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As with a lot of tourer bikes we’re seeing on the market these days, the Star Motorcycle V Star 950 Tourer, is the embodiment of a classic-looking middleweight cruiser that appeals not only to novice riders, but more importantly the experienced type that knows plenty about their bikes more than anybody else.

It’s the kind of bike that won’t feel left out wherever it goes, be it for the morning commute to school, the workplace, or for those extended joyrides on the highway. The bike’s overall appeal has resulted in plenty of awards, including being honored as the 2009 Metric of the Year by V-Twin Magazine.

But more than all the fancy awards, the V Star 950 Tourer achieves plenty of what you’ll need in a classic tourer. From its classic looks to its powerful engine to its excellent handling performance, the V Star 950 Tourer covers everything in a cruiser bike checklist. So much so, in fact, that you won’t need anything more than just shelling out the money to buy one.

If you have that, then nothing’s stopping you from conquering the roads on your V Star 950 Tourer.

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Yamaha ’s full-size V Star family of cruiser bikes has made a name for itself for being one of the most popular lines of Yamaha bikes in the world. The smallest of the lot, the V Star Custom, may not carry the same cache as its more powerful brothers, but for strict monetary value, it’s completely second to none.

The bike combines outstanding performance with great overall handling, packing plenty of attitude in a low, long, and lean package. Featuring plenty of chrome, a striking luminous paint, and a bobtail rear fender, the V-Star Custom’s design is as striking as its iconic name suggests.

Make no mistake, there’s a lot riding in Yamaha’s new line of Star bikes. And just as they’ve done in the company’s long and illustrious history, the Japanese motorcycle brand has come out with a model range that’s as good as advertised, even for its lofty standards.

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With all the history surrounding the Yamaha V Star 250 , it’s easy to think that this classic bike has had its fair share of memories from all over the world.

First introduced in 1989 as the Yamaha Virago 250, the V Star is the epitome of a timeless bike, one that has stood generations yet still manages to be as successful today as it was back then. It’s also one of the most copied bikes in the world, especially in Third World countries where they appear far more times than any other bike in history.

Despite the fact that the V Star 250 has been around for a little over two decades, it still offers plenty of appeal to riders the world over. It’s become one of the most famous and popular bikes for riders of all shapes and sizes and has become the ’uncompromising solution’ for those in the market for a sharp little cruiser.

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Choosing the ideal motorcycle can sometimes prove challenging, especially in the case of riders who have just obtained their licenses and don’t know exactly what to look for. Because the Star V Star 250 often emerges as the uncompromising solution, we decided to get a closer look at the 2010 model year and see what makes it so great.

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Buying a real cruiser, tourer or custom has absolutely nothing to do with cylinder capacity. That’s the first idea you get when checking out the 2010 V Star lineup, especially the 650cc trio, the Classic, Silverado and Custom. These bikes are built with reliability, comfort and fuel efficiency in mind and it is by now a fact that beginners love them mostly due to offering diversity in the form of entry-level products.

Does 40-cubic-inch of V-twin motor ring a bell? This is one of the first engines to power a Yamaha cruiser-type motorcycle and ten years after being introduced it still rocks…on three stylish different models.

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Ever since Yamaha decided to brand all their cruiser-type models ‘Star’, they have aimed towards delivering outstandingly refined machines as well as reviving legends such as the VMAX . But they were lacking new models and the new V Star 950 models stand as the first steps towards changing that situation.

The V Star 950 was built from ground up and addresses either to riders who are just starting out or to those in search of the best cruiser that $8K can buy.

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Star builds their 2010 V Star 1300 Tourer as the ideal midsized highway motorcycle that makes no concessions in what concerns power, comfort and built quality. Combining a bulletproof and dynamic 80-cubic-inch engine, a low (28.1 in) seat height and Star unmatched fit and finish, this package simply had to be widely exploited.

Last year we saw two different models available, the simple V Star 1300 and the V Star 1300 Tourer. This last came fitted with a tall windscreen, leather-wrapped, hard sidebags as well as a passenger backrest, all contributing at delivering a machine that is meant to keep the rider and passenger traveling for long distances in complete comfort. Well, find out after the break how the 2010 model year is even more comfortable and stylish.

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The 2010 Star Road Star Silverado and Silverado S are ready for the long haul and don’t mind letting everyone notice this fact. Packed with floating floorboards, a tall windscreen passenger backrest as well as with hard-shell sidebags, the Silverados are comfortable and offer plenty loading capacity.

And the extra load is properly dealed with loads of torque and a harmonious rumble provided by the 102-cubic-inch V-twin engine powering the two cruisers.

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Star builds the Road Star S and Road Star following the classic recipe, but adds a high-tech fuel injection system as well as a range of distinctive features that have become this maker’s emblems by now. Features such as the belt final drive, 9-spoke cast wheels as well as the amazing fit and finish are setting Star apart from the rest of the Japanese crowd and closer and closer to Harley-Davidson built quality.

The two classic Road Star models address to mature and experienced riders who demand the most from a cruising-type motorcycle and also prefer the possibility of accessorizing their standard bikes instead of going for those touring Silverado ones that Star also offers.

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Star saw the immense potential of the custom cruiser market not long ago and they are already benefiting from the amazing success of their Raider models among those in search of bold looks and performance to match. The 2010 model years follow a natural evolution with few color scheme changes, while the engine remains the same 113-cubic-inch fuel-injected V-twin.

Why change it if it ain’t wrong? We couldn’t agree more!

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