Star Stratoliner

Star Stratoliner

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Big, imposing and strong, the 2014 Star Motorcycle Stratoliner Deluxe is a comfortable cruiser designed for those who like to travel with style.

As far as comfort is concerned the Stratoliner Deluxe is loaded with a long list of features that will make your ride as enjoyable as it can be. Among them you’ll find a Garmin Zumo 665 GPS, a modern fairing with integrated speakers and connectors for iPod/iPhone players, a handlebar-mounted audio control system, hard saddlebags and a sculpted seat.

The motorcycle is propelled by a 113-cubic-inch (1854cc), air-cooled, 48-degree V-twin with four pushrod-activated valves and two spark plugs per cylinder. For optimum performances, the engine features computer-controlled, twin-bore, fuel injection.

The engine is mounted on a lightweight aluminum frame which is paired with a Controlled-Fill die-cast swingarm.

The 2014 model year brinbgs brings a revised clutch that has lighter feel tha the previous unit.

The 2014 Star Motorcycle Stratoliner Deluxe can be yours for no less than $17,240.

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Meet the 2014 Star Motorcycle Stratoliner S, an imposing tourer built using the latest technologies developed by the company.

At the heart of this stylish tourer lies an air-cooled 48° V-Twin; Pushrod OHV, 4 Valves/Cylinder engine with a displacement of 1854cc. It is linked to a 5-Speed transmission with multiplate wet clutch that delivers an average fuel consumption of 43 mpg.

The engine is mounted on an aluminum frame that offers a perfect compromise between light weight and rigidity. You also get a light, Controlled-Fill die-cast swingarm that was carefully forged to keep the motorcycle’s handling performances at a high level without affecting the rider’s comfort.

Other features that are worthy of being mentioned include a sculpted seat, a high tech headlight, classic clock-style instrumentation, leather-covered locking hard sidebags and a quick-removable windshield.

The motorcycle is offered with a base price of $16,990.

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The Star Motorcycle Stratoliner S combines the classy look of the old school bikes with modern V-twins and new technologies. The bike is the company’s premier touring craft so you can expect to first class performances and reliability, two attributes that always helped Star Motorcycle remain in front of the pack.

While many metric tourers aren’t able to grab your attention due to their less impressive look, the Stratoliner S has that special spark which makes your eye brows raise with admiration.

The most important details that help it stand out from the crowd are the tasty air cooled engine, the fat bars, the massive headlight and the sleek fuel tank.

Fortunately, the Star Motorcycle Stratoliner S is not only a nice polished bike as it also has enough power to blow your mind. All that power comes from a 113-cubic-inch (1854cc) air-cooled, pushrod 48-degree V-twin engine.

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Anytime you find yourself looking at bike brochures with the intention of buying a custom-ready cruiser, the Yamaha Stryker should definitely be right on top of your list.

Looking the part of a modern-day custom "chopper," the Stryker is a clear choice for overall road-blasting bad-assery. The muscular, lunging design is only one of the things that makes this bike such a crowd-stopper. It’s chromed up to the hilt and delivers impressive performance capabilities in the form of a 1304cc, fuel-injected liquid-cooled V-Twin engine that riders will undoubtedly fall helmet over boots over.

Sure, there are plenty of other bikes on the market that offer the same - or right around the same - vicinity characteristics of the Yamaha Stryker. And while there are definitely choices to choose from, the only question is why you can pick something else when there’s one that’s clearly a can’t-miss wonderbike.

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Star Motorcycles really overpass themselves with the 2009 Stratoliner models as these were not only impressively powerful and offered great road behavior – like all other model years before them –, but also stood out in the style chapter. Truly unique motorcycles not only in their manufacturer’s lineup, but among all other big displacement cruisers available on the market today, with each year that passed by, the Stratoliners only demanded some new color schemes and they were good to go. For 2010, things are different as Star launched the all-new Stratoliner Deluxe and carries on producing the Stratoliner S without any upgrades, while the standard Stratoliner will only sell as a 2009 model year.

Whether that’s good or bad, we cannot yet say, but we can say a thing or two about these 2010 models that caught our attention.

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