spy shots renderings

spy shots renderings

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Despite the fact that the Fury isn’t scheduled for official release until the New York International Motorcycle Show on Friday, we’ve come across what seems to be the first official picture of Honda’s all-new chopper that is ready to hit dealerships any moment after the launch.

The picture shows a long (actually, at 1808.5mm, the Fury has the longest wheelbase of any production motorcycle ever built), low and sleek motorcycle that looks like nothing ever built before by Honda and yet exactly how the Honda Fury patent images did.

As we anticipated, the bike is powered by a fuel injected version of the 1312cc liquid-cooled V-twin on the Honda VTX1300. Other great features are the 200mm wide rear tire, 21-inch front wheel and also the fact that the Fury features a shaft drive instead of belt, like on most custom models and choppers.

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Ducati has long been planning to replace the Multistrada 1100 go anywhere, do anything bike and by what this spy picture shows, this is the model that will substitute Pierre Terblanche’s creation.

The bike was spotted during tests in Italy and it seems that Ducati is close to giving a green light for the new model. By what we’re able to see in the picture, the sport tires and a thick single-sided swingarm will keep it on the streets and – if it is to listen to the rumors – it will very much belong there.

No wonder, as insiders “leak” that the Multistrada replacement will feature the 1099cc engine that currently powers the Ducati 1098.Just to spice things up, I’ll mention that the DTC traction control won’t be excluded, but that’s all we know for now.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see this bike at the Milan show in November and, later, in their garages as 2010 model years.

We’ll be back with more information on this future model as soon as we have it, hopefully, together with some better spy pics.

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Will the Cagiva Elefant and Raptor models return in full force now that Harley-Davidson has turned their eyes on them? Most likely, yes. With financial support from the American icon combined with Italian heritage, these models are rumored not only to be revived, but to be powered by engines developed by Harley-Davidson in collaboration with BRP Rotax.

After acquiring MV Agusta and Cagiva, HD tries to make its debut in the world of all-around motorcycles, but there are also plans for scooters

Harley-Davidson to work their magic on Cagiva

and large-displacement motorcycles. Apparently, the firsts on the line are the Cagiva Elefant and Raptor for which the 140 hp waiting harnessed in the 1125cc liquid-cooled V-Twin of the Buell 1125R and the 1125CR seems to be the most adequate. The year of turning point for these models is likely to be 2010.

According to Solomoto, Harley also discusses with BMW about the possibility of these last to provide single or even twin-cylinder 650cc and 800cc more docile engines for future Raptors. Later on, Piaggio will be assigned for delivering 125cc four-stroke engines for entry-level bikes such as the Raptor/Planet and Mito models so they’ve apparently figured pretty much everything out.

If the brand’s reviving goes according to plans, we should not be surprised if, in a couple of years, Cagiva will launch a superbike built in the pure Italian style and driven by a 1200cc BRP Rotax V-twin engine developing as much as 180 hp. This is also part of HD’s plans for Cagiva, but we can only wait and see what will end up being reality and what not because they tend to seem too promising.

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Following Zero X’s success will be the Supermoto non-polluting Zero S model displayed in the picture above as the recently born company announces. They’ve planned the new model’s arrival for the Spring of 2009 and have already presented the official headline figures: 70mph top speed, 60-mile range and 50lb/ft. Considering that an electric motor is behind all this, you cannot stop wondering how that’s even possible. It seems that they’ve went for a "Patent-pending lithium ion array" high-capacity battery which might require an on-board quick charger.

The great thing about Zero motorcycles is not the fact that they’re existing as there is still a lot of petrol to be burned on this planet (rich people’s ideas), but the fact that they’re expanding their offering and actually head to the Supermoto track. Still, the bike will be street-legal and $1,000 deposits have already started being accepted.

Go to the Zero Motorcycles website to find out more.

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Motorvue has proposed their interpretation of Ducati’s future enduro motorcycle, the Hyperstrada which is expected to hit production as a 2010 model year.

