos reveal some details indicating the fact that underneath the fairing is something else: the single-sided swingarm was replaced with a classic one shaped like those found on supersport models, the clutch is mounted higher, the fork arms have a smaller diameter and the original undertail silencers have been replaced by a single lateral one.

According to Italian sources, the future MV Agusta supersport model will weigh in at 353 lbs (dry) and will be powered by a 3-cylinder engine displacing 675cc and developing an impressive 140hp at 14.000rpm. If this bike ends up on the showroom floors with these characteristics, we can only say it will be a very competitive model, if not the best in its class.

This project, which began while MV Agusta was still managed by Claudio Castiglioni, represents an important piece in the plans to revamp the Italian company and the proof is that developing of the F3 was continued even after Harley-Davidson bought MV Agusta.

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MotoRevue’s Jérôme Vannesson has put his photoshop skills to work in order to show how the 2010 Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory might look in the opinion of the French motorcycle journalists. This model is expected to be released at the EICMA show in November and, like the Factory edition before it, to feature forged wheels, Öhlins suspension and a multitude of carbon fiber bodywork pieces.

Practically a stripped down RSV4, the Tuono V4 Factory has what it takes to go against the Ducati Streetfighter , especially if we consider the 160hp that the bike will supposedly benefit of according to MotoRevue.

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Superbike Magazine got their hands on the leaked official shots of the future Suzuki GSX-R125 model that is supposed to compete with the Honda CBR125 and Yamaha Yamaha YZF-R125. The 125cc four-stroke motorcycle is far from the official unveiling and that’s what makes these photos so precious. They show how Suzuki Suzuki manages to perfectly mimic the styling of larger GSX-R models and make this the dream of every teenager with a soft spot for motorcycling.

Given the fact that the frame is most likely pressed steel and not cast or extruded aluminum, the bike will have a dry weight of around 125kg and will be powered by a 15bhp motor. Ok, so it won’t beat any power-to-weight ratio, but the multi-layered plastics and banana swingarm go straight to the rider’s heart. Also, expect for non-adjustable suspension.

The Suzuki GSX-R125 is a very late addition to a very attractive segment, but this also makes it interesting and tempting for those who always want to stay ahead of the competition. We will have to wait and see if this means that Suzuki will finally get their piece of the 125cc superbike pie.

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The fellows at MCN got their hands on the latest spy shots of the 2010 MV Agusta Brutale. The pictures were taken earlier this week at the Almeria circuit in Spain and they reveal a new chassis and styling. More precisely, the steel trellis frame has been redesigned, while the new headlight is probably the most obvious change of this new model year. Apparently, the tank and seat carry on unchanged.

In what the engine is concerned, this is currently known to have suffered no significant upgrade and, given the fact that two bikes have been caught during tests, we reckon the 989cc and 1078cc versions will be kept as well.

There’s no official word from Agusta on this model yet.

Source: MCN
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According to French motorcycle magazine Motorevue, Yamaha is preparing R1’s cross-plane crank engine for the 2011 FZ1. Together with it, upgraded suspension, six-pot brakes and a new R1-inspired half-fairing will make the line between supersport and sport-touring even thinner.

Ever since the 2006 revamp, when the FZ1 go fuel-injection for its “previous generation” R1 engine, the bike carried on being produced without any significant upgrades and it seems that the need was felt for some new technology. While we have nothing against that, looking at this very plausible rendering made by the friends at Motorevue, we can’t help noticing the dramatically sportier riding position, which is in total contradiction with FZ1’s reputation.

Expect to see the new Yamaha FZ1 at 2010 bike shows around the world.

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Yamaha hasn’t yet launched its 2010 line of cruisers, the so-called Star motorcycles, but designers have already started to speculate regarding the evolution of different models. We have a hunch that the 2010 Yamaha V Star 950 won’t receive more than some new colors, but came across some interesting sketches that reveal the contrary.

Adrian Sellers is a designer based in Huntington Beach, CA. He is specialized in Industrial Design, Design Management and Illustration, but we’ve come to find that he is quite interested in the evolution of motorcycles and transportation vehicles in general. His V Star 950 rendering retains the original Star look and adds a little more salt and pepper, managing to mix the classic and custom style with great ease. The spoked wheels aren’t from the production bike, neither is the seat and we can’t help noticing how the V-Twin engine is much easily stood out. It would have been nice to speculate about the different possible colors, but it seems that a shiny Red will always set a Star apart from the crowd. Just check out the 2010 VMAX (the only new Star model to be seen yet). .

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