spy shots renderings

spy shots renderings

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The Honda Fury project developed along five years specially for the US market and officially launched this January in New York has apparently lead to the creation of a roadster version. These sketches have been patented by Honda in the United States of America and Japanese engineers consider this model a way to fully explore the potential of the V-twin engine powering the Fury.

Called RV2, the project features elements that are more likely to be found on American choppers rather than on factory motorcycles – a massive tubular steel frame and imposing custom wheels – while British influences such as the low bars and flat seat design add a café racer look to it. Furthermore, for keeping the Fury engine and shaft drive previously used on the VTX series, Honda masks the radiator in the front end of the frame.

Honda’s Roadster model sketches also unveil an upside down fork, a 320mm front disc brake with four piston calipers as well as a unique exhaust system ending up under the seat.

Although there is no actual information related to a possible finalization of this project, the Honda Roadster 1300 could become a serious contender on the US market for various Buell models and even the Yamaha MT-01.

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Due to the fact that Ducati is likely to create an all-new maxi scooter, kind of in the style of Honda’s DN-01 , designer Xavier Gordillo has created this incredibly accurate sketch revealing how the two-wheeler might just look. Published on the Spanish Solomoto30 website, the ‘Ducatone’ design features a trellis frame and a two-valved engine, possibly borrowed from the Monster 696 or even the 1100.

Given the aggressive lines and comfortable riding position, this anticipation looks like being close to what Ducati has in mind, but the DN-01 will still lack competitors a long time from now as there is no certitude related to the concept being approved.

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The skillful hand of the Italian motorcycle sketch designer Oberdan Bezzi creates an impressively accurate Ducati 1000 Supersport concept motorcycle.

Apart from the Ducati 1000 SS shown both in yellow and red, the same artist also visualizes a Ducati TT 1000 combining both colors. While this last looks more like a racing bike from the 1990s, the first looks like the proper bike to inherit 999 S’s place in Ducati’s lineup.

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Wait, does this mean what I think it means? Is the Picador 400 going to revive the old Spanish motorcycle company called Bultaco? According to this picture, there are a lot of chances for this all purpose motorcycle powered by a 400cc single-cylinder engine to breath life back into the long vanished company as it looks like great fun and user-friendly as well. A great marketing strategy and a common goal could just do the trick.

Bultaco built two-stroke motorcycles from 1958 to 1983 and were even involved in the Spanish Grand Prix, but the motorcycle company dissolved as its two heads had different visions.

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After revealing with courtesy of MCN the first spy shots featuring the all-new 2010 Ducati Multistrada , we get to see in the same way a proper computer interpretation of the bike that is meant to become THE alternative for the BMW R1200GS.

This is how the adventure-style Ducati will supposedly look when it will be shipped to dealers in 2010 and these lasts confirm it: "This is an accurate representation of what the bike looks like. I know I could sell loads of them this week if they were available."

Ducati plans are to present the new Multistrada at the Milan Motorcycle Show this November and start selling it at the beginning of 2010.

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We recently presented a rendering according to which the Triumph Rocket III could go RR and become the alternative for the Star VMAX and while that looked plausible, this Ducati concept designed by Luca Bar is simply mind blowing from where I’s sitting. Called D66, the Ducati custom motorcycle is so similar and yet totally different to the Harley-Davidson V Rod, it stands as the European alternative to a consecrated American muscle cruiser.

Now, the question is: would you consider buying this thing? Or let me rephrase that… Would you buy this thing over the V Rod if they would both cost pretty much the same?

Note that it allows for some serious customization.

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The Italians from blog triumph che passione with the help of Pio have imagined a British power cruiser perfectly suitable to compete with the 2009 Yamaha Yamaha VMAX. In their vision, the Triumph Rocket III RR also develops 200 horsepower and it is fitted with suspensions and brakes taken straight off the Daytona model and modified to match the cruiser.

All possible extra weight is eliminated and the bike reduced to its bare essence. An Arrow exhaust with titan silencers will be fitted as well as Brembo brakes with huge wave discs.

No doubt about it, these guys ca really work with their computers and create an exact result of their imagination, but we reckon that this is what the Triumph Rocket III RR will remain.

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The word is out that the Italians form Café Racers and Superbikes are undergoing a café racer project based on an approximately 2 liters big S&S X-Wedge engine. Performance is clearly what they aim for and the Marvic wheels, Brembo brakes as well as the large diameter Ceriani inverted fork also show that, but in a kind of American way considering the fact that this thing will weigh around 410 pounds dry.

Although not that revealing, these early images show the single tube backbone frame and single sided swingarm that will most likely end up on the bike.

Now this is a concept of which any builder in the United States would be proud of, but, according to the latest information we have, the industry’s tendency here is towards hybrid two-wheeled vehicles. Despite the fact that US builders carry on with their “routine”, aren’t we spotting a complete U-turn on both continents?

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The English site Performance Bikes has created the latest hypothesis – a very accurate one, if you allow – regarding the 2010 Triumph Daytona 1050. Basing on the fact that Triumph Triumph will use the three-cylinder engine currently powering the Speed Triple and Tiger models, they designed basically a sharper Daytona 650 on steroids.

Indeed, the 2010 Triumph Daytona 1050 is expected to look much like his middleweight brother and the rendering, although very realistic, is a little exaggerated. For instance, those Audi-like headlights do look good, but would never light the bike’s way into the night while the passenger seat is rather narrow, but apart from that it shouts out loud the Triumph name.

With a single-sided swingarm –and the implicit Speed Triple wheel –, narrow body and two beautiful colors, this is one very good overall image of what Triumph will be adding to their lineup in 2010.

Source: Motoblog
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MCN spotted Ducati’s latest adventure touring motorcycle while it was being tested and they captured some accurate images which confirm our suspicions related to the latest creation of the Bologna house.

Aimed to replace the Multistrada model, the bike is built around the water-cooled 1099cc V-twin engine of the Ducati Streetfighter. The

Detail spy shots of Ducati's 2010 Adventure model

yellow cables seen in the pictures are for the portable datalogging unit, meaning that they retuned the engine through the fuelling system for greater sport-touring performance.

While we loved what we’ve seen on the left rider side of the bike, including the single-sided swingarm, the right side unveils an awkward

Detail spy shots of Ducati's 2010 Adventure model

looking exhaust. The collector box is positioned under the engine (that will most likely be covered) while the pipes look like every kid’s dream slingshot…not quite what you would expect from a big boy’s machine.

Comfort and appropriate styling is a must for the new Ducati so while the generous bodywork allows for plenty of room both for rider and passenger, the windscreen is adjustable as seen from the hinges on the side mounting. With a pair of aggressive ram air scoops and 1098’s LCD dashboard, this bike looks ready for this autumn’s EICMA show in Milan.

If we could only get a glimpse of it without all that duct tape on…

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