The model has already been announced by the Italian house at various dealers and it is expected to be a fierce competitor for the BMW R 1200 GS. The present year’s Ducati Multistrada will most likely evolve into a radical new motorcycle with a futuristic look inspired on the recently launched 1198, but we’re sure there’s more of it yet to come.

Chances are that we’ll be seeing an official pre-production version of this bike by the end of 2009.

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Honda has been preparing a whole new custom motorcycle for quite some time now and it seems that they have reached the testing faze. The best proof is this spy shot – originally presented by Solo Moto – presenting the Honda Fury undergoing final testing in Arizona, USA.

As seen in the picture, Honda tries a totally new approach towards the cruiser market, setting the new motorcycle apart from what we originally gotten used to. The first thing that strikes you is the design. With custom wheels, a very low seat and smooth fuel tank and rear fender, the new Honda model makes us very curious about its every single unique feature.

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When I first saw this picture I checked the calendar to see if today is by any chance Valentine’s Day and this is just the result of some guy desecrating his bike in order for his girl to forgive him for not spending as much time cuddling or something like that. But no!

There have actually been “rumors” (which I would have loved not to hear about)) that BMW is preparing a Barbie Edition and this is just a rendering of that because otherwise the world of those who actually go around the world will be turned upside down. Can you imagine that? How can anyone even picture such a horrible image?

Bye, Bye girls! And then she goes vrrrrooooomm. I feel like puking.

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The recently unveiled BMW Lo Rider concept strips down to the very essence of motorcycling and brings us customization possibilities that were frankly unexpected from a manufacturer known more for its army and touring motorcycle, not this cruiser-like model.

But it seems that finding new means of thrilling a rider’s heart is the way to go into the future and BMW gets a decent head start with the sketches released after the public unveiling in Milan. These make public twelve customization possibilities which are imagined by BMW designers and could very well materialize into something real.

Motorcyclenews launches the question on everyone’s minds: “Should BMW build the Lo Rider?” and you are invited to answer to on their website.

P.S. By the way that these sketches look, you know my answer!

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Searching the web, we’ve come across this beautifully styled Suzuki Burgman 400 which is a scooter replica of Suzuki’s road racing lineup. At a first glance there really isn’t anything not to like about the recently unveiled concept at a Las Vegas Suzuki conference.

Suzuki GSX-R series inspires Burgman concept scooter

Like the GSX-R series, it features an aerodynamic front end characterized by perfectly integrated headlights, signal lights as well as air scoops, everything being adapted to the fairly bigger scooter front end. The seat is extremely spacious and the passenger’s handles unite into what replicas a racing rear end on top of the scooter one.

There are also performance additions to the quiet, fairly small machine that often finds its purpose of life underneath modern European couples. These are the powerful brakes featuring waved discs and the exhaust which, like on the GSX-R models, have that nice triangle shape and follow up the machine’s design lines.

God knows what they’ve done to the engine, but as far as we can see, the road behavior has been improved by lowering the concept scooter while the color scheme is exactly like the one of the bike that inspired its creation in the first place.

Now, I love super sport bikes and everything that has to do with them, but if you can come up with a plausibly reason to why would anybody wish such a transformation, I am ready to accept it. Until then, I find no reason for it to go into production as it isn’t practical at all…though I would love to swing a leg over it during a day at the track.

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According to a spy shot from Solomoto, Aprilia is currently working at the Dorsoduro 1200 and, most likely, the Shiver 1200 which gives us reasons to believe that the upcoming EICMA show in Milan reserves many surprises from the Italian maker. The same sources claim that Aprilia is also expected to unveil an all-new Caponord 1200 and a new bike that stands as a future competitor for the BMW R1200GS.

But, sticking to what we know for the moment, the Dorsoduro and Shiver will be powered by the same 1200cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, DOHC, 8-valve V-twin engine that will produce 130bhp at 9000rpm and 120Nm at 6500rpm. Now, with those numbers in mind, note that the weight increase will only be around 5 to 7 kilos, proving that the Italian engineers haven’t rested on their laurels.

With a little bit of luck, the EICMA show in November will clear things out. And if it doesn’t, we’ll dig to find out some more.

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